Sun in Taurus&Full Moon 20°24 Scorpio

by Agent Dakini – Laura Boomer-Trent

_/_ Transforming the Life of the Soul _/_

Sun in Taurus
& Full Moon 20°24 Scorpio @ 22:42BST

At the time of a Fixed cross-quarter Full Moon (i.e. halfway point between an equinox and solstice) Wednesday 10th May, the steady Taurus Sun shines also with a Fixed Star, Botein (meaning back leg), adding a frolic with gusto to the Bull’s usually slow and sturdy gait. While planets wander skies and signs, ‘Fixed Stars’ remain static (to the human eye), bestowing a universal dimension to any horoscope. Fixed Stars broaden the astrological background picture from personal to solar to cosmic, from singular Spirit to a union with the heart of the Divine. Always augmenting the qualities of whichever planet activates the Fixed Star, all sorts of tendencies come into sharper focus – often in an extreme manner, positive or negative, depending upon the intensity of a star’s magnitude and its’ position in the heavens.

It’s interesting to note while the often stubborn stuck-in-the-mud Taurean Sun receives Botein’s playful boot towards earthy abundance and flowery fertility with all the Bull’s material blessings, the highly intuitive, extremely-intense, super sexy Scorpio Moon conjuncts a rare green-star, Zubenelshamali. This is a Fixed Star under which the ancients advised little movement; emphasising instead a careful balancing act, weighing-up the qualities and value of the planet in question, which in this case is the Moon, i.e. what makes us feel secure on an everyday level. Indeed, according to fixed star expert, Robson, when the sensitive Moon transits Zubenelshamali (the northern pan of a set of scales) it’s good to buy cattle but not to navigate. And though this might not stop a desirous Bull from shopping or flirting, it may well bring out another Taurean trait, such as lazy procrastination when not much gets done (and this may be a good thing!).

Therein lies (on the sun lounger) this Full Moon’s polarising factor: Sun is Spirit’s essence – not to be confused with the brash ego authority, as it receives a cosmic light to swing into action; all the while the Scorpio Moon illuminates personal and intimate relationship (sexual as well as financial); and our global families need’s signal a time to count blessings and stocktake assets and chattels (cattle😉 included, food as well as finances and taxes, buildings and intimate affairs) all of which will require a modicum of patient, careful handling in order to tally successfully poised.

The portents are helpful to remain optimistic and open-minded when assessing our resources, especially those we have to share, be it finances or friends, gifts and/or talents. And though still in its’ ‘separating shadow period’ Mercury now going forward to return May 20th, to the very same place as when it when retro, indicates the chances are that rifling through your address book could easily reveal connections and/or reconnections with those who can help you perceive value in life, which then enhances your physical, emotional or spiritual wellbeing.

Evaluation of self in comparison to others is not a helpful hobby and should also come with a warning: do not match yourself to others. Be aware that no one, anywhere, at any time, will ever do/be/have anything like the same as you. Amazingly, even though we are ‘One under the same Sun’, when it comes to our personalities, paths and relationships, we are all exceptionally different (as indicated by our unique birth chart).

Any appraisal you may now take should also take into account how others also have their own karmic path to walk and talk. And you have yours. It doesn’t matter how much money you have, or how good-looking, rich or privileged xyz is, or the kind of car anyone drives, there will always be someone else smarter, cooler or cuter behind you, and someone else similar in front.

The point about self-worth is to be happy with where, and who you are now. Richness isn’t about material possession or what you have or own. Finding your passion and making it work for you enhances self-worth (which is, of course, where astrology really works as it highlights skill and challenge). It’s also important to recognise that you have within your power, especially with a Scorpio Moon, to change your personal relationship to your own obsessions and envy – and maybe, just maybe, to even rejoice in other people’s success.

Also note how Luna is in her fall in Scorpio. So best avoid making a drama out of any crisis, in relationship, at work, with friends, or at home. Even if you feel like you are going through difficult times of releasing the old and outmoded, be good to yourself and simplify goals (and possibly join that lazy old Bull on the sofa).

In actuality this could be quite an intense Moon, with a couple of very interesting opposing factors to consider:    

As well as ‘The Lights’, Sun & Moon, both also making helpful aspects to outer celestial wanderers Chiron, Neptune and Pluto – illuminating collective wounds amid the longing to transform. Couple these astral configurations with the alignment of Sun and Moon, in the latter degrees of Taurus and Scorpio, plus how the nodal axis has shifted backwards into Leo-Aquarius. And iIt means this Full Moon carries with it the transformational qualities of a ‘Grand Fixed Cross’.

So not only is it a ‘cross-quarter’ Full Moon in fixed signs, but the Lights also form an actual ‘Fixed Cross’ formation with the destiny fulfilling Nodes. A ‘Cross’ formation has four celestial markers, ninety degrees apart to form a large square that dominates the chart; and this particular case it also means the Lights are coming to perfect a position known as being ‘at the bends’, i.e. when a planet squares the karmically connected Nodes (Dragon’s head and Dragon’s tail, the unseen portals Rahu and Ketu respectively). In this configuration, learning from past collective issues is crucial to remaining true to one’s ethics and principles.

Carrying a metaphoric cross can obviously stress and crucify the human spirit, which seeks freedom from pain, suffering and sacrifice, free to skip the light fantastic through the noosphere of ideas and concepts, and into the playful sphere of enlightened happiness. Such is the calling of Spirits’ consciousness.

To remain in one’s flow with faith, in trust, untouched by phase or fortune, one needs to relax the heart and mind comfortably. A powerful stimulation from the Fixed Cross can deeply impact upon the heart, however, provoking transformation from within.

An emotional heart struggles, as we all do from time to time, to unknot the confusion and chaos of our heart’s desire, our anger or ignorance, which, unless we get a handle on a runaway psyche, habitually haunts our lives; but this often self-imposed psychological torture need not blight us, though it requires practical training to calm the heart and mind, and remain authentic to one’s true nature.

Such discipline and training are the astrological domain of Saturn, always a key player in any Fixed Cross. Saturn’s presence is made all the more significant whenever there are crisis turning points (as in the current association with the nodes). Even a retrograde Saturn can teach one how to be resilient in the face of the torrent of life’s demands – as in that delightful Scorpio meme: what doesn’t do you in makes you stronger. With the Fixed Cross, a healthy soul also develops sunny Leo’s generosity, plus the Aquarian ability to keep an open mind and look on the bright side of life (even if it is a little weird); add the Taurus talent of holding attention, and one’s welfare could soon be secure enough to allow intuition to go beyond superficial instruction. With such consciousness one can also transform selfishness into selflessness.

There are two key ways to harness the transformational quality of a Fixed Cross:

1) With Saturn in Sagittarius urging us to develop philosophical understanding, the higher mind and ethical wisdom, we can tamp-up personal disciple and self-control by working with our own natal Saturn; and/or empower by tuning into the Phoenix Fire Trine, to which Saturn will be a key player for almost the rest of the year.

2) Neptune can dissolve the fears Saturn may bring up, and activate from within what is known in esoteric astrology as ‘love-aspiration’, which is the desire for all beings to be well and happy. Once again, you can find support from your own personal Neptune, and if inclined merge with the current passage of oceanic Neptune through magical Pisces, by further developing compassion and loving kindness by bringing the love-aspiration into daily life.

Lastly, this Full Moon is also known as ‘Wesak’ or ‘Buddha Purnima’ across much of the Asian world, a festival celebrating a most famous Taurus, Shakyamuni Buddha, who, in good earthy Taurus style was born under a tree, gained enlightenment under a tree, and even died under one. Just that simple fact alone about the historical man of peace tells us that inner-peace and happiness can all be found in nature! Thus when dealing with issues of shared values and self-worth over this Full Moon, an easy way to begin to cherish all life and raise self-esteem may well be found in the great outdoors, where you can literally transform your soul with a magical Moonbathe, and possibly even make a difference to the world’s soul too, the ‘anima mundi’ – heaven knows Mother Earth also needs to know she is loved too sometimes 😉

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Agent Dakini- Laura Boomer-Trent

Agent Dakini- Laura Boomer-Trent

Agent Dakini: Laura Boomer-Trent has an arts background, with an earlier career in film and television. An astrologer for over 30 years, since studying at His Holiness, the Dalai Lama’s ‘Tibetan Medical & Astro Science Institute’ in India (mid-90’s), Laura integrates ancient Eastern healing arts: Tibetan, Chinese and Indian – astrology, yoga and tantra- with western astrology and modern quantum meta-physics. 

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  1. Lorie
    Lorie says:

    This is truly quite telling and compelling for me. What am in depth forecast and really hits me right in the heart center (which is a good thing) So many signs have been pointing to self love for myself and if this isn’t confirmation… I don’t ķnow what will be! ThankQ Laura for your insight and knowledge. Blessings to you on this full moon


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