Full Moon 18°53 Sagittarius – Challenges bring the Gift of Wisdom –

by Agent Dakini – Laura Boomer-Trent

Challenges can bring the Gift of Wisdom ~>
Don’t be frightened – Get Enlightened!

18°53′ Full Moon in Sagittarius
9th June @14:09, 2017

Functioning as our emotional radar, the June Full Moon, a.k.a. the ‘Bright Love Moon’ or ‘Honey Moon’, is an intuitive Full Moon that heightens senses and accents a dynamic and passionate heart. What naturally comes into focus during this three-night Full Moon could easily stimulate thoughts and feelings which ultimately appertain to brighter prospects in all relationships, with partners and lovers, brothers, sisters and authority, nature and humanity.

Dominating in varying degrees of intensity over the course over this Full Moon is a beautifully auspicious 6-pointed Yang Star formation, involving elements Air and Fire, interlocking with a ‘Grand Air Trine’ and the Fire Bird year’s ‘Grand Fire Trine’. Triangles in the horoscope, as regular readers will know, demand personal interaction to get the most out of any cosmic brilliance on offer. And this shining Yang-Star proposes a unifying and spiritually enhancing Full Moon; one that has the potential to educates us all to think creatively and help overcome concerns about taking risks that appertain to spiritual growth and understanding.

There is a celestial catch to easily tuning into a 6-pointed Merkaba Double Tetrahedron Star ascension, with potentially twinkling chakras sparkling the radiant clear ascension of Shakti-power, as La Luna conjoins Saturn, Karmic Taskmaster extraordinaire to reveal deeply ingrained limitations. Emotional and personal, perceived or real, obstacles seem to come with a long history, or may not even originate entirely from recent actions, originating instead from a past (life) source.

Together Moon and Saturn present an immediately felt reality; however hard truth may be to digest, wisdom is often only gained through challenging circumstance and facing fears head-on. And therein is the major focus of this Full Moon report, because it’s a changeable and fiery Full Moon in zealous Sagittarius, conjunct the Time Lord Saturn (only recently emerged from a tussle with an out-of-bounds, reckless  upstart, Mars).

Together, Moon and Saturn become the tail of our high-flying Fire-Air Yang-Star, also in Kite formation; as the Air Element fans the winds to ignite the flames of passion, reminding us how together we can fly our dreams to form a starry, heart-centred future. Though, because it’s Saturn on our tail, those with less conviction, blinded by dangerous propaganda could be cowed by fear or doubt. Successful outcomes depend upon the amount of personal concern one invests in looking forward with optimism, embracing new skills to stretch the mind – and the imagination.

Individual responsibility – even about collective issues – always takes on a deeply karmic resonance whenever the Moon is with fatalistic Saturn.  While this combo sounds like heavy weather, as Saturn concentrates the receptive (public) sympathy of the Moon; it can seem stormy and depressing to some. But this is also a planetary pattern that indicates how we have reached an information/knowledge threshold. From this crossing point we can pass into a world of greater illumination and a practical kind of wisdom to be implemented into everyday life. To reinterate: as long as one is personally prepared to work with and see each other as brothers and sisters on planet Earth, no matter what creed, colour or sex, then being in diverse communities with those from different cultures and beliefs, and with tolerance of ‘the other’, we are more easily able to maintain the open heartmind – which is essential to embrace the evolutionary sacred space of the 6-pointed star.

Though it has to be said that the Moon and Saturn combination in its more workaday sense can solidify and give form; but again, only with greater effect with personal involvement. Check 19-27 degrees Sagittarius in your own chart to see where Saturn and the Moon illuminate real and concrete issues, so that you/we really know what we are up against. Remember patience is called for. Sometimes pain, problems, uphill struggles can appear so daunting they seem insurmountable. But don’t worry: this is a mutable Full Moon that determines change is our only constant – and timing is, of course, key to understanding change – and karma – which is where astrology excels.

Being the Lord of Karma, Saturn, is often depicted as an old man with a long grey beard, holding a scythe, indicating the cutting down of what was once flourishing. In the reaping, lines get drawn in the earth (could we see more interesting crop circles?!), while boundary-defining Saturn emphasizes the working aspects of farms, finances, public buildings, governments, and the elderly. And with the Moon, Saturn also highlights personal wisdom through harmonising (feminine) experience; in Sagittarius there is also philosophy, academia, in-laws and order to consider.

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Rather telling about this Full Moon is how the Gemini Sun is joined by a planetoid, Ceres: the Great Earth Mother. So on one side of the zodiac we see the karmic (Grim) reaper shining with the emotive Moon; and on the other, Mother Goddess of grain, growth and grieving, under the hot Sun’s beams.

Sun’s Gemini Twins and Ceres are also conjunct a Fixed Star, ‘Rigel’, which is a wonderfully bright star that accents wealth through knowledge and education. Rigel marks the Hunter Orion’s left foot that touches Eridanus, the ‘River of Life’ (and the path of the Sun’s passage across the ecliptic); and is a star that denotes being in the flow, nourished by water’s wealth and riches. Mythology tells of the Hunter, in killing all Earths’ beasts he oversteps the mark; and how the Great Goddess sent a scorpion to fatally sting Orion to stop him. Not being cautious, or going ahead while weak, is an important message to take on board, especially for battered cowboys that ride the edge of town looking to party.

While Sun and Ceres do not contact Scorpio in this Full Moon horoscope, Sun does form a quincunx (the 150° awkwardly adjusting push-me-pull-you aspect), to Pluto, Scorpio’s ruler currently in Capricorn (and yet to have third Jupiter-Pluto Square August 4th); all the while Moon throws a connecting semi-sextile that links the wilds of Sagittarius to conservative Capricorn (which rules Saturn); there’s a minor temptation to thrive on the psychological-tensions that surround the never-ending cycle life-death and rebirth.

Synthesising all this suggests we need to inform and educate, and create healthy limits around negative influences that pollute the mind. Rigel’s position also gives a love of action and great success when we learn our lessons: to be life-supporting by nurturing mind, body and soul, to be life-sustaining, not life-defeating.  This then, is a Full Moon to really take on board karmic Saturn’s maxim ‘As you sow, so shall you reap’.


Though a mercurial Gemini Sun is generally restless and moves in double-quick time (and along with it the pace of brotherly love, as well as gossip, global news and information), Luna next to Saturn urges us to disseminate slowly, taking time to look with a longer-view at what is already growing, as well as that which can be grown. Be aware how rushing headlong over hurdles could only slow one down this June 8-9-10th.  To avoid depleting nerves – and develop resilience – best be comfortable while assessing complications or hindrances; travelling for work could also be slow.

Another astrologically major factor to consider when observing this visionary Full Moon conjunct a retrograde Saturn, is that they are both bang-on the Galactic Centre, accenting the gravity of a massive black hole around which our entire galaxy spins. The Sagittarian Archer’s arrow now points towards a very specific galactic opening. A Centaur tends to THINK BIG at the best of times; and performing actions for the greater good of the whole could open doors and create opportunities that help stay on course when holding the light, and could possibly even explain phobias of being mysteriously pulled into the unknown.

Ultimately, the planets in mutable signs, Gemini & Sagittarius, are also in a tight T-Square to illusive Neptune/Chiron in Pisces, teaching that nothing lasts forever and everything is subject to change. So while the Sun is in Gemini we may want to seek out myriad distractions that promise, albeit temporarily alleviation from tacking whatever is it that bugs or prevents from accomplishing ambitions, even going so deep to admit that any impediment could well be linked to the shallowness of our understanding.

Maturity is required to move ahead freely into the spaces in between (thoughts, places, people) that which you think hold you back. Luckily both ‘Lights’, Sun & Moon (and therefore Earth Goddess and Grim Reaper) are also in the good, triangle aspect with expansive, freedom-loving Jupiter. Jupiter is also extremely potent right now (activating Libra & Aries and situations from April, when Venus retrograde the opposite degree) . After four and half months of retrograde motion, Jupiter is at station to go forward at 13° in relationship-orientated, peace-loving Libra on the third night of the Full Moon. Lawful contracts can be signed, finances balanced, fashion shows and partnership issues harmonised.

Lastly, this is also a ‘Mini Moon’ in as much as it will look much smaller than usual, but it still holds potent qualities to impart creativity and idealism.  As both the virile Sun and confident Jupiter will be in applying (strong) mode to the destiny-fulfilling Aquarian South Node, invigorating the intellectual Grand Air Trine for a week, we become innately aware of the need for balance and clarity in all social dealings. So that when the unifying Grand Air Trine fuses with the spiritually enhancing Grand Fire Trine, between Saturn, Uranus and the North Node, we can learn to glow from the inside out (see Full Moon reports for April & May for details). Within the natural warmth that arises when Air and Fire mingle, all our relationships can become mutually meaningful.

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Agent Dakini- Laura Boomer-Trent

Agent Dakini- Laura Boomer-Trent

Agent Dakini: Laura Boomer-Trent has an arts background, with an earlier career in film and television. An astrologer for over 30 years, since studying at His Holiness, the Dalai Lama’s ‘Tibetan Medical & Astro Science Institute’ in India (mid-90’s), Laura integrates ancient Eastern healing arts: Tibetan, Chinese and Indian – astrology, yoga and tantra- with western astrology and modern quantum meta-physics. 

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    Leigh says:

    This Full Moon at 18 Sag 53 opposes my Solar Return Sun within 5 minutes! (18 Gem 58) Should be an interesting couple of days!


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