Full Moon 14° Pisces – Dream Healing & the Power of Compassion

by Agent Dakini – Laura Boomer-Trent

Full Moon 14° Pisces 6th September @ 7:03 UT

Dream Healing & the Power of Compassion

Culminating September 6th with a deeply sensitive Full Moon in all-consuming water-sign Pisces, this lunation began with the “Great American Solar Eclipse” August 21st. Since that glorious event (the first, I might add, since the advent of TV or Internet connecting to the global hive-mind), awe turned to dread witnessing the incredible power of mother nature with fire, wind and water out-of-control, spectacularly the latter liquid element overwhelming both sides of the world as rain deluged Southern United states as well as Northern India, Nepal, Bangladesh and Africa.  With millions of people worldwide whose lives are at a loss in situations in which they have little or no control, when we add those affected by war, drought and disease, the numbers of living beings currently needing help seems immeasurable; and our entire collective, as symbolised by the zodiac’s twelfth and last sign, that of the Fishes, adrift forlorn in sea of suffering, and floundering helplessly from one disaster to another.  Usually it is those least equipped to survive storms who are hardest hit.

Living in the last vestiges of the 2000-year Age of Pisces (In the ‘Great Year’ there a couple of hundred years yet to go until we reach the Age of Aquarius!), humanity’s lessons are manifold and complex, as Pisces has vast astrological governance that ranges from the madness of an inspired crazy visionary, large institutions, to the ravages of toxins, alcohol, drugs and dependency (oil, petrol, gas, hazardous chemicals), all if which belong to Pisces, Neptune and the 12th house. Pisces also runs the gamut of all emotions. A healthy Piscean influence can surge up from the polluted depths to spiritually purify and reach ecstatic, blissful emotion through dance, music, film, yoga, prayer, art, dreams, tai-chi, photography, meditation and mantra.  It is whatever takes you out of your subconscious ‘self’ and erodes the boundaries that confine the self-serving egol; Pisces helps to discover a profound compassion and charity towards others. Christianity was born into this Piscean epoch, hence the proliferation of the symbolic ‘Vesica Pisces’ graffiti and bumper stickers.  As well as fuelling Messiah complexes, psychedelic hypnotic art and mass deception, Pisces is also the symbol of victims and martyrs, saints and sinners.

Whenever the sensitive Moon is in Pisces it’s easy to get swept along by the hysteria of human emotion, be that in excitement or panic. Make a note now how Pisces senses trending undercurrents before they break.

With a watery Pisces Full Moon conjunct its modern ruler Neptune, also in Pisces, it means dreams can become prophetic, laden with poetic meaning and subliminal messages; tuning into the unspoken and unseen to touch base with one’s own centre helps discover the love and joy of being alive that stops one from getting dragged into mania’s oblivion. Ultimately, the Two Fishes, one facing Earth and the other to Heaven, teaches us to be comfortable in one’s flow, which often takes a leap of faith in the ever-present, divinely miraculous LOVE WISDOM. Therein lays the essence of this Full Pisces Moon Report: how to attain and maintain spiritual oneness and engage in meaningful activity, and at the same time overcoming any overwhelming feelings created by observing the anguish that surrounds us. 

Looking at the astrological aspects of this Full Moon (aspects are the mathematical connections the planet make to each other), there are two main patterns. And they both involve taskmaster Saturn, the planet that toughens-up to become resilient in the face of adversity. The first is a challenging mutable ‘T-Square’, with the realistic Virgo Sun opposite a dreamy Pisces Moon, both making a ninety degree angle to sensible Saturn and Black Moon Lilith. This accents the importance of the farsighted wisdom that emanates from those wild, wild women who run with the wolves.

The second is the ongoing 2017’s Fire Bird ‘Grand Fire Trine’; and as long as we are not too lazy in letting this gloriously creative astral agent pass us by, we can harness the sparky dynamic fire element with Uranus in Aries, Mercury & North Node in Leo, and Saturn in Sagittarius, to generate optimism for the future. To avoid burn-out, maintaining joyful enthusiasm is currently crucial for strength and stamina and a positive spiritual view. Whenever Saturn is so prominent the gloom and doom merchants come out in force, and we really need to make an effort not to fall for fear nor into depression.  Admittedly, to master waves of difficult emotion  takes practice AND a personal responsibility for one’s own spiritual, emotional and mental wellbeing; Saturn, however, gives us that patience to work cautiously, with care: in Sagittarius it also suggests that we can look abroad, further than our comfort zone, to find applicable knowledge and information that will help accomplish ambitions.

      • Whenever Saturn is in such a tough T-Square to ‘The Lights‘, Sun and Moon, there’s also a tendency to become hardened, especially to the already afflicted. Instead of building helpful laws and open-minded governance, Saturn in fear puts others down and builds walls that isolate and divide. However, the real fear, over this Full Moon is ‘charity fatigue’, when we stop giving of ourselves because of feeling disheartened. In the German language there’s a word for feeling overwhelmed by the enormous amount of woe we witness daily: Weltschmertz. It’s a word that describes the apathy that comes about when we feel helpless or discouraged by the actual state of the world – a world conflicting with our own ideals. The French call it ‘ennui’, debilitating world weariness; whilst in English we might call it an ‘existential angst’ that freezes with perceived pointlessness. To understand this kind of apathy, particularly a collective apathy, we look to the sign of the fishes, Pisces, Neptune and planets in the 12th house. The sign of the Fishes shows how we operate when we’re inundated or plagued and, during a Full Pisces Moon, what we are prepared to sacrifice to create order. Interestingly, Pisces can also show that in the cause problems also lies the way to safety and healing, and how we can dream and magic our way out of feeling flooded by rising (emotional) tides is accented by this tight T-Square from the Lights to Saturn.

        Those born in the mid-1960’s or with planets in Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces, could well be sensing this most. If that is the case then please remember the words of His Holiness the Dalai Lama, who always says that if you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping in a room with a mosquito!

        However you haul yourself up, out and away from difficult situations, by playing broody Johnny Cash (Pisces) songs, or sitting on top of a mountain communing with nature, talking to girlfriends, or walking the dog in the park, now is the time to imbibe the combination of a practical and feminine Virgo Sun with no-nonsense Saturn’s realistic approach (Eat well, sleep well, exercise regularly.). While we all play our part in a world of Oneness – heal yourself and you heal the world – there are also circumstances which are not of our own personal making. Yet we can all still do something about our (collective) condition.  Sun and Moon in square to karmic Saturn make apparent how the present situation is a result of the past (karma), whilst the future-orientated Grand Fire Trine acknowledges how present actions and ideas influence our prospects. All the while, the Sun in Virgo accents useful strengths and skills for the meaningful activity that gives life purpose and drive.

        Also worthy of note is how both Sun and Moon are also in positive aspect to Pluto, suggesting whatever our situation, a shared transformation is happening. Because these aspects are positive they also indicate we can emerge from this Full Moon with our emotions and ego intact.

        Together the Pisces Moon unites with Neptune to form a wide conjunction with shamanic Chiron the zodiac’s wounded medicine man. This combination inspires unconditional cosmic love, compassion and forgiveness, specifically by not holding onto blame or shame whilst dream healing (I suggest that you keep a record of your dreams or make an old-fashioned vision board).  A Pisces stellium opposite Virgo also indicates the ability to imagine a powerful restoration. Remember thoughts have wings and what we think can become a reality; which brings me to the third planetary feature during this Full Moon, concerning Mercury, the quick-thinking celestial courier.

        There are several astrological points to consider with Mercury as the healer, wheeler dealer now station at the end of the retrograde period, to go forward on the very same degree as the Sun occupied during the infamous Solar Eclipse. Mercury – and Mars – will also conjunct fixed star Regulus, indicating great success in the fields of action and communication (which comes with a proviso: as long as one is not motivated by revenge, then one loses all, including respect). Yet Mercury is still not out of the shadow period until at least 12th September; and a talking point until the Autumn Equinox 22nd September. So if you have big decisions to make, please take your time to question incentives and to digest and understand this is not a time to rush into life-changing situations. That may well come about around the start of the next lunation, 20th September, or indeed a week later with a First Quarter Moon instigates change on 28th September, when expansive Jupiter opposes shocking Uranus, and radical twists and turns could related to (technological) issues as far back as 2010/11.   This last aspect comes into planetary play over the Full Moon with a ‘Kite Formation’ which involves the 2017 Phoenix Grand Fire Trine. A ‘Kite’ sees the Trine, three planets 120° apart, coupled with a 60°sextile aspect forming a midpoint between two of the planets. In this case that midpoint is between Saturn and Mercury (mindful of responsibility) to expansive Jupiter, which is then in opposition to Uranus, the agent of change. This ‘opposition’ then forms the axis of the Kite, suggesting Uranus is dominant when funnelling excitement, i.e. change really is the only constant, even if that change is a little chaotic.

        The key to riding change is to make adjustments, aware of the intensity of the present moment. Because Uranus clarifies in sudden, sometimes outrageous ways, a Uranus aspect demonstrates how not to cling to desired outcomes, but to remain open to opportunities that come our way, and to embrace the future with a compassionate and altruistic world view, with hope in our heart.

        And remember “If your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete.” ~ Jack Kornfield

        With that I wish you all a visionary Full Moon!
        And to say that I am offering on-going bespoke 5-day Sacred Goddess Astrology retreats, teaching in person throughout the next year in Southern France, from May until October 2018 – Book ahead now!
        With love & light from Agent Dakini _/
        _    Laura Boomer-Trent

Agent Dakini- Laura Boomer-Trent

Agent Dakini- Laura Boomer-Trent

Agent Dakini: Laura Boomer-Trent has an arts background, with an earlier career in film and television. An astrologer for over 30 years, since studying at His Holiness, the Dalai Lama’s ‘Tibetan Medical & Astro Science Institute’ in India (mid-90’s), Laura integrates ancient Eastern healing arts: Tibetan, Chinese and Indian – astrology, yoga and tantra- with western astrology and modern quantum meta-physics. 

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