‘Pink’ Full Moon, April 11th, 21°22’ Libra

by Agent Dakini – Laura Boomer-Trent

Sun in Aries ~ Full Moon in Libra

‘Pink’ Full Moon, April 11th @2:08EST, 7:08BST, 21°22′ Libra

An exalted Aries Sun means it is the best possible position in the celestial zodiac for our collective life-giving spirit to be. Radiant and dynamic, the Aries Sun bestows energy and confidence and the ability to make things happen and get things done with strength and courage; currently conjunct quirky, chaotic Uranus, stirring up the revolutionary spirit for positive personal, social and planetary transformation. All the while the peace and love ‘Pink’ Full Moon, April 11th @2:08EST, 7:08BST, is at heart-balancing 22° Libra. This Full Moon before Easter Sunday also unites with expansive Jupiter; an astral arrangement that ramps up the need to develop faith and nurture beauty, harmony, and fairness in all relationships – the relationship we have with our ‘self’  as well as with others, close and far.

As our central Star, the Aries Sun currently spotlights our ability to be ourselves while we play in life’s team, with group-orientated Uranus now noting the heroes and heroines who treat all beings as equal, as well as those who welcome the challenge of change and crazy left-field ideas and situations that border on genius.  This pioneering Sun Aries has an impulsive fiery streak, always at the forefront galvanizing people, movements and events. Yet with the Full Moon in harmonious Libra, Aries learns how to work with others, replacing the ‘me-me-me’ mantra with ‘How can I help YOU?’, because for Aries there is always a cause to champion.

Aries on a mission can even co-create with the Universe, to be aligned with one’s powerful authentic self: a ‘self’ stripped of ego identity that offers radical insight for any spiritual warrior willing to let go of personal individuality, especially when heeding the call to work towards the greater good of all. This is not to abandon personal charisma or charm as leading qualities, but to be open-minded, spacious in Libra’s virtue and beauty, and relaxed about how one’s own personal goals are always more important that anyone else’s (of course ambitions are significant, in their own time): one must also try not to neurotically cling to the very things we love, or else it/he/she/they can crumble, distort, or even disappear completely under the pressure of grasping.  And with Venus (the ruler of Libra) again at the degree of her exaltation in Pisces (also the best possible place for the planet of love to be in), lessons in unconditional love and compassion can be deeply healing, but still come with a warning to use intuition as your guide through sensitive spots and subjects, and watch out for accidental wounding.

The Libra Moon is less susceptible to suffering than Venus, for a change. As she inclines to absorb the qualities of whatever planet it connects to, Luna together with ethical Jupiter can indicate academic, religious and/or long-distant connections, from which we can soak-up, learn, and apply higher-laws and knowledge that can have far-reaching implications. Sometimes, in the personal horoscope, this combo often indicates how a mother has ambitions to educate and will do everything in her power for her family to be schooled – she may even live vicariously through her child’s instruction, especially if now channelled into finances or fashion, appertaining to Libra’s Venusian domain. But it is also a combination that now specifically provides greater perspective upon domestic relations, love affairs and business associations, areas of life where we nearly always need to keep personal expectation of outcomes in check, in order to remain optimistic and positively philosophical.  Think BIG, but be prepared to relinquish control and share previously hidden strengths and interests that could turn out to be buried treasures.

Compounding the astral influence is a ‘Cardinal T square’ which the dynamic Aries Sun opposite the Full Moon forms with obsessive and controlling Pluto in authoritarian Capricorn. It’s not an easy square, not least because of the long time frames involved, including the residue of the infamous and unprecedented seven Uranus-Pluto Square inherent in the ‘Cardinal Cross of the Central Spiritual Sun’ which began in earnest six years ago, 2012, and is still playing to the cosmic crowd with the ‘Great Awakener’, liberating Uranus as starring as Agent of Change, and magnanimous Jupiter, the Cardinal Cross’s synthesiser again centre stage, as freedom-loving, hip-swinging, truth-seeking Jupiter tightly squared-up to secretive Pluto since the end of last November ’16. And because Jupiter is currently retrograde (yes, like Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn, (will get to the multi-retro in a moment)) a challenging second square has just recently been crossed between these two contraries (March 30th): Jupiter bright and large, generous and jolly; Pluto tiny, dark and punchy, and as psychologically deep as any swirling magnetic black hole that casts one into the underworld and out again, to be reborn into the light. With a third and last hard aspect of a closing square (of a 12- year cycle between these two planets that demands a conscious kind of transformation) to look forward to in the run-up to the August 7th lunar-eclipse, thrills and potential high drama are a go-go. 

Following the rules given by my astrology teacher, Howard Sasportas, when looking for a way to handle any T Square – and this one is taut and potent, is to extend the empty leg, which in this case takes us directly into a dynamic and intense Cardinal Cross of the Central Spiritual Sun, with the asteroid Vesta in Cancer holding the other corner.  I like to use asteroids: they add subtle feminine influences in the horoscope. Over the years I have come to see Vesta not just the Virgin who tends sacred fire, but also as a natural beauty who exudes sexual healing and is super-smart with money matters. In Cancer, Vesta lends her healing hands to hearth and home, suggesting the careful management of whatever is happening on the home front could also positively influence finances AND career expertise. 

Returning to the retrograde planets and the backward motion of four planets Mercury (until May4th – oh, I can hear the May the 4th Mercury retrograde jokes already), Venus (April 15th), Jupiter (June 10th) and Saturn (August 26th) is not actually such a rarity. Imho, it’s only between the 10th and 15th of April, in the run-up to Easter (first Sunday after the Full Moon after the Vernal Equinox), when both inner-relationship planets, Mercury and Venus, are slowing down that one needs to really be extra mindful in the spheres of communication and relationship. Thankfully, a sensitive yet rational Libra Full Moon (with Libra ruling Venus also stationed on her degree of exaltation) balances the go-getting exalted Aries Sun during this five day period. This is when imbibing Jupiter’s natural panoramic perspective, and putting heart and soul into repairing our most important associations, family, friends and intimate relations can be extremely rewarding, adding significant value to everyone’s lives. 

Before I close this lovely Luna Libra culmination, one more aspect worthy of note is the out-of-element Grand Trine, i.e. three points of contact within a Grand Trine comprising of two different elements; in this case a wide conjunction between Mercury Rx in earthy Taurus and Uranus in fiery Aries, Saturn Rx in fire sign Sagittarius, and the destiny fulfilling Virgo North Node. A shift of emphasis from the ‘physical’ earthy plane is now unfolding into the passionate and spiritual, as it moves into Leo next month. The female Fire Bird year could still be getting its bearings before taking flight with 2017’s creatively inspiring ‘Grand Fire Trine’, which stays in affect throughout most of the year.  Esoteric teachings relate ‘fire’ to wisdom. To be used sagely, the dynamic Fire Trine will certainly promote brilliance and flashes of inspiration. Be aware also that fire can also oppress and burn and, like all elements, demands our respect. Nurturing inner- fire we honour the physical body that in turn allows us to liberate the creative spirit from within, in science, art and philosophy, so that we mere mortals can even experience enlightened illumination in this very life.

And with that I wish everyone a Moon of beauty and bounty, with love & Light,
Agent Dakini

And to let readers know that I am offering retreats to small groups throughout the summer, to which C*I*A members get a 11% reduction.

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And to let readers know that I am offering retreats to small groups throughout the summer, to which C*I*A members get a 11% reduction.

Agent Dakini- Laura Boomer-Trent

Agent Dakini- Laura Boomer-Trent

Agent Dakini: Laura Boomer-Trent has an arts background, with an earlier career in film and television. An astrologer for over 30 years, since studying at His Holiness, the Dalai Lama’s ‘Tibetan Medical & Astro Science Institute’ in India (mid-90’s), Laura integrates ancient Eastern healing arts: Tibetan, Chinese and Indian – astrology, yoga and tantra- with western astrology and modern quantum meta-physics. 

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    Maya says:

    Thank you so much for sharing the cosmic wisdom! Definitely resonating to the potent insights you have articulated for us. I am very curious about this ‘female Fire Bird year’ that was mentioned here… Perhaps I missed a previous posting on this one.


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