Full Moon in Aquarius – Intention Activation – August 18th

By Agent 79 Enid Rosa

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Full Moon Aquarius Meditation
Aug 18th @  25° 51′ Aquarius, 9:26am UT

Essence of Aquarius – Element Air, Masculine, Mental Realm

          • Cosmic Perspective
          • Radical New Ideas
          • Evolutionary Action
          • Revolutionary Visionary
          • Explorer
          • Humanitarian of Truth
          • Inventor

Aquarius is about looking outside of reality, through all the dimensions and expanding your perspective. Aquarius is the most expansive of all the air signs. It taps into the infinite field of possibility, creativity, abundance, intelligence and potential to manifest a New Earth. It’s the field of miracles.

Our consciousness is governed by Air. We are all connected by Air. We all communicate through this realm with our thoughts, feelings and voice.

We are in the midst of great change.  Observing world events it seems like it’s all falling apart. Deeply buried truths, plus negative emotions of fear and anger are bubbling to the surface for the un-awakened as well as awakened individuals.  All the devastation of war, injustice and fear are being revealed. The ugly truth is being uncovered. Some of us are recognizing what is going on and moving past it, clearing whatever old energy arises. We can see and feel the injustices of the powerful vibration of dark energy creating triggers of violent behavior based on duality and separation. Propaganda and fear are being fed to us through all types of media. This low vibration travels through the Air Realm from person to person feeding on the fear, violence and anger. This is what is being witnessed, mirrored and seen. It keeps us trapped in third-dimensional reality. It’s a distraction from claiming your FAITH, your LIGHT and SOVEREIGNTY. 

We are in a process of purging the old world consciousness. Work with your mental realm to clear up the mind chatter, worry and negative thoughts. You are working with air, so easily release those beliefs that are not serving you.  Pay attention to what your ego voice is saying to you.

Do you love yourself? When you wake up, are you happy? Awareness is the key.

What if…

We had a miracle?

Work with intentions and affirmations to stay focused on the high vibrations of

          • Love Consciousness
          • Compassion without Judgment 
          • Gratitude and Faith
          • Positive Intention and Prayer
          • Peace and Joy

No matter what, we cannot give up. Keep the Faith of Love in your Heart and send it out to all.

In the Air realm is where we connect with Cosmic Light, our Spirit Guides, Angels, Gods and Goddesses. For this full moon in Aquarius let us expand our imaginations and connect with the Planetary Beings of Light and allow for the greatest possible outcome, a miracle. Imagine a life even better than what our expectations have ever imagined. We will connect with the unseen realm of Air for the highest good of all.

Global Aquarius Meditation

Let us engage with the planets and activate the light within. Take some time out to relax, meditate and focus on this during the Full Moon.

Close your eyes. Visualize that you are in a safe space. Imagine that you are standing in the center of a pillar of light, the Sacred Geometric Divine Cosmic Light of Love & Protection. Relax and focus on your heartbeat. This light comes from the cosmic heart through your heart and into the Earth’s heart.  Anchor the light deep into the Earth’s crystal core. Imagine the light within you and radiating around you. Connect with the Planetary Essence of Earth. Acknowledge the energy with gratitude. You are aligned with the pattern and plan of the universe and all life. Everything is interconnected. We are a fractal of infinite patterns and combinations that are expressed through us individually. Ground yourself.

Begin to fill yourself up with light and energy. You are expanding beyond your body, expanding beyond the room you are in, expanding beyond the town you are in, expanding further and beyond until you are surrounding the entire Earth.

Breathe and Expand into the Stellar Gateway. Here you connect with your Soul Star. Connect your heart with your Soul Star Light. Feel it. Embrace it.

Breathe and expand further into the Universal Gateway.

In this expanded state connect with the energy of the Sun. Claim your inner Sunlight and see it aligned with the Divine Source Light. The Sun is our life force. Merge with the Sun and activate it. Acknowledge the essence of the Sun with gratitude.  Breathe. Feel it. Embrace it. You are aligned with grace and ease to the pattern and plan of the universe and all life.

Now connect with the Moon. Claim your inner Moonlight and reflect the high vibration of Divine Source Light. The Moon is a mirror. Reflect back to us love, compassion, strength, courage, faith, peace, joy, abundance and beauty. Acknowledge the energy of the Moon with gratitude. Breathe. You are aligned with grace and ease to the pattern and plan of the universe and all life.

Connect with Mercury. Align your thoughts with Mercury’s Source Light and open your subconscious mind to the higher Divine Mind. Breathe, connect and acknowledge the energy with gratitude. You are aligned with grace and ease to the pattern and plan of the universe and all life.

Connect with Venus, the Divine Feminine. Align with the highest vibration of love. You are an expression of Divine Light within yourself. Acknowledge the essence of Venus with gratitude. Breathe. You are aligned with grace and ease to the pattern and plan of the universe and all life.

Connect with Mars, the Divine Masculine. Align your Personal Will with the Divine Will for the highest good of all. You are an expression of Divine Light within yourself. Breathe, feel it. Acknowledge the energy of Mars with gratitude. You are aligned with grace and ease to the pattern and plan of the universe and all life.

Go further and connect with Jupiter. Expand your consciousness so that you are aware of the Divine Light in your life. Breathe and acknowledge the essence of Jupiter with gratitude. You are aligned with grace and ease to the pattern and plan of the universe and all life.

Now expand and connect with the other planets of Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. With Saturn, align to take responsibility for your life and align with the Divine Path and your Soul Purpose. Breathe.

With Uranus, connect with the higher truth within your mental body. Connect with your unique pattern of light. Breathe

With Neptune, dissolve any and all blocks in connection with your higher self. Allow and receive pure love into your emotional body. Breathe.

Connect with Pluto. Allow the transmutation of the lower vibrations within your physical body to be transformed into a higher vibration. Allow the old to dissolve. Allow the layers of density and limited beliefs, perceptions, judgments, and corresponding reactions to be dissolved with grace and ease.

Breathe and bathe yourself with the Light.

Your energy is growing freer and you are opening up and becoming receptive to the light. Connect with gratitude to all the light around you. As you stand in the center of all light, you release the ego and transcend your emotional and mental bodies to a higher frequency, a higher level of consciousness. Set the intention to do this now.

Breathe and ground the light.

An enormous light is being formed around you as you activate and acknowledge the Planetary Essence of Light. You are in a vast place, more and more light beings are joining you. Together as a group, we connect our awareness all across the world, our web of high vibrational light into a focused intention of clearing the Air of mass consciousness, and raising the Vibration of humanity. And as each low vibration is replaced with a layer of light, a gemstone of grace appears in its place, representing the purest, highest vibrations of self, love and compassion for all.

Believe in Miracles!

Begin to come back into the present. Come down from the Universal Gateway, through the Stellar Gateway and back to Earth. Come back into your body. Ground yourself.

We are cleansed and blessed. We are now aligned with our soul essence in the highest good.

And So It is!

Remember to infuse yourself daily with your Soul essence and Planetary Light. Allow the light to cleanse and revitalize your physical body and your soul body.

Techniques for shifting your vibration

          • As soon as you wake up, say positive affirmations
          • When a worry, fear or negative thought comes up, cancel it and replace with a positive one
          • Surround yourself with the orb of light & protection
          • Say your affirmations throughout the day
          • Always count your blessings and be in a state of gratitude
          • Stay away from triggering propaganda and social media89
          • Use Air tools such as incense, aromatherapy or music

Agent 79 – Enid Rosa
Creation Coach & Priestess

Ignite Your Divine Expression!

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