Senses, working overtime. Full Moon in Gemini 11°40 4th December @15:47GMT

by Agent Dakini – Laura Boomer-Trent

 Senses, working overtime.!

Sun in Sagittarius — Full Moon in Gemini 11°40’ ☼

3rd December @15:47GMT

“Everybody has a geography that can be used for change that is why we travel to far off places. Whether we know it or not we need to renew ourselves in territories that are fresh and wild. We need to come home through the body of alien lands.” – Joan Halifax

When faced with obstacles and difficulties that appear immovable and insurmountable, especially in the arenas of information and long and short distance travel, truth and wisdom, it sometimes feels like time stands still and all we can do is hold our breath, count to ten, then breathe deeply and mindfully, all the while witnessing a world spellbound by distraction and karma. Indeed, the Lord of Karma, Saturn, is asserting mega astral attention as this year draws to close – and is a major player in the last Full Moon horoscope of 2017.

Aside from gaining more kudos from currently being close-up and personal with quick-thinking Mercury, the associated ruler of this Gemini Moon (more on this throughout the commentary), Saturn, will soon be with the life-giving Sun’s Solstice standstill, which is on the 21st December – only three days after the 18th Dec New Sagittarian Moon (at almost the same degree as to where Saturn is right now: i.e. conjunct the Galactic Centre!). Heading towards the light, as the Solstice Capricorn Sun rises, so too will Saturn. As taskmaster Saturn ingresses into its home sign of the ambitious Sea Goat, the individual is initiated into the world of spiritual aspiration with the light of the New Born King. That’s some well-practiced and highly dramatic timing on behalf of the Time Lord, Saturn, ushering in a new sense of personal responsibility just as the light turns in the southern hemisphere and returns in the north (look to Capricorn in your chart to see where your reliability (as well as any fear) is reinforced.)

A few weeks ahead of Saturn’s dramatic change of sign (which has not been seen in Capricorn since 1989) synchronising with our Solar time wheel, early December also sees the light of a Full Gemini Super Moon opposite the fiery Sagittarian Sun – with both Sun and Moon in a very tight and challenging ‘T’ square aspect to fantasy-orientated Neptune, the planet of illusion and delusion, glamour and dreams. Things could become bizarrely surreal during this Full Moon, which is also the first of two Super Moons.

The next Super Moon following this glorious Gemini Full Moon will be Tuesday 2nd January 2018! What an entrance into 2018 that will be! A Super Moon is one that is closest to the earth so, it looks slightly bigger than usual, with the geophysical effects, and our emotions also heightened (earthquakes and flooding, for instance, can happen approximately up to three days after the moon).

Like Gemini’s quicksilver nature, I’m running ahead again with mercurial caduceus wand in hand, invoking a successful pass in any test we encounter – or set ourselves. Lets’ get back to this Full Super Moon in the sign of the Twins, and see what it means to relate to all beings as brothers and sisters, at the same time being cheerful as an individual, freely going about daily business happy wherever you are, ’d’être bien dans sa peau’, as the French say, ‘happy in your skin’, easy to talk to and easy to be with. Purely by being light-hearted, social creatures, Geminis possess an uncanny knack of charming all and sundry at the same time honing into important information. What one does with such info, be it gossip or gospel – or both, may remain to be seen as the mutable Gemini is ruled by Mercury, which goes into retrograde motion only hours before Luna culminates! 

By now regular CIA readers know the drill regarding a Mercury retrograde: for three whole weeks, from the 3rd Dec until the 23rd, triple check all important docs and files, especially those appertaining to sales, streaming and scripts; timetables and academic papers will also benefit with at least one review – and still expect delays. Because this Mercury retrograde sees the planet of communication in detriment, i.e. versatile Mercury can be too scattered in Sagittarius: try not to spread yourself too thin. Stay focused. There is much to learn from Mercury’s conjunction with the more disciplined Saturn. For starters, this retrograde is about timing as Saturn is the Time Lord.

Traditionalist Saturn can seem a slowcoach and stickler, patient for detail and long-winded bureaucracy, whilst Gemini’s ruler Mercury likes shortcuts and tweets to get the message across. And therein lays the dilemma: how to keep information, travel and ideas all flowing at a speed that satisfies both parties, i.e. the wise old Saturnian AND the Mercurial youth (or, in Jungian parlance, find a way to mediate between the Senex and the Puer).  This tight association between Mercury and Saturn is strong in so many ways, cropping up again and again throughout our Full Moon scope, connecting many planets during the only Super Moon of 2017. So when keeping appointments, take in the scenery on route by all means, but also keep a close eye on the clock: no one likes to be kept waiting, least of all those who have authority.

The combination of smart and savvy Mercury with conventional Saturn can also be extremely judgemental, which is not necessarily a bad thing; sometimes we need to know what works and what doesn’t. But the heaviness associated with Saturn accents the importance of training one’s own mind not to fall into depressive states no matter how difficult the circumstance.  Make a note to concentrate upon what is important right now and maintain joyful enthusiasm; remember that information hungry Gemini thrives with freedom of choice as well as the freedom to determine that choice. Dates to watch out for Mercury’s potential mischiefs, exactly aligning with responsible Saturn, 28th November, 4th December and 13th January, with the latter there may be a binding resolution of the issues relating to this sobering but also potentially expansive aspect – within Saturn’s guiding limits.

Adding a challenge to this dynamic Super Moon astral mix is that both Sagittarian Sun and Gemini Moon are conjunct bright red Fixed Stars that represent intensity, power and action. The Sun at the height of the Full Super Moon is with one of the four ‘Royal Stars’, ‘Antares’, at the ‘Heart of the Scorpion’; indicating successful outcomes within extreme situations. There’s a warning that comes with this magnificent star, however, as Antares conjunct the Sun also indicates spectacular individual loss should one instigate any high drama purely for one’s own personal excitement. And with Mars and Uranus still within a rather explosive opposition, it’s time to raise a more altruistic intention, and do what is best for everyone.

The Moon is also with another Royal Star, Aldeberan, ‘the Eye of the Bull’, otherwise known as the star of illumination, or Buddha’s Star. This Fixed Star also comes with a caveat; whenever the sensitive Moon is present with Aldeberan, the focus is to keep integrity intact and not fall into temptation – which is so much easier when you’re living your truth, secure in your own natural power and element. The alignment of these two great stars, Antares and Aldeberan, together with the ‘Lights’ suggests brilliance, riches and honours, but only by exercising the highest morals and ethics. Otherwise, Aldeberan is like Antares: one whiff of corruption, sleaze or skulduggery, and one could lose a lot.

Imho, this is not a Full Moon to take major risks, or make restrictions that prevent access to higher knowledge. To successfully navigate this Full Moon one will not only need to rely on highly refined intuition (The Lights in that tight T-square to Neptune, at home in oceanic Pisces), but also remain reliably informed have a strong grip of concepts, facts and law, and from time to time take a much-needed, reality check. Encourage a practical and broad mind, and aim towards reviewing the bigger picture that lies before you; then see how best to consolidate. 

One last note I’d like to mention is that as the Sun and Moon now both make challenging aspects to both, Jupiter and Neptune, not only do we have the ‘T’square, creating a tense aspect between the lights – and some may feel a sense of loss (don’t give up now!), but we also see the Sun making a semi-sextile to Jupiter in Scorpio, and the Moon throwing a ‘quincunx’ to the currently insightful Cosmic Guru. And on the same day as the Full Super Moon these two spiritually affiliated planets also make the first of three ‘Trines’ (120°) between the water signs Pisces and Scorpio, which take place on the 3rd December, 25th May, 19th August. So Jupiter and Neptune’s triangle phase will take eight months to complete the astral hat trick. Here, it’s important to note that Jupiter is Pisces’ traditional ruler, while Neptune is the modern ruler of the Fishes; both planets have a connection when bringing together soul and form. Jupiter may be the Sacred Teacher, but Neptune in Pisces has a collective influence, representing faith, prayers and mantras, and the heartfelt compassion and forgiveness that can ripple into the Biofield, the Noosphere of unseen thoughts and feelings, and thus have an influence upon all of us.  These two planets can reveal how a generation’s dreams can grow, especially with the profound inclination to regenerate and renew the resources we all share: water, air and earth. This wonderful planetary phase teaches us that purely by opening up to the sacred light within, seeing everything as a heavenly miracle, however minor, then everything else in the universe becomes divine too.

So much to look forward to, even in the middle of a tricky Mercury retrograde!

Happy Full Super Moon to all!

With love and light from Agent Dakini •*¨*•.¸¸

Agent Dakini- Laura Boomer-Trent

Agent Dakini- Laura Boomer-Trent

Agent Dakini: Laura Boomer-Trent has an arts background, with an earlier career in film and television. An astrologer for over 30 years, since studying at His Holiness, the Dalai Lama’s ‘Tibetan Medical & Astro Science Institute’ in India (mid-90’s), Laura integrates ancient Eastern healing arts: Tibetan, Chinese and Indian – astrology, yoga and tantra- with western astrology and modern quantum meta-physics. 

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