7th August Lunar Full Moon Partial Eclipse 15° Leo Sun – Aquarius Moon @18:11UT

by Agent Dakini – Laura Boomer-Trent

7th August Lunar Full Moon Partial Eclipse

15° Leo Sun – Aquarius Moon @18:11UT


“Three things cannot be hidden: the Moon, the Sun and the Truth.” ~ Gautama Buddha

Over the coming weeks, during a spectacular eclipse season, the triple fold energy of Sun, Moon, and the truth, or at least the freedom to discover, speak and understand our truth comes to light in a dramatic and unpredictable fashion. A Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius indicates are now entering a period of surprises and exposés. Get ready now: prepare to open a generous heart to all that is genuine and sometimes seemingly crazy but decidedly real – and then implement any insight gained or revelations experienced for the benefit of others, as well as yourself. Then you, too, can learn to be naturally happy – which sounds simple enough, though a sustained effort of self-awareness to live in authentic presence – with dignity, integrity, and poise, now takes a rebellious kind of ethical discipline that also knows when its ‘right’ to bend rules in favour of benefitting the greater whole.

From the astrological point of view, when our dynamic electro-magnetic Sun flashes and sparkles in the fiery sign of Leo, the solar systems’ astral authority is said to be in a favourable position, delighted to be ‘at home’ in its own domain, as Leo’s natural inclination is to emanate happiness with a steadfastly warm and loving glow. This golden luminous light is potentially at the heart of all Leo activity, boundless in both energy, and supply. As such, the congenial and dominant sign Leo is associated with creative self-expression, children and fun, art and parties, as well as all-important love and romance.

Radiant Leo shines upon the part of our life and personality we consider central, i.e. Leo illuminates authority (personal, as well as the boss) and ‘the core self’, our ego identity and, on the higher vibration, our light-filled spirit. Fellow Buddhist or Vedanta readers might clamour here to say ‘But there is no Spirit, no ‘self’.’. Ultimately they would be correct: in that we are all made up of stardust as a bunch of densely vibrating atoms (made up of 99% space!), with relative sense perceptions that make it seem like the personality is solid and real. But when we actually look for the ‘conscious self’, consciousness itself is nowhere to be found. In our material world we cannot actually put our finger upon that essential sense of self anywhere, not in the brain or in the mind. What we do know about our conscious spirit, however, is that when that our heart aligns with an authentic purpose, strong in truth, then the ‘real self’ – our most natural shining nature – blazes brilliantly.  And this is exactly what the passage of the Sun in Leo and the powerful eclipses encourage us all to do: embrace all our magical gifts and talents and glisten and shimmer with a heartfelt glow.

Eclipses generally come in pairs, one Lunar, the other Solar, two weeks apart. During this Full Moon partial Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius on Monday 7th (and ensuing Leo Solar Eclipse, 21st August), it’s as though that internal dimmer switch suddenly flickers to be turned full-on, possibly for a good few weeks, flashing golden neon during the New Moon Solar Eclipse. Subtle energies are always more pronounced during eclipses, so one must learn how to protect oneself psychically as well as physically. Therefore surround yourself with friends and loved ones who have your best interests at heart. At peak eclipse moments not only can the third eye twinkle (with a potentially vibrant crown chakra), but a certain edge of consciousness is also illuminated, enlightening never-seen-before corners within the psyche, previously shadowed by fear or doubt. It is these very insights that will help when dealing with the random outside events eclipses stir up.

However wild the weekend preceding the Monday Full Moon eclipse (on Moon day!), it could be helpful to note how this Lunar Eclipse is partial; i.e. nowhere on Earth does Luna become totally red. Instead, there will be penumbral shading at the Southern tip of the Moon, seen as peachy-pink more clearly over Asia for 30 minutes at the peak within the two hour length of time this eclipse takes to complete. And whilst the internet is focused upon the very exciting US total Solar New Moon Eclipse August 21st, this partial Lunar Eclipse sets the tone, only slightly lower-key; and is visible in Asia, Australia, Africa and Europe. Though Europe will have partial penumbral view at Moonrise, unless Europeans (not you Brits!) are Moon-bathing with a horizon in view, it won’t actually look that different.

And because the Sun is next to dynamic Mars in Leo during this eclipse, (as well as Ketu, South Node, Dragon’s Tail (from where Leo Mars likes to rattle sabres and bark orders)) this Full Eclipse Moon is cosmically bound to be dramatic. It’s also worth bearing in mind how, in Elemental Astrology, a Southerly direction shadowed (by the Earth) on the Moon, is associated with the colour red, the shape of the triangle, the zodiac signs Aries & Leo, as well as fire and lightening. Also, because this Lunar Eclipse is aligned along the Leo-Aquarius axis it awakens 2017’s Fire Phoenix, to ignite the wisdom flame in both mind and heart, to burn the dross and rise from the ashes reborn, with virtue of Spirit restored ~~~> Think back to this time last year, and note how your own creative spark of loving kindness has conquered fears in your own life, purely by creating fresh new outlooks.

Leo is a ‘personal’ sign in astrology because of its concerns with individual expression. By contrast Aquarius tends towards collective experience, team events and group activity. So while the co-operative revolutionary Aquarian Moon reflects Leo’s individual LoveLight, it’s conceivable that we, as a collective, have some kind of ‘Eureka!’ moment, when clarity and truth suddenly slot into place. The trick is not to distract each other with theatrics or talk that alienate self from others, or indeed sever the mind from one’s own intricate network of emotions. Use any original insight gained at this time to better all relations, specifically those with whom we consider our fellow kindred spirits, and you won’t be sorry. In fact, you will be empowered.

The Sun at home in the sign of the Lion also boosts personal confidence. The Lion enables one to remain steadfast strong and determined, so that we can impart playful, good-hearted cheerfulness with unconditional warmth in all our affairs. The Leo Sun also symbolises monarchs and rulers; and the quality of light of those who govern in positions of power can determine the joy of his or her subjects; just as the regal Sun radiates upon Earth to give life with light and heat, a good leader is warm and kind.

A strong Leo Sun also adds distinctive dignity and power to any given situation. So if there was ever a moment to build strength, stay strong, and sound your own horn and big-up oneself, especially about what you personally add to enhance relationship – in love, business or friendship – as well as to any group situation, this may well be the Full Aquarian Moon to celebrate successes as both Lights, Sun & Moon, are in good aspect to Jupiter, the planet of triumph and jubilation.

And this is all well and good BUT shocking in swiftness and extremity, it’s also a Full Moon Eclipse in radical Aquarius, when the exact opposite of what is expected is almost cosmically bound to happen, as Earth blocks the Leo LoveLight of Sun for the Aquarian Moon to reflect. All the while Sun has celestial back-up in any current situation, being conjoined to a fire-cracker Mars in Leo; there may be stiff competition to out-shine and out-perform, on stage or off.  Try now to understand how speed is aggression and that being a part of competition is not the same as only partaking to win. When playing the game of life, to align in truth makes it easier to rest in a spacious loving heart and find contentment within.

You are warned: Aquarian Moons can be edgy and electric. Being put on the spot may be the moment for personal development to take centre stage – even if it means looking at traits and aspects (of our self) we would consider bombastic, bossy or disjointed. Remember at all times how we need to be fearless when bringing love to light. The Sun-Mars conjunction in trine to Saturn in Sagittarius (stationed on the Galactic Centre, to go forward in the days following the Solar Eclipse (26th August)) will remind us that loving bravely takes courage, as well as faith – and a capacity to work together under trying circumstance. Even behind a façade of bravado, this is a time to treasure those friends who reveal your weaknesses and faults, for they offer you the real gift of truly knowing oneself.

Another important astrological feature to include in this eclipse comes hot on the heels of a third and final (closing) square between Jupiter and Pluto (to conjunct 2020), accenting how the power of love really does transform, just as easily as secrets can expand power bases. Not everyone needs to know your business. Both, the 7th’s Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse, and the New Moon Total Solar Eclipse on the 21st, are cosmically bound to generate defining moments in our collective stories, with power-plays acted out internally as well as in the mundane world. Be aware how eclipses always mark dramatic pivotal points, watershed moments when the course of ideas, actions and emotions, as well as history, can suddenly turn and flow towards a dramatically different direction. So check this mid-season 15° fixed points of Leo and Aquarius in your own scope to gauge how critical crossroads impact your own life. If you’re old enough to remember look back 19-ish years, and get an idea of how this eclipse cycle influences.

From a mundane point of view, we may also witness sudden U-turns with governments and bosses. Because this freedom-loving Aquarian moon highlights those in authority who dictate by ‘do as I say and not as I do’, (often done in order to divide and rule) are best avoided. Take note: commanders who self-serve do not have other’s best interests at heart. Better to oversee one’s own world now and discover the sovereignty of fairness and equality that comes about from curtailing personal ego, especially by being of service to humanity.

Make no mistake, the Dragon’s Head, North Node in Leo, Rahu is rising: hot, fiery and tempestuous. In ancient times people would often stay indoors to try and avoid conflicts and/or the effects of an eclipse. While monastics meditate, the lay drum and dance to scare away negative effects of losing light. Indeed, it may well be that looking at a darkened Moon, or Sun (only looked at with eclipse glasses or else risk blindness) invites confusion, and in some rare cases, with a new moon solar eclipse, bring out the oddball eccentrics en masse.

Wherever you may be August 7th, at work, home, or with friends, when the light of the brilliant Leo Sun is reflected by the group-orientated Moon in Aquarius – as it is during this Full Moon, the potential to find ones’ place – and feel assured and poised in that position – also means recognising the unique gifts we personally bring to the greater whole. So be aware: within team-work, or even working individually, a special talent could now easily surface. Exciting times for personal evolution!

      • Two more points of esoteric astrological significance compound the need to balance self-love with that of others during this Full Moon Lunar Eclipse:

        1. In Esoteric astrology the Moon has an Aquarian Hierarchical rulership, meaning ‘the Aquarian Light that shines on Earth across the sea’ is of great import; i.e. the Noosphere, or the Unified Biofield buzzes with potentiality. Aquarius is future orientated; so any personal sensitivity is best be directed towards altruism, making the world a better place, without being cold-hearted but seeing all beings as equal.   
        1. Also in Esoteric astrology, the Spirit of the Sun ‘veils’ Uranus, the traditional ruler of Aquarius, indicating how the clarity of ‘the self’ thrives when with one’s peers or in collective situations. The aspiration to identify with accomplishments is also heightened.

        All of this just as Uranus begins a retrograde motion, August 3rd, only turning direct New Year’s Day 2018! Thus, for the rest of the year Uranus retrograde in Aries inflames the 2017 year of the Phoenix Fire Bird’s Grand Fire trine, taking place between the Leo North Node (Dragon’s Head) and Saturn in Sagittarius to spark the passionate flames of creative love. Indeed, Uranus makes a final exact trine to Saturn 11:11, providing spacial awareness that opens a powerful portal for heroic inner-work, for the spiritual warrior who generates altruism to galvanize and inspire, bravely lighting the way for others on the path. 

        The last point to mention on this extended Full Moon Eclipse report concerns Mercury retrograde on 13th August, going back from Virgo into Leo, to pick up the exact degree of the Solar Eclipse 21st August! Both the Celestial Messenger and the Sun will accent the bight Fixed Royal Star, Regulus, at the heart of the Lion. Unbridled success can be enjoyed under this star, and is phenomenal – if only for a short time, as missions can dramatically fail should revenge, pride or arrogance be primary motivation.  Suffice to say that whatever theatrics take place during these coming weeks (timed since July 24th), there’s every chance we will still be talking about (whatever) the situation well into the Autumn Equinox. 

        Upon closing I wish everyone to have a wonderful Full Moon and Eclipse season. With LoveLight from Agent Dakini (who still has a few places left for retreats in Southern France –> click here!)

        And remember in all this Leo love action:
        “You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe deserve your love and affection.”

Agent Dakini- Laura Boomer-Trent

Agent Dakini- Laura Boomer-Trent

Agent Dakini: Laura Boomer-Trent has an arts background, with an earlier career in film and television. An astrologer for over 30 years, since studying at His Holiness, the Dalai Lama’s ‘Tibetan Medical & Astro Science Institute’ in India (mid-90’s), Laura integrates ancient Eastern healing arts: Tibetan, Chinese and Indian – astrology, yoga and tantra- with western astrology and modern quantum meta-physics. 

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