Full Moon ’ Aries 12°42 – 5 October 2017 ~

by Agent Dakini – Laura Boomer-Trent

5 October 2017 ~ Sun in Libra ~ Full Moon 12°42’ Aries @ 18:40UT

A Brave New Soul with the Disarming Charm ~>

This fiery Full Moon is in Aries, a most innovative sign of the zodiac that has a reputation for inspiring the brave and strong, steamy and hot headed: being swift to rise for cause, competition or challenge, but just as quick to come down and, if somewhat clumsily, carry on whatever he or she is doing regardless. Handling this emotionally independent rocking and rolling during Thursday-Friday’s Full Aries Moon is all well and good if you have speedy Aries or other fire signs (Leo or Sagittarius) prominent in your horoscope, as fire flashes back to centre at the speed of light – and out again, not before zapping opponents with the disarming charm then dashing off swiftly onto another life-illuminating, heroic adventure. 

☼ Other leading signs, such as Libra, Capricorn and Cancer, can take a lifetime of rumbling, seething or dithering before getting so fired-up. And in Libra’s current case, as the brilliant Sun in Libra is presently with the celestial messenger, Mercury, asking what everyone else thinks before making any major decisions might actually be worth something – a trick to maintaining successful relationships which we could all currently benefit from: to have information at one’s fingertips right now is actually a very good trait to have: because everyone needs to produce intelligent arguments to be taken seriously. More realistically, having what everyone needs to know at hand reveals a certain transparency that generates trust between people – which means people feel safer in negotiation – especially when the tendency with Mercury in Libra is to sit on the fence, seeing both sides, and still take time to decide. All the while Libra sweetens communication with pleasantries and curtesy. Decision making is never that easy for the sign of the scales, who insists upon weighing-up all options. Serenity seeking Libra knows, however, that true friendship is based on openness and TRUST; and keeping the peace often means achieving agreements in relationships where both or all parties benefit.

☼ Diplomatic Libra is a super-stylish Air sign that seeks harmony and balance in all spheres – and is especially cool and groovy in social situations; while Aries ignites the Fire element, inciting a spiritual warrior with a passion for the new into action. This combination of Air and Fire can also generate a lot of hot air. Something may well blow over this Full Moon. What, exactly? Well, volcanoes along the geophysical ‘Ring of Fire’ are already erupting – will that be enough to release any residual geophysical pressure (from the flares)? Or will there be more rumbling from a deep and demanding ‘T’ Square (Sun & Moon) to Pluto, Lord of the Underworld ? My understanding is that it’s good to err on the side of caution, even with an outward-bound high-energy Moon in Aries, go easy and seek help from professionals if needed. Bear in mind that while a heated Moon in Aries often has a short fuse, the smooth-talking Libra Sun can negotiate and pacify conflict with clever compromise and mediation.

This Full Moon is also the closest to the year’s September Equinox, which is traditionally a time of abundance, in hope and/or nourishment (though Harvest came early. As seasons change, so do our needs. It’s been a lunation of storms and flare-ups. At Equinox we witnessed hurricanes, earthquakes and no less than seven dramatic Solar X-Flares – the likes of which had not been seen since 2010! When Sun’s flares are Earth directed, then Mama Earth also shakes, rattles and rolls – and so do we; though how everyone ‘senses’ the intense energy of the flares depends upon individual levels of sensitivity as well as  his or her particular situation and actions. Yet with a magic number of 7 Solar X-flares (almost unheard of!), one for every day of a solar week and colours of the rainbow, has meant supersonic Solar Winds have been carrying Sol’s electromagnetically charged ‘Light of Intelligence’ towards Earth for the past few weeks. As brilliant and beautiful auroras around Earth’s poles continue to testify (through the Full Moon) making this a magical, highly-charged, colourful moment in time.   

  Most noteworthy during this Full Moon is how both Venus and Mars in Virgo are now rosy morning stars, creating an innocent loving and healing union at the very same place the Sun occupied during its magnificent recent display of the X-flares. Sparks could again easily fly and kindle all kinds of ardour! Earthy Virgo Venus, with an equally raunchy Mars denotes an irresistible chemical attraction. So, at last, the ‘Cosmic Lovers’ come to meet again. These two planets haven’t been together for two years, since early November 2015, also positioned in similar degrees of sensual, practical Virgo back then too. Together Venus and Mars are putting some pizazz back into love lives, albeit slightly a puritan version with Virgo’s extra attentive punctilious eye for detail. Again, check your own horoscope looking at 17-25 Virgo in regard to putting the spark back into healing relationships (even if that relationship is with one’s ‘self’ i.e. within the areas of work or health). Perhaps an important relationship, project or diet regime began a couple of years ago, and could now do with an additional boost of warm, loving attention.

Now what’s different to back then, however, is how both ‘The Lights’, Sun and Moon, are intrinsically and astrologically connected to the Lover’s sacred union taking place on the same day as the Full Moon. The Lights, along with Venus and Mars, illuminate healthy, respectful, relationships in which we enjoy closeness in peace and love, knowing freedom in love, with the freedom to love. Time now to invite Virgo practicality and mark time on the calendar to be with loved ones, especially if you have been working too hard or, for whatever reason, have avoided getting close to those you love, then this is the moment to redress the balance and cosy up to friends and loved ones. This need to be love is astrologically supported in many ways: because Venus is Libra’s ruler, and Mars is the Aries ruler; i.e. the planet that rules the Libra Sun, Venus, is opposite the planet that rules the Aries Moon, Mars. Thus, with all personal planets working together it creates a positive potential to attain healthy loving relationships – all we need to remember to that by serving others in a practical manner, we also serve the pure wisdom Goddess who resides in us all (yes, even guys have a smart feminine side).

October’s Full Moon also picks up the same 12-13 degree of the years’ major retrograde stations of both Venus AND Jupiter. Venus, Goddess of Love, went all the way back to retrieve what she had been lacking – self love – early March, at 12° Aries. Then early June, Jupiter stationed retrograde at 13° Libra to grow the love for others.  Check those degrees out too, as the Full Aries Moon now spotlights the very same place where Venus became more assertive (early March), all the while the Libra Sun currently basks for a last time in Jupiter’s boons and blessings. 

~> Best to be aware, bountiful Jupiter is also about to change signs; from Libra to Scorpio on October 10th until November 2018; not to be seen again in Libra until 2018. Instead of developing romantic love in relationship, Jupiter in Scorpio now begins to expand our understanding of more intimate and delicate subjects such as psychological insights, sex, death, and what devious people do to not pay their taxes. This shift of emphasis from social to secret, and possibly snug, will come into sharper focus upon during November’s Full Moon. But for now Libra’s romance and partnership, finance and business, fashion and beauty remain under Jupiter’s starry beams for a few days more.

Other aspects to take into account in this Full Moon chart:

1) A Cardinal ‘T’ Square between Libra Sun opposite (180°) Aries Moon both in square (90°) Capricorn Pluto, creating a tense kind of stand-off. Though I don’t think nuclear war is upon us – not right now, and I hope it never comes. I say that primarily because Venus is with Mars right now and diplomacy can work wonders, as Mars always needs to disarm when seduced by Venusian charms. Venus and Mars are also in a helpful Trine Aspect to the powerful but enigmatic Pluto: a show of diplomatic strength is called for to reach agreement in any kind of dispute with difficult, omnipotent characters. Pluto also recently stations to go forward when conjunct a Fixed Star ‘Rukbat’, indicating a path taken to evolve will be a sure and steady transformation. It’s a kind of corporate makeover that could take years to transpire.

2) A Mutable ‘T’ Square between the entwined Virgoan, Mars & Venus, opposite Shamanic Chiron in Pisces, all in T-Square to Saturn in Sagittarius: magically shape-shifting into various different forms until we find our ability to heal powerful but difficult emotions. Astral clue: this Mutable squares ramp up the universal LOVE-WISDOM for faith, love and commitment to work wonders when personally overcoming fear and envy.

3) At the time of the Full Moon, both Sun and Moon also make ‘adjustment’ aspects to Neptune, planet of miracles and magic, scapegoats and martyrs: the Aries Moon makes a short semi-sextile, while the Libra Sun throws a longer quincunx. Both aspects suggest that in order to make our relationships really zing, our spiritual understanding requires a little fine-tuning to find that being love is truly the Divine incarnate. Indeed, it may take until the New Moon in Libra October 19
th to see how pure, unadulterated love shows we have the power to truly forgive and accept the past, at the same time be willing to open the heart to a dynamic and spiritually-fulfilling future – one where all beings get their needs met. 

One last note: because this is technically ‘Equinox Full Moon’, even though later than usual as we are already in October, it IS the Full Moon that will seem to start early and finish later than the usual three-day influence: this one shines above our heads for five-nights!
Enjoy! Wishing for clear skies!
With Love on the moonbeams Agent Dakini _/
_ ☽♡ ¸¸.•*¨*•
And because this Aries Moon could quite easily fire-up pent-up emotions, “Listen to your anger, but don’t let it control you. Life is too short for that!”
th Gyalwang Drukpa)

Agent Dakini- Laura Boomer-Trent

Agent Dakini- Laura Boomer-Trent

Agent Dakini: Laura Boomer-Trent has an arts background, with an earlier career in film and television. An astrologer for over 30 years, since studying at His Holiness, the Dalai Lama’s ‘Tibetan Medical & Astro Science Institute’ in India (mid-90’s), Laura integrates ancient Eastern healing arts: Tibetan, Chinese and Indian – astrology, yoga and tantra- with western astrology and modern quantum meta-physics. 

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      Agent Dakini says:

      You’re kind Cassandra, Thank you _/\_ ❤ though Venus in her Virgo fall edited out 😉 lol… says Venus now rolling up sleeves onto next task at hand.

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    Patricia says:

    I enjoyed reading your forecast, am reflecting on all this zingy Arian energy, and tuning into the zin/yang healing of Mars & Venus in Virgo. Feeling lots of peaceful shimmers of light energy & fervent prayer going up all around the world. Namaste`, Dakini Laura Boomer Trent!

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    Kumar says:

    I am.aries boy born on 5 april 1999 at 5 am in india,fallen in love with a libra girl born on 15 october 1999 ,on 21a august 2017,solar eclipse in leo.she had proposed me on on 6 th october,2017,full moon in aries.this relationship is still continuing however we have faced many ups and downs but the fact is all those ups and downs matched with horoscope or cosmic events.so,can this relationship continue for life time or can we get married????


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