Secret Agent – Full Moon 11°45’ Aquarius ~ Aug 3rd @15:57

by Agent 87 Laura Boomer-Trent

Crystal Palace in Blue by Agent 14 Moon Doogas

Full Moon 11°45’ Aquarius ~ Aug 3rd @15:57

A Lion Sleeps in the Heart of Every Brave Being
~ eastern proverb ~

Ruled by the fixed and dramatic, bright Leo Sun, the regal Lion has ambitions to languish lazily on their throne and be adored by those here to serve. Fulfilling this sense of entitlement has fleeting success (though those moments are truly magical), because even though both Aquarius and Leo are ‘Fixed’ in quality, the overall ‘tone’ of this determined and direct Full Aquarius Moon is ‘Cardinal Fire’. That is dynamic, active and hot and roaring with passion and, over this potentially wild Full Moon, fast-moving change, with unexpected surprises that keep a brave top Leo cat on his or her toes.

The ‘tone’ of a chart is an often ignored, yet essential part of reading a horoscope; and is easily found by combining and assessing the dominant Quality and Element of all the planets.  To quickly reveal overall traits and general mood in which the horoscope tends to operate, the tone is our number one initial chart assessment. And what’s interesting over this Full Moon, is that while we may have the Cardinal Fire as our Full Moon signature, at the same time for those in tune with nature’s rhythms celebrate the turning of the cosmic Solar wheel during the astral alignment of the ‘Fixed Fire Cross Quarter’, which also opens the 8:8 Lion’s Gate’ (and denotes six weeks to Equinox, when light and dark balance). Cue drum circle, starlit nights with bright sparks and bonfire and dancing girls who also tend the sacred flame while others let shake free their Lion’s mane. Fixed Fire transforms by taking personal responsibility for the greater whole. But it is Cardinal Fire that stirs one into action. Cardinal Fire belongs to ardent Aries, the strong and initiating sign in which Sun is exalted and is ruled by energetic Mars.

Martial Mars is highly competitive, and in Aries self-motivated and therefore plays an important role over this Full Moon, as do other heavenly markers currently traversing the impulsive sign of the hot-headed Ram: Shamanic Chiron, Black Moon Lilith releasing the dark side of the abused and often abandoned frustrated feminine, AND Eris, Goddess of discord and dialectics – all in connection to the powerfully radiant Leo Sun and collective Full Aquarian Moon.

Mars is THE one to watch however (imho), not only over this Full Moon, but also because Sol’s henchman goes retrograde early September, in Aries (which it has not done for 32 years!). And both Sun and Moon now make helpful connections to the wounded healer, Chiron in Aries AND active Mars, suggesting its time to stop engaging in acts of self-harm and direct energy towards healing – self and others – and address and call-out, in the nicest possible way, any level of abuse we witness.  All the while Mars dons armour and tests the intention of the planetary ‘Big Boys’ , i.e. ‘the Triple conjunction’ of Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn, to protect during times time of crisis.

Also, no sooner are we ‘out’ of the separating Venus post-Retrograde shadow, symbolic of the recent questioning of worthiness and truth for loving relationship, where friendly communication is key to resolving any confusion (especially around situations that go way back to early and late May). Now we enter ‘in’ the applying Mars Pre-Retrograde shadow period, as Mars will slow down towards the end of August for a loop-de-loop recharge and regroup from September through November, and will be in Aries for the next six months – which is a long time to explore, experience, and regenerate by putting new ideas into practice.

Because forceful Mars is at home in self-motivated Aries, it strengthens and empowers any action; whatever we do (until the first week of Jan 2121) even if clumsy or accidental due to over excitement, or something being too hot, fast or unruly, it’s good to be aware how learning to react to any kind of provocation without rising to anger, aggression or ignorance takes strength, patience and courage – as well as a certain commitment and confidence to keep kindness at the forefront of all thought, word or deed. Just be aware that when fierce Mars is in fiery Aries, actions always speak louder than words.

This dominance of the Fire Element remains strong throughout the coming weeks, building up to an energetic Grand Fire Trine with a lively New Leo Moon August 19th that ignites our innate intuition. Right now, though, it is time to allow the warm Spirit of the Leo Sun to kindle our personal inner-fire, just as the cool Aquarian Full Moon accents our daily need for intellectual stimulation with social and spiritual connections, especially to those we consider helpful friends; and, if we raise the aspiration to generate the altruistic intention, to humanity itself. Indeed, among all the signs of the zodiac, it is the Aquarian Water-Bearer who provides the means to nourish all beings that share life under the heavenly firmament, not only with life-sustaining water and illuminating with the zap of electricity, but also with friendship, inspiration and freedom.

According to Esoteric Astrology, Aquarius, the water-bearing 11th sign is the hierarchical, unselfish ruler of the sensitive nurturing Moon, meaning that beyond animal instincts we are truly capable of living every day in full alignment with our ‘higher self’, side-by-side our brothers and sisters in a world where everyone has equal respect and care, as well as the freedom to explore, choose and change. From this elevated, but celestially inferred attainable perspective (and one that has a similar resonance January 2021, and most especially the last Full Moon of the Metal Rat – before the Metal Ox Feb 11th), a Full Moon in Aquarius indicates that humanity has the ability to accomplish an egalitarian society, where fellow beings, without exception, are considered kindred spirits, and seen within the context of a global family, each playing their unique part of the collective whole. But in order for this to happen (as we enter into a 200-year phase of Air Sign conjunctions between Jupiter and Saturn, beginning with Aquarius at the December Solstice (For a cosmic calender moment!)), we also need to familiarise ourselves with the will to achieve this apparently a ‘high’ ideal.

In astrology it is the Sun which represents our will and determination. And now at home in Leo, the Sun bolsters our individual ability to be steady and strong when crazy things happen (yes, covid – among others). Another aspect to consider over this Full Aquarian Moon is how the Lights, Sun and Moon, are in a tense ‘Fixed T-Square’, with electrifying Uranus, the Modern planetary ruler of Aquarius.

This is the kind of tension that can suddenly snap, creating shock, surprise and change, in which there are opportunities to expand awareness, raise consciousness, and develop altruism. With this Fixed T-square presenting the challenge to transform selfishness into selflessness and manifest our highest principles, even within, or should I say especially at points of crisis, in this tight T-Square between the Leo-ruled Sun and a hierarchical-ruled Aquarian Moon, both Lights are powerfully supported. But still one needs to take not to be too dogmatic or rigid. Such help is welcome as the Lights square up to the eccentric Aquarian ruler, Uranus (in Taurus), creating a tense and astonishing T-square that suggests we do have the capacity to embody enlightenment (I kid you not!).

Note also that within peer-groups and any team work, even those where vivacious individual’s reveal a heroic Lion Heart, and hit the stage, mic and spotlight in order to shine or entertain, cooperation and organisation are indispensable tools for success and to reach that higher aspiration of everybody living together in peace and harmony, without divisions threatening our essential loving human kindness and oneness, our humanity.

One last point worthy of mention about this Full Moon and that is how 11° Leo is ‘the agent’ degree. 11° Leo is the C*I*A’s Mercury, indicating that communication is currently accented within this collective – among others. Expect to see information from (secret) ‘agents’ to come to light!
Well, one thing is for sure, there are more masks than ever!
Wishing you all health and happiness, be safe and be well.
Until next month Sending love on the moonbeams!
With Full Moon blessings…

From Agent Dakini #87
aka Laura Boomer-Trent©

If you have this notion of “I” and “others” and you can’t stop seeing others’ negative qualities, then you have a lot to work on. You have not travelled enough of your own bumpy inner path.

From “Everyday Enlightenment” by The Gyalwang Drukpa

The C*I*A mourn the passing of a very special Agent of ours this week
–  Javon-Demetrius Cogmon, Agent 64. He was our webmaster and most dedicated, kind and loving human. We suspect he has left with the beautiful comet and quite fittingly near the Full Moon opposite our Secret Agent degree  of 11° Leo. We will miss him more than words can say. Many many not know , but he worked closely with Agent 12 of C*I*A plans, projects and web more than anyone else. His dedication to his beloved C*I*A will be honoured by a Scholarship in his name in coming weeks. Stay tuned. Fly Free on wings of light – Agent 64 – forever in our hearts and minds.

Agent Dakini: Laura Boomer-Trent has an arts background, with an earlier career in film and television. An astrologer for over 30 years, since studying at His Holiness, the Dalai Lama’s ‘Tibetan Medical & Astro Science Institute’ in India (mid-90’s), Laura integrates ancient Eastern healing arts: Tibetan, Chinese and Indian – astrology, yoga and tantra- with western astrology and modern quantum meta-physics. 

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