Freedom From Attachment- Mars square Uranus and the Fixed Cross

By Agent 22
Maggie Kerr

The synchronization between the arrival of revolutionary Uranus into Taurus for the first time since 1934 plus Mars into Aquarius on May 16th triggered an unprecedented new era in our collective evolutionary process.  Sky God Uranus is famous for his maverick rule breaking eccentricities so as we enter this new 7 year period we have Sky coming down to EARTH in Taurus to upset and energize our financial and environmental models into startling and exciting new dimensions.  As they are our ‘primordial ‘parents I am fascinated to see what their meeting will give birth to this time?

Activator Mars in the sign of revolution & change…Aquarius… is particularly significant, as he spends SIX months here until November due to his rare retrograde phase this year! So when we add these ingredients together a picture forms of a host of sudden and unexpected shifts and developments coming into play from mid-May. These forces offer the radical solutions needed to begin to heal our Earth with a completely new set of values underpinning our relationship to HER.

They also ignite the urge to revolt against restrictive authority…sudden expression of anger…explosive change. On the upside, it awakens fabulous new freedom to take action into brand new directions allowing us to break free of the past and invent marvelous new realities. I am going for this option!

  Mars/Uranus squares

  • 17th & 18th May
  • 1st to 4th August (Retrograde Mars)
  • 16th to 19th Sept

These alignments can cause shocks and surprises at every level with the usual caution to expect the unexpected. We have already seen just how quickly situations can change with the recent sudden North & South Korea Détente, so these shocks don’t have to be a bad thing!  As Aquarius rules ‘politics & leaders’ get set for instant about faces and re-alignments of parties and alliances as we’ve seen with the on again off again Trump & Kim meeting on June 12th.

We have a few immediate examples that reflect the extremely polarized nature of our times. A Royal wedding that breaks all the rules, as the ‘wounded enlightened prince’ marries a beautiful mixed race foreign divorcee who takes herself down the aisle and instantly ‘re-brands’ the Monarchy. QEII has the Sun at Zero Taurus and Prince Charles the Moon at the same degree. So both are ignited by this Uranus/Mars combo…classic stuff that finally acknowledges the true melting pot of our global reality.

Downside Mars/Uranus and we have the unbelievable provocation between Israel and their Arab neighbors as the USA opened their embassy in Jerusalem plus major volcanic activity in Hawaii.  And this is just the first pass!

Mars in Aquarius highlights ‘activism’ as a keynote,  and with Taurus associations involving money we could be in for a wild ride with global financial markets, plus the next phase of the Blockchain technology revolution (developed with Uranus in Aries) that will completely transform our financial world over the next 7 years!  On 19 May Banking giant HSBC completed the world’s first commercially viable trade-finance transaction using blockchain beginning a global monetary reset magnitudes bigger than we’ve ever seen, as every industry will use this for their financial transactions very soon. There is a global Blockchain & Bitcoin Summit  May 29 in Sydney!

On a positive note, we have a Royal Commission into the ‘Banking Sector’ in Oz, with stunning revelations of illegal financial services in all 4 major banks and big insurance companies. What a surprise! This accords with Saturn in Capricorn this year bringing the need for accountability and healthy regulation of our global Ponzi scheme banking model. It will be interesting to see what punishments will come to pass lol. After the 2008 GFC not a single individual was ever charged or jailed! This highlights the essence of current corporate culture demanding profit at the expense of moral obligation to clients and the health of our world.

Sudden changes also on the cards for Taurean environmental systems, and I’m heartened by the re-cycling issue coming onto the front burner here in Oz, plus the EU moves to ban the 10 Most Harmful Single-Use Plastics. Even though our rivers and oceans have been drowning in plastic for decades people are finally starting to wake up! Ask yourself how would you operate without plastic in your life & then start implementing easy changes…like BYO cloth bags to buy your vegies that you place straight into your fridge!

Uranus in Aries over the past 7 years has brought the techno revolution loaded with all the inventions and solutions we need to deal with the decimation of our earth. Uranus in Taurus with Mars in Aquarius now demands practical implantation into ACTION.

So how do we manage these fast paced evolutionary forces? Enjoy the excitement of your urge to upgrade into fresh possibilities. Stay open to rad ideas knowing that things won’t feel clearer until June…and that’s OK.  Until then keep healing your ‘fear voice’ with safe messages that it’s ok to risk new options or you will simply remain stale and uninspired…and that’s no fun at all. Stay very flexible when sudden shifts upset your old systems and constructs.

Uranus is a smart i.e. intelligent feature so stay alert for sudden flashes of insight or ideas that spin you into fab new possibilities that may be right out of the box from your old view of your potential. Then use Saturn in Capricorn for a reality check and create a ‘plan’! If we are aware of the need for innovation and change this allows ‘the Universe’ to support our growth, whereas if we resist our unconscious mind will create it anyway…sometimes in the form of upsetting things whether we like them or not!

As Uranus asks us to break free of past conditions our core self-worth needs to be in very good condition, so whenever you get a bit wobbly as things start morphing in your life or the outer world close your eyes and say “I am safe and secure as I grow and change”. “I am prosperous!”

Uranus AND Mars also connect exactly with Chiron freshly in Aries for his new 50 year cycle bringing onto the scene HEROIC new characters who represent the true will of ‘the people’ who are thoroughly disillusioned with, and OVER the current iniquitous system! How much longer will we permit the wanton

refusal by current leaders to acknowledge what they know to be true for the sake of greed and profit?

This prophetic description from Aldous Huxley one of the fathers of the Human Potential Movement, who wrote “Brave New World’ in 1932, is so ‘on the money’ for the subsequent rise of the extreme right wing Nazi movement, which came to a head during the last Mars in Aqua square Uranus in Taurus period in 1939.

It appears that the Eugenics Movement just morphed into a new phase after WWII, as pharmaceutical companies were free to develop to the point of current global control by this industry. Between over vaccination that weakens natural immunity, both legal & illegal narcotic addiction and over prescription of antidepressants so people don’t have to ‘feel’, millions of people are either asleep or sick! 

Easy also, to see the relevance of current extreme right wing authoritarian  activity toward complete erosion of individual human rights as they further elite financial control. And let’s not forget the criminal manipulation of financial systems in the endless pursuit of greed at the expense of people and planet. It seems that as we head toward the egalitarian Aquarian Age we must pass through this ‘dark night of the collective Soul’ as the Doomsday Clock reaches two minutes to midnight. I call this a crime against humanity. The Chiron cycle takes us back to 1968 to 1975 when extreme activism was the disorder of the day!

As Aries is the beginning of the Zodiac round….or the ‘World Degree’ on the Cardinal Cross, our wounded healer entered a pioneering period on May 18th 2018 completing in May 2068 after his 50 year cycle passage. So when a major player like Chiron triggers this degree it brings about an ‘Initiation’ or new beginning – a psychological re-birth that challenges us to transform our concept of reality!

The Aries process contains our confident ‘healthy will’ so we can be brave and courageous and say yes to new adventures into the future. At best, it opens our questing spirit that dares to risk letting go of the familiar, even if this familiar isn’t too great! Mars in Aquarius is just loving Chiron in Aries – they can be so original and creative together as they go about the business of further activating our paradigm shift!

Mars in Aquarius Retrograde periods are quite rare.

  • 1924 – 25th April to 19th Oct – with Uranus in Pisces
  • 1939 – 26th May to 19th Nov – with Uranus in Taurus – Mars Aqua squared Uranus Taurus FOUR times  Dec 35 Jan 36 – Nov Dec 37 – May to  Nov 39 when Retro Then Apr May 41
  • 1971 – 4th May to 6th Nov – with Uranus in Libra
  • 16th May to 14th November 2018 – with Uranus in Taurus

This timeline is fascinating as we see Jupiter in Aries trine Pluto in Leo + Saturn in Taurus square Pluto. Then in comes Mars Aqua to trigger Saturn/Pluto on the Fixed Cross.

Chiron is now on the Jupiter/Aries & Uranus/Taurus on the Saturn of 1939.

The period from Dec 1935 created the alliances between the Fascist dictators Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin that eventuated in WWII in Sept 1939 and begins the genocide by Hitler of Jewish and marginalized groups.

In terms of technology, we have the beginning of rocket propulsion and atomic research that led to the battle between Germany & USA to develop the first hydrogen bomb, with subsequent developments into 1941 of sonar and radar systems. And let’s not forget Alan Turing inventing the ‘computer’!

Based on this history we can expect further major techno developments or release of products during this 2018 phase. Uranus in Aries has already brought us ‘the rise of robots’, Artificial Intelligence, Genetic modification, Big Data, sustainable power sources, a fresh phase of nuclear and rocket propulsion and Nano-technology. So it will be fascinating to see what’s in store! The last cycle gave us the first animal conceived by artificial insemination and just last week we have news that Dutch scientists have created the first Synthetic embryo: no egg, no sperm, no problem!

In terms of current global activity, we have Saturn in Capricorn trine Uranus rather than the hard square of 1939 and as far as I can find no ‘fascist leaders’ with Sun or major points at Zero Taurus. Please correct me if I am wrong on this. We DO have North Node coming to Zero Leo by November in square to Uranus Taurus (NNode zero Scorpio in August 1939 opposite Saturn square Pluto), so I look forward to insights on this one from my fellow presenters in our webinar on June 10th.

We are however, in the midst of extreme right-wing systems eroding the hard won gains of recent years, as they give big business huge tax benefits with the propaganda machine telling us that ‘trickle down economics’ ensures benefits to everyone. What a lot of shite. Remember, back in 1939 the Goebbels propaganda machine was also hard at work! And let’s not forget the escalating tensions of the ongoing Middle East oil wars, that are too complex to go into here as space does not allow.

Fixed Cross signs and the evolutionary potential of this current period.

CARDINAL CROSS experience is social and objective.  In Aries we perfect our WILL, in Cancer we make it SAFE, in Libra we CO-OPERATE with others, so that in Capricorn we may realize our GOALS for the highest good of all concerned.

FIXED CROSS experience is internal and subjective.   In Taurus our VALUES drive our Leo creative EGO, in Scorpio we develop our POWER, so that we may find our place in and SERVE humanity in Aquarius.

MUTABLE CROSS experience is mental and neutral. In Gemini we receive IDEAS, in Virgo we ANALYSE their usefulness, in Sagittarius we seek truth & DISTRIBUTE knowledge, and in Pisces we use INTUITION & imagination.   

On the Fixed Cross Issues are to do with FIXITY, TENACITY, POWER, CONTROL, POSSESSION & IMMUTABILITY.  Planets found in relationship here manifest as resistance to change, strong desire nature and like to control their own circumstances, thus tendency for possessiveness, whilst WILLPOWER and DETERMINATION is STRONG.   The Fixed Cross draws everything toward the centre – these signs are MAGNETIC, and issues of ATTACHMENT are great.

The Evolutionary process  requires  purification of the lower ego by sublimating the desire nature beyond the ‘glamours’ that drive desire,  so our ‘empowered Ego’ can become a tool for reform and change of existing conditions on the planet. ”The self-conscious man in Leo becomes the group conscious man in Aquarius.” Alice Bailey Esoteric Astrology

I am seeing this current Uranus Taurus square Mars Aquarius period as a precursor or opening phase of the massive transformational process required to ignite the Aquarian collective consciousness, with further stimulus from 2021 when Jupiter & Saturn enter Aquarius, then Pluto into Aquarius in 2024.

Our current global paradigm operates through the worst of the Fixed Cross components as the narcissistic control freaks who rape planetary resources in the pathological desire for wealth at the expense of human and animal rights. It is time to accept that we do not live in a functioning democracy but rather a corptocracy characterized by ineffective management where the interests of large corporations control economic and political decisions and we don’t matter.

Jupiter in Scorpio is doing a fine job of revealing the hidden abuses and corruption that currently run this feature of the Fixed Cross, and in unison with Uranus Taurus & Mars Aqua we will see many notable heads topple over coming months. However harking back to the 1939 period, we may also experience a heightening of the authoritarian systems and further distractions from the real and vital issues.

Uranus square Mars offers freedom from attachment as our primary mechanism for inner security. It is not until we move beyond the entrapment of the ‘material world consumption paradigm’ that drives debt slavery that freedom can arise. So get out of debt, and re-orient your investment strategies to include “quality essential goods and services, recycling and repair, but also something from the high-tech (Aquarius) sector.” Christeen Skinner

We must invest our energy in ‘active civil disobedience’ as we build parallel, popular institutions to protect ourselves via community development organizations, local currencies, alternative political parties and food cooperatives in our local communities. We are now in a vital six months to awaken and activate ‘the masses’ out of their unconscious controlled state!

To complete this little narrative I’m keen to lighten the mood with the good news of Jupiter in Scorpio this year. ‘Bountiful lucky Jupiter’ sliding through Scorpio since late 2017 is expanding our relationship to the ‘feminine’ to counteract the “toxic” masculine power and control that has been ‘normal’ for thousands of years! These feminine qualities are often in short supply in our political discourse, religious institutions and even our most intimate relationships — including mercy, wisdom, and deep compassion which we need to reclaim personally and collectively.

We must connect to our ‘parasympathetic nervous system’, the source that can heal our bodies, balance our emotions and awaken our consciousness. By bringing our attention inwards and trusting our energies, we are able to recalibrate our bodies, our minds, our emotions and our Spirit.

Blessings to you all as we participate in these exciting revolutionary times!

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By Agent 22
Maggie Kerr

          • Maggie Kerr (AAT. APA. Dip. Couns.) is a leading Australian Astrologer who has offered her services as a Counsellor, Teacher, Author and Presenter for the past 30 years. Using a combination of many helpful tools and techniques Maggie shares complex ideas in a simple & refreshing way. She is well regarded for her lectures and workshops throughout Australia and Internationally, for her ability to entertain and inspire as she offers important ideas and information that make sense of our challenging times…and how to make the best of them. Maggie has trained in the fields of Metaphysics, Philosophy, Astrology, Humanism, Ancient Teachings, Psychology and Psychotherapy. Her unique blend of these subjects offers in-depth understanding of our life purpose and challenges to our empowerment. Maggie has been a pioneer in developing tools and techniques to identify and change limiting unconscious patterns so we may heal and connect with our Soul’s purpose and step  into our full creative power. In her ‘spare time’ she researches historical global and cosmic cycles to offer her insights as a social commentator in regular articles and blogs at where you may also book personal sessions and sign up for her free newsletters. Maggie’s earlier career in Computing & Corporate Marketing, Advertising and Tourism brings her an understanding of business cultures and procedures, and has led to her interest in offering concepts and training toward a more ‘Conscious and Ethical Corporate World. Mail [email protected] or ring 61755 945959. Maggie lives on the Gold Coast in Australia
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    Love the article. I remember 04 very well. It was like the dark clouds parted and everything went my way. Although i do recal many challenges and opposition.


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