Fractal Nature of Astrology

with Agent 12 Julija

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for your interest in this subject, here are the notes for this offering, it is best to view them after you have seen the video or listened to the lecture that takes place on September 25th as part of the Astrology Hub Summit.

This PDF is a guide for you to add major transiting points onto your astrology chart, and look toward them with a co-creative spirit over the next year.

Download HERE:

I would suggest to print 3 charts and use one for the Mercury Cycle, one for Venus(plot all five star points) and one for Mars, you will see more clearly how they have activated in your life and and watch where to pay more attention. Even if they do not activate something major in your chart. These are big Cosmic marker Points and connect us to the cycles of the planets in a much deeper way if consciously followed.

The idea of looking at all this points as fractal openings, gives one more scope to feel as though you are the true designer of what comes next.

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