Learn Astrology – FIRDARIA TECHNIQUE webinar – June 29/30th

By Agent 127 Kelly Surtees

Explore Your Life Chapters with Firdaria

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Friday 29th June!  Saturday 30th June

June 29th – 7:00pm EDT, 4:00 PDT
– June 30th – 9:00am AEST!

75 minutes of value material to apply to your astrology!

Explore Your Life Chapters with Firdaria What are the Firdaria cycles? How can they help you understand the influences that play out over extended periods of time? When are you likely to encounter good fortune and support, and when are you likely to deal with bad luck or annoyances? In this lecture, Kelly will share with you the cycle of firdaria, and show you how to use Firdaria as a timing tool. Discover how to combine firdaria with natal chart and predictive work.

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Agent 127 Kelly Surtees
Astrology has been a passion of Kelly’s for more than 20 years. Since beginning her professional practice in 2002, Kelly has used the meaning of the stars and planets to help countless individuals, couples and families live happier, healthier and more fulfilling lives. Through astrology, Kelly’s clients have conceived babies, fallen in love, changed careers and improved their health. They’ve found the courage to leave a bad situation, avoided or minimised challenges and discovered their strengths.

Kelly’s astrology is informative, insightful and easy to understand as she combines solid soul insights with ancient techniques. Having lectured at conferences throughout Australia, Canada and the USA – including UACISAR, NORWAC, FAA, and NCGR – Kelly is respected internationally for her insight, skill and knowledge. She is on the faculty of Astrology University, has taught at Kepler College, and offers a private 18-month training program to students. Kelly’s informative and inspiring presentation style is well loved.

Kelly’s numerous columns and feature articles on Astrology, health, creativity, spirituality and wellness have appeared around the globe in magazines such as The Mountain AstrologerWellBeing Magazine, Marie Claire, New Woman, More (UK) and The Sun Herald. Kelly is the editor of the annual WellBeing Astrology Guide (AUS).

A holder of the FAA Practitioner’s Diploma, Kelly is also a trained holistic counsellor and remedial massage therapist.

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Friday 29th June EDT, PDT/ same as Saturday 30th June AEStandard Time

June 29th – 7:00pm EDT, 4:00 PDT
– June 30th – 9:00am AEST!


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