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3 FAQs

  • How Do I Join C*I*A as a Subscribing Member?

    There are a few choices for joining this vibrant community in the "Members Area" under the link "Join Membership here."
    There are Monthly Subscriptions and Annual Subscriptions. We recommend the annual subscriptions because they provide greater value for your investment.

  • What Can I Do If I Am Locked Out Of The Website?

    As the world evolves the internet becomes bigger and there are higher risks to privacy and personal information. The Cosmic Intelligence Agency has a tough security policy that includes protocols that provides users maximum protection.
    Therefore, we have a strict policy that allows you only 5 opportunities to login using a failed username and or password.
    You may run into the lock out notice below, so we recommend that you place your username and password in a safe accessible place. Copying and pasting login information will guarantee logging onto our site with minimal complication.

    Lockout Notice That Appears When You Strikeout Five Times or More on Our Site

    Lockout Notice That Appears When You Strikeout Five Times or More on Our Site

  • HOW Can I change the display name on my account?

    This astrology site takes security very seriously. In fact, security is so serious we use software to change public display or "nickname" on your account. This is an extra layer of support to prevent hackers from gaining access to your account by guessing your login name and display name.

    It is simply to customize your display name to something more suitable.
    Watch this video and make the changes to your name.
    Any further questions can be answered by Agent 64, JD.