If you get locked out fo the website, you will see an image like this, below pop up. At this website we have to maintain greta security because of hackers, you wouldn’t believe how many pests are out there trying to make trouble, so our web managers request we keep a tight barrier against them with these security measures.

The reasons you would be locked out is that you have used the wrong email, or username  or password, or the wrong combination. We suggest you keep your details somewhere safe or ask your device to save for you, with automatic login every-time you come to the site.

Clearing caches, browsers, rebooting device  etc will also help as computers can get clogged with info, and your computer set up is unknown to us, so please be patient when navigating your access.

A few attempts with the wrong details will get you barred. After which you will need to to the following and send us your IP address as soon as possible.

We can also reset your password for you if need be.

So please get in touch  if this happens and send your IP address to [email protected]