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In this show, Josh returns to talk about Aspens & Alchemy–the road from Red to Black to White.  At first glance, you might be thinking: What does this have to do with Astrology? Well, my dear friends, everything.  Astrology penetrates all layers of existence.  So it wasn’t hard for me to make correlations and also, hopefully, make it educational for you.  We hope you enjoy this one.


Exploring Astrology podcastAstrology Podcast

In this Podcast, I do my best to dispel all fear in your heart around this upcoming Eclipse, the one they are calling “The Great American Eclipse.”  I talk the technicalities, I talk the Astrology, and yes, I talk dragons.  I hope it helps.  Enjoy

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This Podcast is all about Eclipse’s.  It was recorded in Feb of 2017, yet will be relevant always.  I’m releasing it now to get us geared up for the big One on it’s way in August of 2017.  I do hope you enjoy it.

patreonExploring Astrology podcastAstrology Podcast

In this show, I do my best to convey the importance of the Mars Cycle.  Every 26 months or so, Mars aligns with the Sun, from the other side of the Sun.  This represents the beginning of the Mars journey.  This one, in Leo.  I explore this one in specific, but also talk about the cycle as a whole.  Understanding time in this way can be life changing.  And so, I offer to you this adventure.  Come on it with me, won’t you?

Art by Paul Romano

Exploring Astrology podcast

In this Podcast, Chris Brennan and I finally come together to discuss his new book and also Hellenistic Astrology as a whole.  It’s been a long time coming, and I’m overjoyed to finally connect with Chris, and share our conversation with you all. Enjoy.

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In this podcast Agent 108 Adam Sommer talks with fellow Agent 32, Sol-Jonassen returns to talk about the Galactic Center, Ceres, and a touch of Tom Robbins form a Norwegian perspective.


Agent 108 Adam Sommer explores the depths of the Galactic Centre.


In this show, Mark Jones and Agent 108 Adam Sommer go deep into the heart of one of the scourges of the Astrological profession, and that is: Ethics!

Naturally, this is a hot topic in every field, but they explore the specifics of why it’s so damaging within our field. Adam has been wanting to explore this topic for some time, and there is no better person to discuss this with than with Mark.


In this show Adam talks with another Adam, astrologer Adam Gainsburg exploring the synodic depths of the Venus Cycle, share stories about the Birth of the this current cycle of Venus birthed in Aries on March 25th at 5° Aries.


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