Intention Activation – Sacred Elemental Balance! Equinox Sept 2016

Sept 23rd 2:21 pm UT 

By Agent 79 – Enid Rosa, CSC, Priestess Luna

The seasons and cycles of nature show life is a journey of birth, growth, death and rebirth. Each cycle has its benefits and strengths to gain insight, develop skills or grow in awareness and wisdom. The journey of the Sun & the Earth is represented by the Wheel of the Year and is divided into 8 points, which fall approximately six weeks apart.

Northern /Southern Hemisphere

  • Winter/Summer Solstice: (Yule) December 21 or 22
  • Imbolc (Candlemas)/Lammas:  February 2
  • Spring/Autumn Equinox: March 21 or 22
  • Beltane/Samhain: April 30 or May 1
  • Summer/Winter Solstice: June 21 or 22
  • Lammas/Imbolc (Candlemas): August 1
  • Autumn/Spring Equinox: September 23 or 2
  • Samhaim /Beltane: ( October 31

We are now at the point of Autumn/ in the north, Spring in the south Equinox. It sits directly across the wheel of the year from the Spring or Autumn Equinox. Night and day, light and dark are in perfect balance. At this time of year, we let go of the growing cycle, allowing it to fall away just as the leaves fall from the trees for Norther hemisphere folk, in the southern hemisphere we move toward fresh new growth, like and bursting buds, eager to express their full potential.

The Equinox is at point for harvest or sow your co-creations. In the north it is time to evaluate how you did bringing forth your intentions & manifestations. In the South it is to sow your seeds of growth as you anticipate your blooming.Light and dark are in perfect balance, notice if there is anything you need to balance in your life .

Working with the wheel and being in touch with these seasons aligns us with the pulse and tempo of the cosmos instead of struggling against the winds of seasonal change in the world. It makes our way through life smoother and our intentions and manifestations more effective.

Living in balance physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually is the root of energy and delight. Be merciful to yourself daily and make personal time and space to work with the energy. Give yourself time to reflect and connect. Practice aligning all the elements and Spirit into a unified field in your body.

Align Your Mind, Body and Spirit

  • Spirit – Essence
  • Air – Intention
  • Water – Feelings
  • Fire – Actions
  • Earth – Physical Manifestations

Elemental Intention Alignment Activation

This is a powerful activation to align and balance your intentions with the elemental forces of the Universe.

Light a candle, relax and breathe slowly.

Begin by visualizing a white light coming down from above and going into the crown of your head into your body, around your body and down into the Earth. This is the Cosmic Light of Love and Possibility.

ACTIVATE and Connect with the spiritual realm and the essence of your Spirit. Ask your higher self to be present in your body, to lead your life in the highest good for all, with grace and ease.

ACTIVATE and Connect with the mental realm and the element of Air. The Air realm can teach you to clear your old mental patterns and to focus on your desires. Air is the power of intention, focus and vibration. Call on Air for vibrational attunement, wisdom, good communication, increased ability to listen, intellectual growth, swift thinking, clear sight and clear knowing.  Activate the Air power of intention and align with the highest good for all.

ACTIVATE and Connect with the emotional realm and the element of Water. Visualize a clean, clear emotional current flowing through your body. Ask to respond to life instead of react to it. Ask Water for emotional support, feeling guidance, clear intuition, friendship, understanding and good relationships. Ask Water to bathe you in love and to sustain and nurture you, to increase flow into your life and teach you to give as well as receive. Activate the power of love and align with the highest good for all.

ACTIVATE and Connect with the action realm and the element of Fire. With Fire we activate new beginnings, our passion, sexuality, vitality and growth. Fire the energy to claim our personal power. The rays of the Sun give us life force. Fire can be used to destroy and transform what no longer serves you. Allow the life force energy to flow. Feel your body become enlivened, your radiant light begins to emerge, and you have the energy needed to take action toward manifesting your intentions. Activate your power and align with the highest good for all.

ACTIVATE and Connect with the physical realm (your body) and the element of Earth. Ask the element of Earth to support you in good health, a happy home, and fertility in all areas of your life, strength, gratitude, abundance and prosperity. Activate the power to stand on your own and align with the highest good for all.

ACTIVATE and call forth the wisdom and rhythm of the Earth, Sun and the Moon.  Align your soul with the universal energies so you can grow in the ability to activate a unified field of awareness bringing forth your spirit filled desires with grace and ease.

All manifestations in your life, circumstances, relationships and goals are now in perfect alignment with your Divine Self.

And So It Is!

Happy Equinox from the C*I*A

Agent 79
Enid Rosa, CSC, Priestess Luna
Ignite Your Divine Expression!

Join also the many celebrations and intentions for International Day of Peace