Emptiness – The New Moon in Cancer 2016 on 4th July 2016 at 11:01am UT

By Agent Ei Andrew Smith

Child and WaterAching for connection, longing to live in a world filled with meaning and unity, her belief in herself and her dreams feel like a distant echo. Her mind awash with negative chatter, her heart weighed down by a leaden weight, the constant bombardment of a disenchanted world in perpetual chaos, washed of colour by fear and uncertainty, Little Spirit despondently sat exhausted on a sandy bank of a river delta. Lying back, she listened to the rhythmic breathing of the sea and stared up at the darkening clouds. Conscious of her shallow breathing she took a deep breath and allowed the sound of the waves engulf her awareness. Sensing herself fall from consciousness, she heard a voice inside her speak, “Get up and walk into the sea”.

Too tired to complain or answer back, something in Little Spirit found herself rise from her semi-conscious state, remove her shoes and clothes and walk towards the wild white horses. Jolted back into reality, the coolness of the crashing waves rises quickly through her as her shins are devoured by the hungry foam.

“Enter the water and be cleansed and renewed.”

Already committed, shivers cascading through her, she obediently walked deeper into the sea.

“Walk further into the ocean but keep your feet on the shore. Don’t try to keep your head above the waves.”

Wave after wave tumbled to its death as Little Spirit waded further into the sea. Reaching a point just before she would have to tread water, Little Spirit stood, head above the water and let the next wave crash over her. Feeling anxiety rise, she heard the voice say “Trust and let go and let the waves move through you”.

Breathing in deeply and holding onto the air, she surrendered and let the next wave go over her head. She felt a rush of energy pass through her as the crest moved over her, swallowing her for a moment and then it was gone, as the wave foamed and died. Another wave, followed by another engulfed her, not before giving her enough time to take breath after breath, drawing into her lungs a highly charged ionized air.

“Feel the power of the waves replenish and revitalise you”

Feeling the power of water in motion, Little Spirit’s awareness was emptied of everything bar the sensation of life rekindling.

“Remember this feeling, Little Spirit, the next time you feel emotionally overwhelmed. It will quieten your heart and will open your soul to feeling the support that never leaves you. If you want to hear and see the invisible world, if you want to drink from an unknown source, if you want to feel the support from your angel, you have to empty yourself. It is only through a state of emptiness, when your Monkey Mind shuts down, when your focus is utter and totally immersed on your feelings that spirit can talk through you, completely and freely, without censorship or scepticism. Like the ocean that is water in motion, your angel is love in motion. If you want to hear what it has to say to you, then you have to empty your mind. Within the emptiness your ego dies and is simultaneously reborn, just as the river dies when it enters the sea, its waters rising to the sky, waiting to be returned by falling to earth in the rain.

The ocean, like the angelic realm, is where you have come from and where you will return. It is the source of everything. In the same way that a river feeds the ocean but dies in the process, every day your emotions feed you and need to be released. If you emotions are held onto, stagnancy occurs and you start to die. When you empty yourself, spirit can once again talk freely and you can feel the gentle presence of your guardians and you will realise what you need to do.

Your emotions move you, your feelings create momentum, and your reality is created by the power of your emotional responses. When those emotions are swamped by fear, there is no momentum. In turn your imagination eventually becomes a dry, barren desert inhabited only by tumbleweeds and dirt. And in this state you cannot hear your support which in turn creates further stagnancy.

Your living, fluid feelings are your life blood. They are what inspire and fuel you. They are like the wave, energy in motion. Don’t fight them. Accept them and let them move through you. Feel their energy. Feel their power. Draw this power into your awareness and feel reborn and refreshed. Listen to the feelings that arise in this state. They come from your Angel. They are there to help you. They are there to create your life.

It is time to dry off”, the Voice said

Turning her back to the waves, Little Spirit returns to the shore as a ray of light breaks through the grey canopy, filling her empty room with hope.


The disconnect between the rich world within you and the poverty of the world at large has been ever so striking in this past month. Fortunately you are not alone and should not despair at the direction our world appears to be descending into, as the dis-ease of disenchanted society has finally been revealed in the blatant lies told by those whose egoic hunger to seek material power has created a society torn asunder by the pain of isolationism, a diet of fear and enslavement of your creative soul by irrelevant busyness. You can smell the fear that reigns inside, that taints your dreams and pollutes your inner sea as you have been conditioned to fear and hate and to externalise blame onto a faceless beast. Despite the attempts to mechanise your heart and drain your soul of colour, your awakening continues as your ever conscious attempts to ascend out from the dungeon of ignorance and disenchantment gathers pace


Within you are wings to enable you to fly as opposed to crawl and those wings can be unfurled if you can open up your heart to freely express the power of your feelings and imagination. A tall order and a frightening experience as there are enough mechanisms in place to keep you at bay or to channel your power into people and circumstances that do not have a vested interest in supporting you, merely using you for what you can do for them. Yet you are presented, during this Cardinal Water New Moon with the opportunity to feel your power, to channel it through you so you can heal and release those pacts made with yourself that have kept you at bay and to feel your heart revitalise your spirit.

But will you give yourself permission to experience the extent of your true feeling nature? Can you allow the healing consume you by the very open expression of your inner world within the world around you? Do you know that you have support from invisible sources that are there to guide and assist you? Can you feel the inner conviction of the rightness of your discernment when you openly disclose your private universe?

It can be difficult to truly allow your heart’s intent to openly and freely express itself as you have been intentionally conditioned to see yourself as being separate from the world and not integral to the world. You have been trained to only have feelings about something in response to something that has already occurred outside of yourself as opposed to knowing that your feelings generate changes within the world and have an impact on the world in a meaningful manner. Yet you have a wonderful capacity to feel a vast array of emotions, from sorrow to elation; anxiety to peace; frustration to relief. You can experience those emotions within minutes, each one colouring your perception, adding or subtracting from the quality of a moment, feeling uplifted and radiant when someone compliments you about how great you look at a party, but also uncomfortable when you scan the room, catching a glimpse of someone who you have had a conflict with; saddened hearing the news that an old school friend of yours has been diagnosed with cancer, but uplifted by a bear hug that you receive from an old friend that you have not seen in a long time!

Despite the encouragement to dismiss as irrelevant or untrustworthy your inner world and power of your emotions, the fact remains that your emotions are your guidance system. They fuel you as they drive many of your decisions and actions, for better or for worse. They add to the quality of your life, and can rob you of vitality. Your emotions reveal what you truly love and value. They nourish your creative, artistic and intuitive abilities. They create life and they create your/ our reality. After all many of the most innovative creations that our society has benefited from have arisen from those souls brave enough to trust the madness of their inner landscape.

As the New Moon forms a geometrically flowing relationship to Neptune, a planetary archetype that assists the dissolving of boundaries and a reminder that unity consciousness is real, the power of your emotions and the rich depth of your imaginal consciousness is able to freely emerge without censorship and without judgement. Needless to say if you have very challenging inner complexes, a convoluted relationship with the parent who taught you to BE in the world and whose nourishment shaped your emotional intelligence or if you have hidden who it is that you are, then it might feel upsetting to be awash with such powerful emotions as the gates are lifted that may have kept your inner world at bay.

Dissolving Boundaries

But this July New Moon illuminates those patterns and complexes that have prevented you from experiencing Oneness – whether with another or more importantly with yourself – and what will emerge from within you over the coming month is only meant to shed those deep emotional scripts and legacies left over from your lineage and from the penetration of the dark hand of society. Even if what happens feels initially challenging, you will see, with the benefit of hindsight, just how constructive what emerges for you is and how you have been able to resolve that inane chatter that distracts you from the support you have and from the wealth of love contained within your heart. In the days leading up to the re-birth of Heart Based Action, or Cancerian New Moon, you will be supported to confidently descend into the darker recesses of your soul and to find the gems of truth and insight, hidden beneath those solemn feelings. Any Cancerian lunation reflects a heightened time wherein your Soul can renew its Emotional Intelligence; when you can further develop an active intuitive awareness; and when you can lift yourself out from the herd mentality to more confidently walk alone, trusting your own inner instincts and feeling your way along your path.


So within this highly imaginative time, your freed emotions could be channelled successfully into bringing into reality your inner vision of how things could really be as dissolving are the boundaries that protect your light and awakening is your spirit to who you are becoming; a more connected bridge to your sacred heart – your “I AM” self – is being built; and a stronger sense of spiritual connection is opening up for you, as you are better able to channel a vision and creative essence than before. Intruding upon your everyday reality through the medium of angelic intervention, weird serendipitous occurrences, the desire to pray or meditate, the hunger for stillness and to shed the dense toxicity of your body and through the longing to have the unconditional space to engage in your soul’s creativity are but some of the examples of how Spirit is gently whispering to you and encouraging you to take up your bed and walk.

To truly hear those whispers you may need to walk with Little Spirit into the waves and let the water’s power move through you, cleansing and vitalising you to your core. If you do not have access to the ocean, or it is winter where it is you are absorbing these words, then find a quiet place and empty yourself by becoming attentive to the feelings invoked by the constant stream of chatter that exists within. Inevitably as you seek this place of emptiness you encounter an invisible wall, a wall of repetitious ideas, unimportant problems, financial problems and unresolved passions. It is pointless fighting those thoughts and the feelings that are released by their anxieties and negativity as they feed off your resistance. If you want to shed yourself of them, accept them, feel them, let them fill your heart to its brim and let them wash through you, drowning you until they cannot suffocate you anymore. At that point they will tire, your heart will be free and the Soul of the World can be felt and heard. Within this state you are free, truly free and your power to unleash your imagination onto your world, to act in accordance with your True Heart is phenomenal.

I wish you all the very best in more consciously expressing your feelings during this Cancerian lunation. Thank you for taking the time to read or listen to this article.


Locating the Cancerian Lunation in your chart

All rights reserved – Andrew Smith. Written at 17:25 BST, 27th June 2016.





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