Elements & Modes


The Spirit of Life
Element of Conception, Intuition, Imagination

Aries _ Cardinal Fire –
Leo – Fixed Fire –
Sagittarius – Mutable Fire

Fire upward outward radiating energy

Fire is a hot and dry energy

Humour – choleric

Alchemical stage – Calcinato ,

Fire represents that which is ignited, intuition, future orientated,  burns with inspiration

Fire is a purifying, masculine energy, connected to strong will and energy.

Fire creates, destroys, burns, purifies.  Fire can heal or harm, and can bring about new life or destroy the old

Fire is conscious, intuitive, spontaneous, enthusiastic, fiery, passionate, motivated, optimistic, adventurous, restless

Seeks clarity, quests, self discovery, direction

Shadow  – lack of spirit, risk taking, lethargy, lacking imagination

Archetype – Father

Direction – North

Astrological opposite – AIR – feeds fire – promotes ideas and plans
Psychological Opposite – Earth –  accepts reality and is practical develops sensate function – FIRE  – develops intuitive function

Elemental opposite – Water – can make fire go out



The Substance of Life
Element of Sensation – Demonstration- Incarnation

Capricorn – Cardinal Earth
Taurus – Fixed Earth
Virgo – Mutable Earth

Earthinward downward moving energy

Earth is primarily dry and cold

Humour – Melancholic

Alchemical stage – Coagulatio

Earth  represents that which has substance, the physical, embodied, secure, and grounded

Earth is a stable feminine energy, earthy, able to commit and deliver, fertile and

Earth manifests energy, grounds and stabilizes,

Earth  is practical, sensual, earthy, material, sensual, sensate, organic, natural, slow

Seeks solidness, grounding, predictability, tasks

Shadow Earth – Stuck, debt bound,  restrictive, ,materially orientated, possessive,

Archetype – Daughter

Direction – South

Astrological opposite – Water  – Nourishes Earth  – earth needs water

Psychological Opposite – Fire  – develops intuitive function , Earth  develops sensate function

Elemental opposite – Air – moves earth and destroys it’s stability



The Breath of life 
Element of Thinking, Intelligence, Separation ,

Libra – Cardinal Air
Aquarius – Fixed Air
Gemini  – Mutable Air

Air () upward moving energy

Air is moist and  hot

Humour – sanguine

Alchemical stage – Sublimatio

Air represents duality, polarity, relationship, equality, communication

Air is an abstract moving, light, airy changeable energy

Air is conscious, masculine energy, objective focused, active, intellectual

Air   is abstract, weightless, open  in deed, idealistic, logical, rational

Seeks space, theories ,questions, ideas, thoughts

Shadow Air  – judgemental,

Archetype – Son

Direction – East

Astrological opposite – Fire  – gives air new energy and ideas

Psychological Opposite – Water  – the feeling function – clashes with the rational Air thinking function

Elemental opposite – Earth – contains air restricting freedom and movement


The Soul of life
Element of Feeling, Opinion, Merging

Cancer – Cardinal water–
Scorpio – Fixed water
Pisces  – Mutable water

Water  downward inward moving energy

Water cold and moist
Humour – Phlegmatic
Alchemical stage – Solutio

Water represents depth, soul, feelings, connections, memory, love

Water is a strong, complex, deep, instinctive, fluid energy

Water is an unconscious, feminine energy ,subjective ebbing and flowing, emotional

Water is bendable ,boundless , knowing, feeling, psychic, responsive, enmeshed, receptive, compassionate, wavering, regenerative,

Seeks memories,  the past, expression, love,

Shadow Water  – shameful, guilty, cold, lacking empathy .toxic, water logged, overemotional, harmed, dependant

Archetype – Mother

The Direction – West

Astrological opposite – Earth  – gives water boundaries and containment, a vessel to live in

Psychological Opposite – Air – the thinking function – clashes with the emotional feeling function

Elemental opposite – Fire – makes water steam or boil

If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water… Its substance reaches everywhere :it touches the past and prepares the future: it moves under the poles and wanders thinly in the heights of air. It can assume forms of exquisite perfection in a snowflake, or strip the living to a single shining bone cast upon the sea. Loren Eiseley (1907-77) “The Immense Journey” American writer and anthropologist




Changing of seasons Cardinal modes coincide with  equinoxes and solstices , and the four directions

Represent – new energy, initiation, rebalance, taking action, independence, enthusiasm, ambition, energy that goes strong and then peters out

Cardinal signs are – instigators, direct, forthright, leaders, quick, insatiable, concerned with moving and directing ideas and energy

Shadow – impetuous, domineering, no stamina to follow through ideas and actions, thoughtless, angry.



The middle of the seasons – Fixed modes are solidly established in each season when there is not much change

Represent the peak, stability, accomplishment,that which needs to be held, honoured established , accomplished , energy that is constant and stable

Fixed  energy is  stable, determined, proud, persevering, accumulative and immovable, slow and steady, concerned with keeping and holding and using energy

Shadow doesn’t give in, egotistical, obstinate, firm opinions.



Rules the end of the seasons – the time of harvest , completion and sharing the bounty, when we look forward to the future and what’s next

Represent change, movement, flowing, shape shifting energy, energy that goes where it needs to go

Mutable  energy is  adaptable, versatile, changeable, subtle, intuitive, understanding, philosophical, educating, concerned with sharing,  giving, collecting and distributing  information and ideas

Shadow unreliable, fickle, deceptive, cunning, lost, nervous.

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