Election Day USA- considerations – 2016 vs 2020

by Agent 12 – Julija Simas

Considerations for 2016 and 2020, election day charts.

A few things to consider looking at back 2016 USA election day transits and those for 2020 ( using Noon Charts and zero Aries, only noting conjunctions, squares, oppositions and significant trines)

It’s interesting to see that quite a few things are opposite what they were in 2016.  By comparing the 2 charts and what all the planets are and were doing, and how they aspect the natal charts of candidates, I see quite clearly a reversal of fortune, of what transpired 4 years ago.

Although the cosmic line up seems quite chaotic these days with the CAP stellium and Neptune square the nodes, there are still a few indicators that things are being reigned in by the planets, Mars (in fire) and Mercury (in Air), also stationing in positions nudging 2016. 2020 chart shows the Sun is ruled by Mars in his own sign stationing, the Moon ruled by Mercury, the North Node ruled by Mercury, stationing in Venus ruled Libra, in her own sign of rulership. Interesting too is that Mercury rules DT’s Sun, and Mars Biden’s Sun.

Venus , Saturn and Mars in rulership, as well as there being no OOB planets in 2020 chart. Looking at DT’s 2016, 2020 options, I see he played a necessary role in shaking things up, but his role is now reversing.

Overall things seem to be somewhat more focused, even “civilised” and deliberate.
Here’s what the planets are up to.!
2016 Moon – Sagittarius, New Moon
(Trump’s 4th House)
2020 conjunct NN Gemini – Full/disseminating phase
(Trump’s 10th House) (Biden’s 7th)
2016 and 2020 Sun – Scorpio
– (Trump’s 3rd House trine natal Mercury)
– (Biden’s 11th House conjunct Mars, opposite PoF, 150° Saturn, square Pluto)
2016 Mercury
– fast moving 12° Scorpio – under Sun’s beams,
invisible (trine NE and SN)
(where MERCury turned rx in 2020)
(Trump’s 3d House)
2020 Mercury – stationing – 25° Libra – visible(sq JU/PL/SA )
(Trump 2nd house square natal Saturn/Venus)
(Biden 11th House square natal Jupiter)
Venus 2016 – OOB – 17° SAG evening star (conj SA)
(Trump’s 4th house, conj SN op Uranus)
Previous Star Point Gemini superior conjunction,
(Trumps’ 10th house)
Following Star Point Aries retrograde
( Trump’s 8th house began 13° Aries )
Venus 2020 – NO planets OOB
Venus in rulership in Libra – fast moving morning star
(Trump’s 2nd house conj natal NE square Mercury)
(Biden’s 10th house trine natal Saturn 7th)
Previous Star Point Gemini, exact 13° Gemini June 2020 retrograde began where nodes are transiting NOW
(Trump’s 10th house, began conjunct natal Sun)
(Bidens’ 7th house, finished conjunct natal Saturn)
Following Star Point Aries, exact 5° Aries March 2021
(Trump’s 8th house) (Biden’s 4th)
I use Star Points like eclipses to look at periods of time that focus attention to particular places in a chart, gathering points. Venus works like a conduit, to joining the dots/themes of a particular period in time, as do Mars and Mercury Sun points/Cazimis!
With Venus star Points oscillating  from Retrograde to Superior conjunctions every 4 years  in the same place in the zodiac, we see the same patterns, but different focus, often a reversal of the same theme!
Mars 2016 @ 24° Capricorn- fast moving –
(Trump’s 5th house, opposite Venus Saturn)
Mars 2020 – stationing direct @ 15° Aries, square to Mars of 2016 chart
(Trump’s 8th house) (Biden’s 5th)
Jupiter 2016 – Libra , rules SN in Pisces
(Jupiter return for DT, 2nd house)
Jupiter 2020 – Capricorn- rules SN Sagittarius|
(DT’s 5th opposite Venus Saturn, sq natal JU)
(Biden’s 2nd opposite natal Jupiter, trine MC)
Saturn 2016 – 14° Sag
(DT’s 4th opposite Uranus)
Saturn 2020 – Capricorn
(DT’s 5th op natal Venus/Saturn)
(Biden’s op natal JU trine MC)
Uranus 2016 21° Aries
( DT’s 8th house trine natal SN and Moon)
Uranus 2020 8° Taurus
(DT’s 9th house)
(Biden’s 5th house, conjunct PoF , square Pluto)
Neptune 2016 – 9° Pisces conjunct SN
( DT’s 7th house, trine Mercury)
Neptune 2020 -18° Pisces square Nodes
(Dt’s 7th house, sq natal Nodes, Uranus Sun) (Biden’s IC, trine natal ME)
Pluto 2016 15° Cap
(DT’s 5th, sq natal JU)
Pluto 2020 23° Cap
(DT’s 5th opposite natal SA and VE)
(Biden’s 2nd house , opposite JU, trine MC


Eclipse cycles too add to the dynamics of what unfolds at any given time.

In 2016 the Eclipses were in Virgo/Pisces Polarity
(1st/7th house for DT) –
1st sept – Solar at 9 Virgo – (sextile DT Mercury 11th house)
16 sept – Lunar at 24 Virgo – (square DT Sun  and Lunar nodes_

In 2020 eclipses before and after the election date,
Sunday, June 21: Annular Solar Eclipse in 0° Cancer
(DT sextile ASC)  (Biden 7th house sextile Moon)

Sunday, July 5: Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in 13 ° Capricorn
(DT sq Chiron)  (Biden sextile Mars- 2020 election Day Sun)

Monday, November 30: Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in 8° Gemini
(DT 10th House no major aspect) (Biden conjunct Saturn)

Monday, December 14: Total Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius
(DT conjunct South Node) ( Biden 1st house square MC)


Another important aspect to consider as 2020 ends and the New Great Cycle of Jupiter and Saturn births on 21st December 2020 at Zero Aquarius, we could also see that conjunction as already taking effect.

(DT’s 6th house, trine MC, 150° ASC))
(Biden’s 2nd house trine, NE 10th and UR DSC)

2016 did not have any major cycles come together like 2020.
In 2016 we had the end of opening square of UR square PL , and the closing square of Jupiter square Pluto.

2020 has the great cycles of JU, SA and PL, Ceres re-seeding in this unprecedented year and astro line up.

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