Cosmic Midpoints with Agent 33

with Agent 33 Olga Morales

By Agent 33
Olga Morales


Can you feel it?

August and September 2016 are going to be FULL ON!
A certain energetic intensity may be building up within you.The current planetary alignments and geometric patterns in the cosmos that they are forming create strained pressure and force. You may feel like you’re being pulled at from every direction.

The same as our earth at the moment. Planets are forming hard angular aspects while the Earth will be shadowed by Eclipses. The electromagnetic pull on the Earth at an eclipse it very powerful, added to this fact is that the highest tides are at the New Moon (Solar Eclipse) and high tides also at the Full Moon (Lunar Eclipse). These creates an increase in electromagnetic interference on the earth plane.

Mars the Maverick planet is due to move Out of Bounds South on the 8th August, that is beyond the Sun’s greatest south declination of -23.5. Mars will reach his maximum south point at -26.00 on the 23rd September, right on the Libra equinox. When a planet is out of bounds, its power is unleashed without any restrictions. Thus, Mars the fiery red hot planet has the unleashed power to bring mayhem in terms of fires, explosions, violence, riots, earthquakes, tornados, aggression, accidents, scars and bloody injuries.

Mars has a 15-year cycle, last time he was Out of Bounds was in 2001 – when we witnessed the 9/11 attacks in NYC. In 2016, Mars will be Out of Bounds from 8th August until 30th October with the Maximum point on the 23rd September.

The fact that Mars is Out of Bounds while forming a hard square aspect (90 degrees) to the forthcoming eclipses in August/September, increases the tension and potential shock waves.
Watch this video for more insights and global hotspots.

Agent 33.

Agent 33 Olga Morales

Agent 33 Olga Morales


Olga is a Professional Astrologer/Cosmobiologist, Author, Educator and Gann Trader. After obtaining a BA in Psychology from Melbourne University, she received a professional certificate from the Australian Academy of Astrology and Cosmobiology in 1993 and later, in 2003, an advanced certificate in Cosmobiology from the Regulus Ebertin School of Astrology. Since 1999, she has been consulting private clients, writing articles, teaching personal astrology to local private groups and lecturing. Her focus changed somewhat in 2005, when a small group of traders contacted her wanting to learn astrology so they could decipher the Stock Market cycles encoded within W.D. Gann’s novel “The Tunnel Thru the Air.” Once she started seeing the underlying planetary patterns, Olga initiated an intensive study of Stock Market and Commodity cycles using W.D.Gann’s trading methodologies and now trades empowered using this knowledge.  Gann said TIME is the most important element for successful Trading. Astrology is all about timing events based on planetary cycles,” the future is but a repetition of the past”, to quote Gann. Her mission is to teach what W.D. Gann called the “greatest science”, that is Astrology, to those who are ready and willing.

Specialties: Financial Astrology and Cosmobiology
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Email: [email protected]

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    Treacy O'Connor says:

    Thank you for the incredible detailed information Olga. I have had very strong sense that something could happen around Rio. With this sense and your astrological back up what can we do with this awareness to be of most service to the planet? One thing that comes to mind is to remain positive, to hold a space of love and hope for humanity… Thank you. Treacy O’Connor, Dublin, Ireland

  2. Avatar
    Antoni says:

    Thank you, so very interesting and you have introduced me to a number of new sources of information. I shall be reading TTTA this weekend! I’m not an astrologer, just an individual trying to gain insight into the current world climate.

    Antoni (Scotland)


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