Lunar Eclipse Full MOON | MANTRAS- For each Sign

by Agent 128 – Christina Caudill

July 27th Aquarius Full Moon at 8:20 UT,
4:20pm EDT, 1:20 PDT,  at 4 degrees 44 Aquarius/Leo

The July 27 Aquarius Full Moon at 4:20pm EST at 4 degrees 44 Aquarius/Leo is an extra potent lunation as it is a Total Blood Moon Lunar Eclipse and the longest in the 21st century as it resides between two solar eclipses. Aquarius is the sign of friends, networks, causes and the collective. We are each part of the fabric of society and the movement which the collective takes requires our participation. This can be a time of conflict, uprisings, rebellion and evolution.

The Lunar Eclipse comes a day after Mercury stations retrograde in Leo and is at the midpoint of the Mars retrograde cycle, so the shifts in paradigm and reality can be especially unsettling and challenging to navigate. Mars is out of bounds and closest to the Earth so the levels of frustration and heat can get out of control.

We are deep into the eclipse vortex, a time when shifts of fate and destined connections call for our attention. Our decisions can have far reaching effects in our lives and profound karmic consequences. The Full Moon joins Mars retrograde on the South Node, suggesting the release of past patterns and resentments. The opposition to the Sun-NN suggests a climax in conflict and challenges to authorities. As they square Uranus in Taurus, we’re being urged to evolve in areas where we crave stability, but change we must and by doing so we can freedom from repression. Ultimately, we are all part of the network of humanity’s evolutionary grid and the intentions we bring to it now matter.

Mantras for each zodiac sign ~

I am a rebel with an important cause and as I voice my beliefs, I grow in my purpose and conviction. As I more powerfully align with a new set of values to fuel my aspirations, I release those who aren’t on my same wavelength in order to make space for more evolved friends to support me in my higher purpose. I am evolving in my courage and creative destiny.

I am liberating from my complacency and the safety of the known. I embrace the freshness of innovation, upleveling my goals and evolving my leadership style. As I release frustration and channel it into my higher purpose, I take back my power, no longer a victim of other’s deceptions. I am in control of my destiny and a catalyst for change. 


My pursuit of truth and justice is central to my evolution at this time. As I seek wisdom, I open to flashes of insight and nonlinear truths that inform my bold self-expression and creativity. I won’t allow the impulses of righteousness or arrogance to interfere with my expression of warmth, confidence and joy. The more I align with my inner sage, my ego acts is in service of truth itself.

I surrender to the metamorphosis that aligns me with my deepest soul desires. My fears of abandonment, betrayal and alienation are an indication that I’m operating from past conditioning and I have yet to access my true power. My evolution requires that I liberate from those who aren’t accepting of who I am becoming in order to make space for those who can see the true me. I shine when I take responsibility for my own survival. 

I open to the evolutionary potential in my relationships. This is a time of upleveling in my purpose and my life direction. Regardless of how brightly I shine, I need not evolve alone. If my relationships are tested, its because I need to be seen and valued for my specialness. Cooperation is the key to acceptance. My confidence is a guiding light for others and my transformation will allow me to soar into my special destiny.


Ultimate truth lies in Natural Law, even when it conflicts with the consensus view. I find meaning in being of service to truth and I release the old wounds of persecution and guilt. If others try to gaslight or deceive me, I tap into my discernment and release toxic relationships. My life is filled with meaning and purpose, not by completing all my tasks perfectly but by returning to my heart and my innate preciousness.


I allow myself the time and space to process the deep metamorphosis available to me now. A more profound sense of meaning is available when I release the addiction to being the one to make everything harmonious for everyone else. I liberate myself from my abandonment fears so that I may embrace my true power. It is safe for me to express my unique creativity and my authentic identity.


I vow to choose my battles carefully and wisely. Through my inner belief in myself, I transcend frustration and fear into fuel for creating a future of my own design, beyond my childhood wounding. I welcome evolutionary change that relationships may bring. I am being called out of the dark and into the light where my boldness and ambition may shine.


Truth is my guide. As I learn to speak my truth, I find that moving forward requires revisiting the past and releasing the unspoken resentments that have kept me from expressing my true potential. My commitment to wisdom allows me access beginner’s mind and make space for new knowledge to be integrated. My evolution is in my sense of worthiness. As I uplevel my learning I embrace the Wise One within me.


I am a survivor. I face every test to my worthiness with dignity and grace. This is a time to be fully committed to my creative evolution, knowing any obstacles are only sharpening my weapon and aligning me closer with my personal power. My sense of purpose is transforming and will rise again, like a spectacular phoenix ascending from the ashes.


I embody the change I wish to see in the world. I know who I am and can stand my ground when my quest for a better world is challenged. When I feel insecure, I return to my center and remember my commitment to evolution and freedom. My Higher Self is guiding me toward an authentic new identity through which my destiny can shine and inspire a revolution.


My soul is at home in my body. If I feel alienated from humanity because of the chaos of the world, this is a call to go within, return to love and quiet my inner demons. Sorrow from the past serves no purpose in the present. With radical compassion, I gently release my past patterns of victimhood. I welcome the new paradigm of reality unfolding before me with ease and grace.

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Agent 128 – Christina Caudill
After over a decade managing a contemporary art gallery, Christina found her true calling as an astrologer, applying evolutionary astrology as a tool of insight and healing. Based in Amelia Island, FL, she teaches online courses, writes for her astrology website and advises private clients on uncovering their unique path to fulfillment in alignment with their soul’s intention. As a triple Capricorn (Sun, Rising, Mercury) she believes in applying the consciousness raising awareness of astrology in practical ways that can make the difference in one’s experience of their life journey. She’s honored and humbled to be lightbearer of keeping the legacy of astrology alive while honoring it’s evolution toward the awakening of humanity.