C*I*A’s Dragon Spirit Retreat was a great success and loved by all! Here is a short photo video. See you next time

3 Day Astrology Retreat on Victoria’s coast


You are warmly invited to partake in the next upcoming C*I*A experience – a rejuvenating astrology retreat celebrating the Year of the Dragon. Embrace the Australian summer vibes as we gather near the beach at Venus Bay, just a mere 2.5-hour drive from the heart of Melbourne CBD. Bask in the celestial beauty of a captivating sky aspect, indulge in an inspiring program, relish in delectable cuisine, and cherish the camaraderie of like-minded individuals. Join us for this unforgettable experience!

Dragon Spirit Astrology Retreat

February 8th -February 11th
Raven’s Nest Retreat space Venus Bay

For this retreat, we have put together a wonderful program honouring the spirt of a celestial Dragon, connecting to the Australian Dreaming Rainbow serpent.

The astrology program includes, workshops with visiting master international astrologer Maurice Fernandez, bringing with him a troop of 10 other intrepid travellers as part of an Australian Tour . Other workshops will be facilitated by with C*I*A’s much loved Agent 12 Julija Simas, a wonderful art experience will be hosted by Agent 29 Deborah James, special guest astrologer Lisa Jones will connect us to native Australian Bush medicine and local Agent 71 Suzi Alexopolous joins us to align us with yoga, meditations and sound healings. Ceremony and magic will also be celebrated under night skies.

For those who have been to a C*I*A Retreat before, you know that our retreats are not just a great time away, but also a profound experience that will leave you refreshed, transformed, full of light and wisdom and a renewed cosmic spirit ! There will be plenty of time assigned for nature walks and beach time!

What’s a C*I*A Retreat without GREAT FOOD?

We are thrilled that our fabulous chef Agent 57 Peta Santos will be cheffing for us again this year. Peta has now looked after us on 8 previous C*I*A Retreats and Star Camps to the delight of our attendees. You are in for a treat!

And YOGA !

As part of this retreat we also offer you a morning yoga practice with Suzi Alexopoulos and Maurice Fernandez. Start the day with mantra , meditation breath work and gentle embodied movement, on Raven’s Nest super sundeck, to help ground you in your body and connect to the senses.

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We have designed a program suitable for all those immersed in the cosmic wonder of astrology. Subject to change and tweaking as the event gets closer.

DAY 1 – Thursday February 8th

4pm – 6pm – Arrival, set up, orientation

6-8pm – Meet, greet and dinner 

8 -9:30pm – Opening ceremony, introductions, setting intentions and vibrations, sound healing.

9:30pm  – Sky Watch – connect with the night sky

DAY 2 – FRIDAY February 9th

6:30 – 7:30am – Yoga, Mantra, Meditation

7:30am -8:30 am – Breakfast

9:00 – 10:30 am
Part 1 : Dragon Spirt in your chart – Part 1 with Julija Simas

On the eve of the Year of the Dragon, we will embark on a journey to harness the spirit of the Dragon. From a brief overview on the mythology and symbolism of Dragons, including The Rainbow Serpent as well as in the Chinese Zodiac, Dragons holds deep and meaningful associations in both western and eastern traditions. Over two mornings we will be exploring the parts of our astrology charts that reflect the spirit of the Dragon. WE will examine closely Dragon themes in our charts like the Nodal axis, eclipse cycles, and the draconic chart, as well as the Part of Fortune and the Part of Spirit. The PoF and PoS are a combination of our Ascendant’s, Sun’s and Moon’s, and show how we are motivated to manifest our special karmic gifts.
We will harness our own Dragon’s inner calling and special gift to start off the Year of the Wood Dragon 2023.

Morning Tea/Coffee break

11:00 –  12:30 –
Australian Bush Flower Remedies with Lisa Jones Australian Bush Flowers energetically connect to our soul’s contract, wisdom and of the planets, and in this presentation Lisa will share just how we can work with these essences from an Astrological perspective, as well as plants from the local area.

1:00pm – Lunch and Free time

4 – 6:30
Understanding myself in the AQUARIAN AGE  with Maurice Fernandez. In this transitional time, as the cosmic clock shifts to the new age of Leo and Aquarius, humanity enters a new paradigm that will forever change the fabric of our lives. Maurice will outline the important concepts of the new age, looking back at earlier epochs in history as we move into the future.

7:00pm – Dinner

8pm – Night Sky watch and Fire Magic and Dragon Altar creation

DAY 3 – SATURDAY – February 10th

6:30 – 7:30am – Yoga, Mantra, Meditation – Suzi Alexopolous

7:30am -8:30 am – Breakfast

9:00 – 10:00 am –  Part 2:  Dragon Spirit with Julija Simas – con’t

Preparing for the New Moon – Year of the Dragon, intentions and Spirit walk, create altar with our Dragon Spirit

10:00 –  10:30 pm – Welcoming the New Year of the Dragon

11: 12:30  –  Part 3:  Dragon Spirit continued with Julija Simas

12:30 – 3:00 – Lunch/Beach Break

3:00 – 6:00pmAstrology and Art with Deborah James – this afternoon we will be creating a meaningful piece using various mediums depicting our Part of Spirit

6:30 – Dinner

8:00pm – Ceremony dance, fire, stars, stories

DAY 4 – SUNDAY  February 11th

7:45 -8:45 am – Yoga, Mantra, Meditation and special Venus Star Activation with Susan Alexopolous

7:30 am – 8:30am –  Breakfast

9:00am  – 10:30am – The Great SATURN/NEPTUNE conjunction with Maurice Fernandez – The SATURN/NEPTUNE conjunction at the inception degree of the zodiac (2025-2026) is considered by many astrologers to be the most important transit of the decade. It is what empires are made of and what takes them down. As we enter the year of the Dragon, how do we ride the wave of these powerful cycles and integrate them in our own lives.

10:30am  – 12:00pm – The Times Ahead Maurice and Julija come together to discuss more of what is ahead in 2024 like the Uranus Jupiter conjunction, eclipses and more and how best to navigate what is ahead.

12:00pm –  Closing Ceremony

12:30pm – Lunch

1:30 – 3:00pm –  Pack, tidy, clean up and Leave 


Accomodations include 3 choices

We have secured a wonderful 13 acre property on the banks of Anderson’s Inlet at Venus Bay, Raven’s Nest Retreat Space, which will accomodate all the main events, yoga, workshops and where we will gather to eat. Raven’s Nest is like a nature reserve, set amongst the native flora and fauna where some may chose to camp, (or bring campervan) or bunk up in the large house on the property. In order to accomodate more people and beds, we have secured another beautiful  large holiday home 1km away, and easy walking distance. Raven’s Nest also has an outdoor spa and outdoor shower to cool off in when needed. The 2nd house house has Queen rooms and bunkroom shared bedrooms as well. Both houses have shared bathroom facilities (ratio 5/1). Beds in both places are limited to 12 people each.

4 x  (shared bunk bedroom left
(bedrooms and houses are assigned in order of booking)

Being a holiday town most houses have many bunkbed rooms.

NO day visitors as guest numbers to Raven’s Nest Retreat space and catering are capped at 30

FULL EVENT – Feb 8th – 11th, 2024
Price includes 3 nights accomodation in either :

Shared Bunk Room (large comfy solid bed bunk rooms, nominate who you would like to share with) (4 left)
Camping (bring your own tent and sleeping requirements etc, use house amenities) (limited numbers)

Price includes all food, breakfast, lunch and dinner, morning and afternoon teas.
Price includes all workshops and evening events.

PICK your option below



If you are a C*I*A Member please ask for 10% discount code

OPTION 1 : Queen Room

Full 3 night package – Queen Room

$1450 (10% off for C*I*A Members)


Full 3 night package – Shared Bunk Room

$1180 AUD –  (10% off for C*I*A Members)


Camping/Campervan – bring your own Tent/Car and bedding

$1020 AUD – (10% off for C*I*A Members)



Cosmic Intelligence Agency
National Australia Bank

For Payment Plans please contact Julija :


Maurice Fernandez is a leading Evolutionary Astrologer with a worldwide reputation of depth and excellence for his diploma program in astrology, publications, and consulting work. Maurice is the founder of I-ASTROLOGER and RIVER OF STARS conferences. He is the recipient of Orion Award for Outstanding Contribution to Astrology (2022), and ISAR Community Service Award (2022). He served as president of the Organization for Professional Astrology (OPA) for three consecutive terms (2014-2020). You can get his critically acclaimed books from most online book sellers. www.mauricefernandez.com

Julija Simas – Agent 12 is the founder, motivator and designer behind the CIA, the Cosmic Intelligence Agency. Completing a Diploma in applied astrology from “Astrosynthesis”- Melbourne. Julija wrote her finishing thesis Astrology and the ANIMA MUNDI in 2005, which inspired her to put her ideas into motion, using astrology for a co-creative purpose, raising consciousness to astrology around the globe. Julija is a practicing astrological consultant, teacher, writer, presenter and retreat organizer for the CIA. Julija has lectured at various CIA events, local workshops, online and presented at international conferences. Julija has organised 8 previous C*I*A retreats, since 2011 this will be her 10th. One of her favourite things is to put together retreats with people that share the love and passion of astrology and see it change people lives, for the better!  www.cosmicintelligenceagency.com/julijasimas

Agent 71 – Suzi Alexopoulos – Suzi is both a yoga practitioner and an astrologer. She first stepped onto a yoga mat 18 years ago , around the same time that she began her formal astrological study with AstroSynthesis at the Chiron Centre, Melbourne. As she traversed the seasons of life , the yoga mat has always been the place she comes back to. A place where she can integrate her experiences, feel grounded. Home base. Suzi is a facilitator in Tantric embodied and Yin yoga. In her classes she also likes to weave through a sprinkling of cosmic wisdom.But what she feels is most important, is to hold space for people. At whatever stage of their journey they are on. A loving encouragement of self study & exploration. https://www.instagram.com/gypsysuze_/


Lisa Jones – Agent 63 – Practitioner, amongst some of her training, Lisa has completed qualification through Astrosynthesis, (Melbourne), Master Level through Steven Forests Astrology program and coordinating the Forrest apprenticeship programs, she has a diploma in Counselling and advanced certificates with Australian Bush Flower Therapy. Currently, Lisa runs her astrological practise on the east coast on Australia offering astrological counselling, facilitating workshops and teaching individuals and groups both face to face an online. She is a tutor at the Forrest Centre of Evolutionary Astrology (FCEA), and conducts Sacred Site trips in Greece, as well as astrological retreats in both Australia and overseas. Lisa is the Australian Representative for The Organization of Professional Astrologers (OPA) and a member of The Federation of Australian Astrologers (FAA).

Deborah James – Agent 29  – A practicing astrologer for over 30 years. Shamanic Chrystal healer. Tarot reader. Past life regressionist. Creator of the The Vine of the Mystic oracle deck. Working with the symbols. I came to work with these symbols because had a dream where the symbols came to life and started talking to each other in a very playful way. The dream didn’t leave me so I began to paint them on a circular canvas to create a unique painting of the individual horoscope.  A pictorial play on the symbols of the planets. Clients have had profound insights into their lives just by looking at their chart in pictures. www.blessedbeastrology.wixsite.com   

Agent 56 – Peta Santos is a full time qualified chef and caterer and a favourite of the C*I*A. Not only are her meals nutritious and delicious but are a feast for the eyes, perfect for our Venus Retreat. With now over 6 C*I*A retreats that Peta has catered for the C*I*A, we are always asked is Peta cooking again? For a  good reason!  Peta on Instagram https://www.instagram.com/petasantos0402/