We Have a Dream!

Now that we have reached one million fans on FaceBook, after years of service providing you with constant astrological updates, articles and insights it’s time to ask for something back to help us work towards some of our goals.

Imagine if all our fans contributed just $1 each, we could do so much more!
Or even just a percentage of You!

with $10,000-$20,000
Firstly , we would like to keep our website and articles free to all our readers and fans. It’s been a lot of hard work over the years to keep the flow of information going and to keep up with all the web work. In order to do so, our first priority with funds raised up to this level, will be to go toward website upkeep, implementing new ideas, getting our You Tube channel going again, with more great videos and information(have you seen what we have previously done? )Also we would like to implement a FREE Astrology show once a month with our best and well informed agents around the globe.

with $20,000 -$100,000 
We have always wanted to organise our own Cosmic Conference. A Free Online Conference, or a FREE live conference. Including a free astrological program, and a free Learn Astrology track in some great location under the stars.  All you have to do is get there. Free accommodation depends on how much money we can raise. A program that not only includes astrology, but intentions, meditation, astronomy and working with unified fields and theories

$100,000 – $250,000
The production of an astrological TV series or Astrology show. We have many great ideas, we don’t wish to uncover here, just yet! Make a pilot for a great Series we have in mind!

$250,000 and beyond
With these funds raised IMAGINE, what we could do!!!
We could be well on the way to creating the first astrological healing centre, a HQ, a hub, a place for astrology lectures, workshops and international visitors and guests. Would this place be Melbourne, Australia, possibly Yes, as most active C*I*A agents live here. A place that would invite  inspiring international guests, speakers and  healers. A healing centre, a cafe, a shop, a library all together in one place! Does the world have an Astrological Centre anything like this? Anywhere?  We think it’s about time, but need your help! This template that would then be available to be set up in other places in the world and with the next funding project!



Please note Paypal fees are 2.6% of each transaction

TO Encourage your donation, we have come up with some incentives to help raise some funds.

Donate -$1- $10 – Thankyou very much we appreciate your contribution.

Donate $20 Receive an (unnumbered C*I*A badge), that can be worn as a pendent or used as keyring.

Donate $50 – Receive a C*I*A T-Shirt of your choice posted to you

Donate  $75 – Receive a T- shirt of your choice and a C*I*A badge posted to you

$120 = The next level involves becoming an Agent of the C*I*A with a Numbered badge, access to submit articles, a profile on our pages, for 2 year membership, ongoing per year after that$45AUD

Donate $200  – Become an honorary member of C*I*A, receive a numbered badge,( you do not, however  contribute to C*I*A workings and are considered more a silent agent), your support is greatly appreciated and rewarded with your own number.
Please NOTE: SOME numbers are already taken and not available. Please check for availability.
Also receive a listing on our sponsors page for 2 years.

Sponsors/Advertisers $500 – Become an honorary member with the C*I*A and receive T-Shirt and numbered Badge and advertising 4 times a year, for 2 years on our Facebook page.
Suitable for organisations, promotions, astrology schools, conferences. Posts will be written by you, delivered at your preferred time and date, with all appropriate links and tags. Consider the cost of advertising in magazines, journals and Facebook, where charges start at $40 dollars to reach 5K people, for just one post, or $530 to reach 50K and much more. Our reach is significantly higher with posts reaching anywhere from 50,000 to 250,000 people and more. After your quota of 2 years is reached your sponsorship will expire, but can be continued at another agreed cost. Although your honorary membership remains(eg we dont’t recall you number) Also receive a listing on our sponsors page for 2 years.
Please note we will not except advertising for unrelated material eg Gambling, spam, porn, sport etc etc.


AFTER YOUR DONATION COMES IN FROM THE $20 mark and up, we will contact you via email, to arrange delivery of your goods, sponsorship and collect further details. Please note Paypal fees are 2.6% of each transaction

Thankyou from us all !

Please contact us for any details on any of the above! agent12 @ cosmicintelligenceagency.com