Discernment- The New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Mutable Earth 1st September 2016

By Agent Ei – Andrew Smith

Trioctile Uranus, Square Saturn and opposed Neptune

Morning Skies

Photo by Dariusz Lakomy

Within the burgeoning pinkish glow of a fresh equinox morning, clouds tinted with orange and red, the darkened celestial canvas smoothly yielding to the spreading sunrise, Little Spirit’s noticed a patch of grey stubbornly resisting the soft warming rays of light. Sat beneath a dense blackened cloud, oblivious to the emerging golden path, was Anxious Spirit. Gravity falling inside her, dragging every bone down, weariness emanating in pulsating waves, Little Spirit clears her throat to announce her presence to that soul whose dimmed light threatens the well of colour fostering the brightness of day.

“What’s wrong, Anxious Spirit?”

“I’m so unhappy”

“I can feel that. Why so sad”, replied Little Spirit

“I fear that I will never get a chance to unfurl my wings and fly.”

“But do you believe that you can fly?”

“Yes, but I have no time to do what I know I want to do. I have all these commitments and responsibilities imposed upon me, so many expectations to fulfil. I feel colonised.”

“You do know that no-one can ever control you or tell you who to be?”

“Of course, but it is not that simple”

“But it is, Anxious Spirit. You know what the right thing is to do. All you need to do is to listen to what your body and soul knows is right and let your gut guide you. You do not need to entertain the second voice that lives inside your head. That voice will distract you from your path and will offer you beautiful, yet deceptive, reasons to stay put and to fulfil someone else’s fears that you will live your truth.”

Startled by this last comment Anxious Spirit finally makes eye contact with Little Spirit, her blackened eyes finally lightening, “What do you mean”

“Look up at this morning sky. What does it promise? Everything! It is unlimited. It cannot be bought or owned. It stretches out for infinity, lit by a golden orb that lights the way. Within you that very same vastness exists, an inner sky with your own star within your soul; a star that lights the way in times of dark, a star that endlessly shines, regardless of the weather.

“But there are those who want you to ignore the infinite possibility that lies overhead and within you; that you have within you an unlimited source of light; and that you possess everything that you need to radiate and animate your own life. They will try to convince you to lend them your light and in doing so they will try to own that light, channelling it for their own purposes. There are many who have lent their light to others and have been drained of their hope, dreams and energy and they feel uncomfortable when someone refuses to give their light indiscriminately or will not permit their light to be controlled or dampened. Within that discomfort, the pressure to conform mounts in the form of distractions, irrelevant responsibilities and the pursuit and addiction to money. It narrows your view, bows your head and prevents you from seeing the infinite possibility that exists both within and without, that you can create any world you want and that you have within you the unlimited ability to sustain yourself.

“Remember that you do not have to give yourself to anyone or anything, Anxious Spirit. All you need to do is discern what is right for you by listening to your gut and following where it leads you.”

“But how do I do that, Little Spirit?” inquired Anxious Spirit



“By looking within to look without! You have within you all that you need to make your own way in the world. Your body knows when something is not right for you. That wrongness pulses through you with an incredible dizzying pressure, filling every pour in your body. Yes, your mind can override what is going on within you, rationalising and reasoning it away, but your body cannot lie. Not listening to your body’s reactions creates anxiety and illness and in turn that prevents you from being truly you since you have to direct your will, time and energy into saving your failing energy.

“You do not have to do anything you do not want or be someone you do not want to be. You can choose where you cast your light and with whom you want to share your light. All you need to do is discern what is right for you and focus on that path.”

With her hand outstretched, Little Spirit said “Raise your head to the rising dawn and walk with me over the ground. Let us feel the energy of the Earth flow through you as it turns to greet the new day and let the light of the Sun replenish your inner skies and reinvigorate your commitment to your path.”

Reaching up, Anxious Spirit, grasped Little Spirit’s hand and they walked.


“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that frightens us most. We ask ourselves, ‘Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and famous?’ Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that people won’t feel insecure around you. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in all of us. And when we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.” – Maryanne Williamson

The dream lies ahead, within reach, but ahead nonetheless. You know what it is. You can see it clearly. But will you reach for it amidst the fear of what it means to be fulfilled, amidst the fear of the change required to bring it into your grasp, and amidst the fear that others project onto you, since walking along a fulfilled path means that they have to look at themselves and question why they are not walking on a similar path?

Therefore, quintessential to the September eclipse/ lunation of 2016 is a confrontation between what you know and what you aspire towards becoming. Accompanying this illumination tags the dilemma of being prepared to let go all the unnecessary opinions and ideals you have taken on as you feel compelled to take another leap of faith to continue following a path that leads to a deeper spiritual relationship with your Soul. As the opinions others hold about you and your path become increasingly transparent, you may struggle to remain pure to your Truth amidst these distractions, which are mere desperate attempts to enslave your time and vital energy.

5a8e21125fa01a9cd604b5bf8f77586aRemember there is nothing more threatening to other people than living a purposeful life in honour and commitment to the fecund potential that exists within you. Being true to yourself is the ultimate freedom you seek and it comes when you finally realise that you have not made a mistake, nothing in your life is out of place and every state of mind you experience – joy and wonder; despair and loneliness, is part of your path. Despite the pressures to conform and to deny your inner, inviolate spirit, you are neither broken nor in need of fixing. You are, and have always been, truly unique. No-one, utterly no-one, living or past shares your unique blueprint. It is yours and yours alone. Therefore you do not need to postpone your participation here until things look the way you thought they would or should. That is merely an illusion. With ILL as its prefix, ILLusion is a state of insanity[i], an ever evasive windmill you are encouraged to seek after you have given your time and energy to the pursuit of someone else’s vision, as the world is good at spouting platitudes and rhetoric encouraging you to be true to yourself and to live openly and freely. Yet the System paradoxically baulks at the idea of your running around, living in accordance to your Authentic Being. After all that is a genuine threat to everything that has been created to bleed you of your creativity and life-essence.

You may have, of late, become increasingly agitated and frustrated with everyone and everything around you, reacting to what you perceive as being curtailments and slights, as your vital spirit struggles to find a ground to house its true self. Unsupported, you may feel lonely, as people around you seem to be living in accordance with their truth. But are they? Or have they become mere actors, playing out roles in the daily lives, whilst donning their super hero costumes within their dreams?

Increasingly conscious of your surroundings, your sensitivity towards being hemmed in builds. Freedom of expression is all you want; to live your truth and in accordance with your sense of who you are. But remembering who that person is, is hard amidst the burden of conformity and slavery. You know what you don’t like – being told what to do, being controlled, dancing to another’s tune, working nine to five, remaining stuck within a parochial environment- and you know what you would like to do but may lack the confidence to strike out and risk everything. It is the perfect recipe for irritation and eroding your faith. But will you let the system beat you, grinding you into submission, draining you of what makes you unique? Or will you wake from your coma and bravely let your light shine forth? As you become increasingly conscious of what is right for you, you may feel the need to say goodbye to those people or ideals who do not honour your journey, and weigh your light down. Your Truth deafeningly echoes from within, your body speaks loudly bringing forth physical discomfort and anxiety in an attempt to get you to stop and take note. Will you though? Or will you ignore your pain through overwork and medication as the ground beneath you shakes? Will you take Little Spirit’s hand and look up at the infinite sky, painting upon it your own creation or will you keep your focus firmly trained on the ground, missing the forest for the individual trees? That is what you are being called to explore during this Virgoan lunation.

Because of the presence of the zodiacal sign of Virgo, within you exists the incredible power of discernment, enabling you to give of yourself as you choose to do so and not because you have to or feel obliged to. Discernment is not judgement, though a fine line exists between those two states, especially in a world that is moving at light speed. The difference between these two approaches to life is significant. Judgment offers an opinion, criticism or censure and feeds your ego’s deception of being better (or worse) than someone or something else, usually coming from a reactive place within you. Discernment, however, is a more personal and conscious approach, reflecting your cognitive ability to distinguish what is appropriate or inappropriate or to see things as you perceive them to be.

As your heart slowly moves through this maturing time, what you truly value is brought to the fore of your spiritual development and lessons of judgement and discernment rise more powerfully for you to deal with. Listening to your gut, without judgement has never been more important, as your ego struggles with learning the difference between reaction and reflection. Are you offering an opinion when one is not sought or are you merely using an emotionally intelligence assessment, based on whether what you read, hear, or experience resonates for you, is a question that is foremost in your awareness over the coming month.


If you contain an active relationship with the sign of Virgo, because a planet was traversing this landscape when you were born, the dialectic between judgement and discernment will be uppermost in your life. If you are in a relationship with someone who possesses an active connection to Virgo, you will also be privy to this process in a more tangible manner, since what they go through will directly impact what you are experiencing. However, all is not lost! Even if you do not have any planets within the sign of Virgo, you are being called upon to awaken to this discernment process as Virgo exists within you, enabling you to access this state of consciousness. It exists within an area of your life, a house, and that arena is the key wherein you can consciously seek self-containment and unlock your spiritual self. As the Sun and Moon align within this dominion on the 1st September, their coupling points to an opportunity to replenish and renew, to set intentions and to gain insight into how integrated this particular archetypal theme is for you. I have prepared a short document for the subscribers of www.cosmicintelligenceagency.com to locate where Virgo falls in their charts to add to this narrative and preparation for the reignition of discernment.


In summary, I would love you to take the time to reflect on some of the following questions during the forthcoming Virgoan Eclipse/ New Moon, as I have written about Mercury Retrogradation of Virgo elsewhere:

  1. Do you actively listen to your body intelligence concerning what actions you need to take, even if that means you need to separate yourself from a path that is unkind or no longer serving you?
  2. Do you feel confident to embody your Truth and to make your dream of living authentically fully possible?
  3. Have you given yourself to someone or some ideal that you now need to reclaim your soul from?
  4. Have you managed to recognise the difference between egoic judgement and soul discernment?

Thank you again for taking the time to either read or to listen to this article.


Locating the Lunation

All rights reserved – Andrew Smith. Written at 10:44 BST, 27st August 2016.

[i] Prince Roger Nelson – One Song