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March 28 Aries New Moon with Venus

Aries New Moon with Venus Retrograde happens on March 28, is at 1.57 pm in Melbourne (AEDT), at 7 degrees and 37 minutes of Aries, so in it’s 8th degree. The Sabian symbol is “A lage woman’s hat with streamers blown by an east wind.” It speaks of protection against the forces of nature for under developed mental processes, which could become an obsession. The East is traditionally the seat of spiritual and creative-transformation energy, the Sun rises here. The streamers enable response to the wind, so a probationary stage in the process of transformation is indicated.  The essence is protective forms and sensitivity to psychic energies.

There is so much Aries energy in the sky at the time of the Aries New Moon with Mercury just having made a conjunction in the sky with Uranus the higher mind.  It has been quite an introspective period through whilst Venus is moving through the Underworld after her transit across the Sun, to become a morning star again in a few days time.  She will also be leaving Aries soon to return to Pisces.  It feels like we are poised to take action and make big changes but first we have to be really sure exactly what it is e want, before we go after it! Something new is about to start but exactly what is up to you…..

The Moon had time on her own with Venus from 5 am to 9 am on March 28, that she is able to hold until her meeting with the Sun.  You may have found yourself feeling unsure and doing some deep soul searching this morning around who you are and what do you really want at your deepest level.  What is it you want to heal?

The Sun and Moon have just this one direct aspect in the chart, the applying  conjunction from Venus moving in Retrograde away from them just over 4 degrees.  So there is scope for the Aries energy to be manifested in more or less pure form, whilst still reflecting on what you really value and what is truly authentic for you, moving forward with courage and determination, in whatever are of life is indicated from the position of the sign of the Ram in your chart.

With the Sun and Moon in the sign of Aries, the energy focus is on:

• Starting new initiatives or projects, having new ideas
• Putting yourself first, only getting involved in activity which benefits you personally
• Taking the lead, guiding other people
• Being active, getting involved in competition or competitive sport as an individual
• Going with the flow, letting other people take the lead
• Taking risks and trying to exceed your personal best performances
• Being independent and decisive

The area most aligned with the position of the New Moon can be best gleaned  as above from your natal horoscope chart, however if you only know your Sun Sign, then affirmations around the areas indicated on the next page are likely to be the most powerful, but some adjustment may be required to the life areas in the picture.

March 26   Moon amongst the Starry Gods

The Moon in Pisces begins the night with her South Node and the asteroid Osiris beloved God of the Harvest and the Underworld from 1 am in the morning to 5 am. Prepare for unhealed repressed emotional patterns to feature in your dreams, combined with the solutions should you interpret them the right way. In the afternoon, between 4 pm and 11 pm, she has a long session with Asteria Goddess of the Stars, Neptune and Isis the Queen who loved Osiris, now moving ahead of him spreading her magic far and wide.

March 25 Sun conjunct Venus

The Sun conjunct Venus in Aries takes place from around 7 am this morning, Saturday March 25 (AEDT).  The exact Sun Venus conjunction will be at 9.30 pm and they will remain in conjunction until midday tomorrow.   So today is perfect for expressing yourself out into the world through creativity and relationships.  You will want to both give and receive love and attention, so getting out to socialize, making new connections and friends will be the order of the day!  The personal vibration you put into being warm and friendly will attract people to you.  You could even begin a new love interest under this energy.

Venus attracts money and material possessions as well as friends and lovers, however she is in retrograde motion at present , so maybe more likely to bring you to reflect on what makes you attractive and what it is you really wish to draw towards you.  What kind of self-confidence and self-belief it is you need to project in order to manifest the object of your desires.  The Sun is on your side at present, bringing the vitality and optimism you need to see yourself in the best light.

However take care not to be too extravagant or self-indulgent as although the transit is favorable for all kinds of financial activities, the Aries energy could make you impulsive and less risk adverse than usual, so you could tend to act on a whim and regret your decision later on.  It is easy to get carried away and flatter yourself that you are the most fascinating and interesting person in the world, instead of a legend in your own lunch-box!  It is a wonderful time to surround yourself with beautiful things, to inspire your creativity and you will have the vitality to rise up and enjoy everything to the hilt!

The Moon began the day in Aquarius with the asteroid Horus, Sun God from the Egyptian Cosmology, from 4 am to 7 am.  How appropriate!  She moves on to connect with Imhotep the Egyptian Father of Healing through sound and toning from 2 pm until 6.30 pm.  Then from 6.30 pm until she changes sign to Pisces at 9.06 pm, she merges energy with the beautiful asteroid Goddess Iris, the Greek female messenger Goddess of the Illuminated Mind, the intuition, who can only speak the truth.

March 23  Mercury Makes the Moves

The Moon in Aquarius is merging energy with the asteroid Merlin from 7 am to 11 am tomorrow morning, Magic is in the air! Mercury in Aries is making a square to Pluto while opposing Jupiter. You may become rather obsessed with a particular mind set and feel compelled to bring everyone you meet along with your thinking. You would be better served to turn your thinking inward on your own subconscious depths. You need to make sure you aren’t aiming too high with the goals you are setting yourself in compromising with others.

March 22  The Moon has a busy day

The Moon in Earth sign Capricorn has a very social day in store this Wednesday. She met up with the asteroids Astraea, Juno and Pele while we were sleeping, so our dreams may have featured the state of the world and feminine anger at the way things seem to be still so heavily in favor of the patriarchy. Between 11 am and 3 pm (AEDT), she cements this, by merging energy with Mother Earth in the asteroid Gaea. Then from 2 pm the asteroid Kepler joins the party followed by Pluto the Dark Lord of the Underworld until 6.30 pm. Johannes Kepler gave us the means to connect the planets through an extended range of aspects back in the 1600’s. Finally between 8 pm and 12.30 am, the Moon has a date with the asteroid Nemesis, the Goddess who made sure that good fortune was being given out to those who really deserved it. Rather an ominous energy today I wonder what it foretells……

March 21 Moon “takes a breather” with Hebe

From 11 am last night until 3.00 am this morning the Moon was merging energy with the asteroid Hebe, while we dreamed. The Greek Goddess Hebe was a daughter of Zeus and Hera, who had resonance with youth, young brides and was cup bearer to the Gods. She kept their spirits up by offering them an uplifting nectar (Robert Graves suggested this could have been hallucinogenic made from say magic mushrooms). I’m sure we could all have benefited from this after a busy weekend!

March 20 Autumn/Spring Equinox with Saturn on the Galactic Centre

Sun ingress into Aries for Autumn/Spring Equinox here in Melbourne is at 9.29 pm on March 20. The chart has the Sun beginning his journey around the Zodiac for 2017 on the cusp of the Sixth House. It is time to build on the imaginative creativity and imagination you received from the concentration of Pisces energy during the previous few months and integrate it into the way you live your life on a daily basis. The Sun is moving away from a conjunction with the asteroid Pallas Athena in Pisces, so you are more inclined to win your battles through strategy and guile than by out and out confrontation over the next three months

Venus is revisiting her earlier steps through the house confirming what daily habits work for you and enable you to be who you desire to be, both in your body and in your soul. Venus in Aries calls on you to be selfish about what actually suits you and makes you feel authentic and full of confidence. Mars the ruler of Aries is also in the Sixth House, in Taurus giving you the determination and persistence to stick to your new regime and reach for your goals. The time is right to launch a new you onto the world. Venus and Mars are in Mutual Reception to each other, in each other’s ruling signs, so you are able to translate your desires into actions more easily than usual.

The Moon and Saturn are closely conjunct in Sagittarius, in the same degree as the Galactic Centre, squaring the Sun, you can feel the change coming, making you get serious about living your life the way it needs to be. There is much potential energy to give emphasis to the transformation you are making at this time, its important you have done the right work beforehand so you know what it is you want to emphasize. The Galactic Centre around 27 degrees and 5 minutes of Sagittarius is a powerful point in the centre of the Milky Way, thought to be a black hole, the potential for change here is limitless.

March 18 Time to Tell Them How You Feel

Today you will find it easier than usual to talk about your feelings as Mercury and Venus are conjunct in Aries. Just keep in mind that it will be all about your feelings though and you may not be picking up on the impact you are having on those around you. You may be more aware of what is beautiful in your surroundings than usual. The Sun in Pisces is making a difficult square aspect to Saturn in Sagittarius so you may have set your sights on some achievements that involve a lot of hard work. Don’t take it personally if you meet a few challenges along the way. The Moon changes sign from Scorpio into Sagittarius a tick before 2 pm (AEDT) today and you will feel your mood lightening. Between 7.30 pm and 11.30 pm she will be merging energy with Black Moon Lilith, so expect to feel something raining on the parade of your feminine power for a while.

March 17 Urania the Muse of Astrology with the Moon

The Moon remains in intense and penetrating Scorpio today, her energy is relatively uninterrupted until she merges it with the asteroid Urania tonight from 11 pm to 3 am on Saturday morning (AEDT). Urania was one of the nine Muses created on nine consecutive nights by Zeus through Mnemosyne the Goddess of Memory. She was the muse of Astronomy and Astrology. Her mother Mnemosyne’s main purpose was to preserve the cosmology and stories of the exploits of the Gods and Goddesses contained in the Greek myths. She was said to invent writing to enable this to occur, as well as giving birth to the Muses to inspire the poets, tragedy composers and painters who recorded the myths for posterity. She often occurs in significant positions in the charts of storytellers. I have her asteroid closely conjunct my Ascendant or Rising Sign.

March 16 What’s buried in the box?

The Moon changed sign from airy and intellectual Libra to intensely emotional Scorpio this morning at 2.10 am (AEDT). Things are getting deeper. The Moon makes only one merging connection today to the asteroid Pandora between 8 pm and midnight. What secrets will come out of the box tonight?

March 15 Love and Healing are Calling

Jupiter was shining brightly out to the side of the Moon last night and this morning from 3 am to 11 am (AEDT), she is merging energy with him and a couple of interesting asteroids, Artemis and Aphrodite in Libra. Do you want to be free or in love? Something is developing and growing you can feel it in the air! Mars forms an easy going trine to the North Node today and at the same time Mercury is making an awkward quincunx to it. You need to make some adjustments in the way you are trying to make things happen for it to work. But with the Sun also forming a conjunction to Chiron some healing and movement towards your purpose is on the cards.

March 14 New Way of Thinking with Mercury in Aries

The Libra Moon merged energy with the beautiful asteroid Hopi between 1.30 am and 5.00 am whilst we were dreaming. This conjures up visions of harmony in the natural world the way the Native American Indian belief system sees the world. I hope you had pleasant dreams! Strangely enough I have been sleeping really soundly over the last three nights which is unusual for me during the times when the Moon is bright and clear in the sky.

Mercury changed sign to Aries this morning at 8.09 am, beginning a new round of the zodiac for all aspects of the intellect, thinking, connecting, concluding and communicating.

Mercury in Aries will be a stronger influence than usual in 2017, as he will spend the rest of the month in the sign and then return there from 21 April until the 16 May, as part of his upcoming retrograde cycle.   That’s a total of six weeks in Aries compared to his often only gracing a sign with his presence for around two to three weeks whilst in direct mode.

Our minds are so important because what we think creates our future.

Mercury in Aries is fast and honest, to the point, looking for ways to excite, inspire and lead others and to receive information that enables this to occur.  In this Fire sign he has his finger on the button, combative and impulsive, wanting to be first with the knowledge and taking it personally when anyone opposes or disagrees with him, but sometimes not thinking things through long enough before speaking. He loves new concepts and ideas and his enthusiasm is infectious in promoting them.  There are many positive attributes to be considered here.

Where would we be without new ways of thinking about life?  What new ways of thinking and new ideas can you adopt during these Mercury in Aries opportunities?

March 13 Virgo New Moon with Astarte

The Virgo Full Moon will fall on 13 March, at 1.53 am (AEDT). The Moon will be at 22 degrees and 13 minutes, the 23rd degree of Virgo and the Sun opposite from her in Aries. The Sabian Symbol for the Moon, at 23 degrees of Virgo, is described as ”A lion tamer displays his skill and character.” This symbolizes the need to tame your vital energies in order to fulfill your destiny.. It speaks of resoluteness and patience. The Moon will be closely merging energy with the asteroid Astarte by just one minute. Astarte was the ancient Middle Eastern Goddess of Love and War who preceded, Innana, Ishtar, Asteria and Aphrodite. Astarte brings more loving power to the light of the Full Moon to reveal what still to be eradicated from your life, requiring all your talents and perseverance to achieve.

For the Sun in the 23rd degrees of Pisces the Sabian Symbol is “A materializing medium giving a seance” this symbol represents the ability to give your own vital energy to substantiate your conscious ideals or unconscious desires. It points out the need for verification or substance when providing gifts which are not readily able to be proven, the shadow of this, if the motives of the medium are suspect, could also be deception in some people’s eyes.

The Pisces Sun will be conjunct the asteroid Pallas Athena and the centaur Chiron. It will be assisted  by Athena’s logical, crafty and  strategic mind,  to analyse which of the knowings downloaded from the divine, are the ones you need to focus on and communicate out to others.  Chiron the Wounded Healer was half horse and half man, he combines the instinctive natural knowing of how to heal from the animal kingdom with the wisdom and knowledge he used to mentor and develop so many of the Greek heroes and demi-gods placed under his care.  The Sun is in good hands to reflect the strongest light to the Moon so she can see clearly what still needs attention.

Agent 66 - Sara Gilbert

Agent 66 - Sara Gilbert

Sara’s focus is on teaching individuals tools to transform their lives.

A professional numerologist with both 11 and 6 in her core, it seems most fitting to take on the number associated with mastering compassionate love. Bringing more loving kindness to the world is her mission and focus within the C*I*A!

Agent 66 consults and shares her knowledge through “Life Spirit Connections”, the business and mini spiritual college she operates, close to Frankston. Services include consultations, courses and workshops, (in person, by Skype or correspondence), involving Astrology, Tarot, Palmistry, Numerology and the Kabbalah Tree of Life. Her astrology is psychologically based, she holds the FAA Diploma, in addition to Level One Apprenticeship in Evolutionary Astrology with Steven Forrest.

She belongs to the APA and VAA, as well as being a Professional Member of the Tarot Guild of Australia.

Agent 66 has been fascinated by mythology and the stars from childhood, her special interest is in the study of asteroids named after magical mythical archetypes. She is currently researching their impact on the astrology of individuals working in the oracular and healing fields.
Specialties: Tarot, Palmistry, Numerology Location: Melbourne – Carrum Downs Area
Email: sara@lifespriritconnections.com.au
Website: www.lifespiritconnections.com.au
Facebook: www.facebook.com/lifespiritconnection

Sara on C*I*A website – https://cosmicintelligenceagency.com/daily-astro-updates/

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