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October 22 Moon, Ariadne Mistress of the Labyrinth

The Moon will be hanging out with the asteroid Ariadne, Mistress of the Labyrinth, between 2 am and 6 am tomorrow morning October 22 (AEDT). Ariadne was also a Minoan princess of Crete, sister of the Minotaur, a monster with a man’s body and a bulls head born to Pasiphae and Minos after the later offended the God Neptune or Poseidon. Ariadne fell in love with the Greek hero Theseus and helped him navigate her labyrinth to kill her brother. He promised to take her back to Greece as his Queen, but instead abandoned her pregnant on the island of Naxos. Fortunately she was rescued by the God Dionysus and made his wife. The Moon will move on to connect with the asteroid Pandora from 2 pm to 6 pm, another woman true to her nature, who has been held responsible for letting all manner of evil loose into the world, merely through giving her curiosity full rein and opening a mysterious box her husband told her to leave closed. Feminine energy is powerful but we need to be careful who we give our magic away to! If you are interested in labyrinth energy come and experience it first hand at our CIA retreat next weekend. There are just a couple of spots left for the whole event and our Friday one day special at only $150 https://cosmicintelligenceagency.com/astromagic/

October 21 Scorpio Focus on Our Attachments

The Moon has been in Scorpio since 12.40 yesterday (AEDT) and wove her magic with Jupiter and Mercury yesterday evening, heightening our ability to dig deep down into our psyches to release repressed emotions that were holding us back from moving onward and upwards. From 6.30 am to 10.30 am this morning she will be merging energy with the powerful ancient feminine archetypes Astarte and Ishtar, who were both adopted into the archetype of Venus from earlier Canaanite or Phoenician and Mesopotamian cultures. From 7 pm to 11 pm the Moon moves on to link with the asteroid Aphrodite, the same energy as the Greeks knew her. The planet Venus was named for the Roman Goddess displaying the same archetype of love and beauty and currently just one sign behind in Libra. The stars seem to be giving us a strong message that we need to be mindful of what we value and are attached to, if we wish to move forward and individuate to our true nature.

October 20 Moon in Scorpio with Hopi

The Moon entered Scorpio 40 minutes following midnight (AEDT). From 8 am to 12.30 pm she is merging her beautiful deep intense energy with the asteroid Hopi, named for the North American Indian tribe famous for their wisdom of the land. This is a great way to connect with Mother Earth even if only through preparing your garden for Summer as I have been doing over the past few days. Then from 3 pm to just after midnight she will connect with a stellium consisting of Jupiter, Prosperina, her own Dark Moon Lilith and Mercury. This is the Moon first conjunction with Jupiter in Scorpio for some 12 years so opens the door for much hidden magic bubbling up from your emotional body. The union that follows with Mercury can help you make sense of your feelings and how to communicate them. Appropriately Prosperina, the Roman equivalent of Persephone represents our journeys down into the underworld of our unconscious. So spend this time wisely later in the day.

Today from Dying With Dignity Victoria
The VAD Bill has just passed the Lower House 47-37 after an enormous 26 hour debate! The Bill now goes to the Upper House for consideration.We have a very real chance in Victoria that this Bill will come to pass and terminally ill people will have safe and compassionate end of life choices. Congratulations must go to Health Minister Jill Hennessy MP who has fought hard over night to see this Bill successfully pass.

October 19 Vesta burns bright with the Libra Moon

After the Libra Moon working with creative Apollo in our deepest dreamtime, she will move onto the asteroid Vesta between 7.30 and 11 am (AEDT). Vesta is the bright flame of spirit that burns true in us all, the flame that kept burning in the temple to every God and Goddess, the flame that was used in more ancient time to give light, keep us warm and to cook our food over. Flames hold us in thrall and keep us pure, where are the flames in modern life except those we see as part of destructive energy when houses or countryside burns? From 4 pm to 10.30 pm the Moon merges energy with the asteroids Psyche and Anubis. Psyche had a lover who came to her in the dark, Cupid or Eros the son of Venus. Her problems began when she lit a candle to see what he looked like and woke him by dripping candle wax on his shoulder. Anubis, the jackel-headed, Egyptian Undertaker God was born out of deception and not seeing too. His mother was Nephthys, shadow sister of Isis, who pretended to be her sister, wore her clothes and perfume, so she could make love to her sister’s husband Osiris. Where does your fame burn today and what are you being deceived by or what are you not seeing around relationship and harmony, Libra’s things.

October 18 Mercury conjunct Jupiter

Mercury in Scorpio makes exact his conjunction or merging of energy with Jupiter this evening at 7.54 pm. This is a critical time to think hard and long about how you really want to expand and grow at a very deep level inside yourself. Your comprehension will be broader than it has been in at least 12 years and you will be able to integrate the new knowledge and understanding that you have acquired more easily. Your mind will be more open than it usually will and you will be able to take on board information from outside of your usual belief systems. Just don’t become sloppy about the intimate details as you take the global landscape on board. The Sun makes an awkward quincunx aspect to Chiron exact at 11.05 pm encouraging you to make some adjustments to the safety blankets your ego needs you to maintain, so that you can attend to any remaining wounds at a deeper level. The Moon changed sign to Libra at 4.34 am (AEDT) and merges energy with beautiful Venus in her strongest sign from 11 am to 3 pm. You will doubtless spend this time doing things you love in your favourite places. From 11 pm to 3 am she moves on to the asteroid Apollo and you have the opportunity to create truly beautiful outcomes.
More art from Cameron Gray.

October 14-15 Venus in Libra

Venus changed sign to one of her favorites, Libra tonight at 9.11pm (AEDT). She is much stronger in Libra knows what she values, but wants to keep things polite and try to keep everyone else happy as well. Sometimes this doesn’t work out too well! Beauty in all its forms will be favoured for the next few weeks as well as equality and fairness. The Moon in Leo will be merging energy with the asteroid Medusa from 11.30 pm tonight until 3 am tomorrow morning, so be careful you hang onto your head ibn your dreams. From 7 am to 11 am she will connect up with her own North Node so actions you feel bound to take will likely be connected to your journey through life. Then from 1 pm until 4.15 pm she has an assignation with the asteroid Eos, Mother of the Stars and Goddess of the Rosy Dawn. What new ideas will become birthed for your future. Mercury makes exact his opposition to his higher octave Uranus in the early evening, so you may find your mind racing and become impatient with anything which is same old. Be careful you don’t gloss over any important details! Mars finishes Sunday by opposing Chiron and you make find it impossible to move forward without taking action on those wounds that have been standing in your way for a significant amount of time.

October 13 Moon in Leo Powers Up the Goddess Energy

This evening the Moon who has been in the sign of Cancer will change sign to Leo at 5.41 pm (AEST) and we can all stop hiding inside our protective shells and step out to express ourselves! Mercury will make exact two productive sextiles earlier on in the day; to the North Node at 7.36 am and Saturn at 2.20 pm. So it is important to get your mind and the messages you put out about your future on song as well as getting real about what it is you desire to achieve. The evening looks like being entertaining and significant, as the Moon connects with a powerful stellium of asteroid goddesses in Leo, between 8 pm and 7 am tomorrow morning. Hekate, Mnemosyne and Ceres all have strong connections to the Moon, Ceres representing her ripened Full phase and Hekate her Dark all knowing Crone phase. The Moon is associated with memories and that is Mnemosyne’s dominion. She was charged with maintaining the power of the myths about the Gods through the ages, making sure they were not forgotten because of the important moral messages they contained. She invented writing and gave birth to the Nine Muses to inspire the artists, poets, authors and playwrights to keep the myths alive! We should all experience some interesting dreams…..

October 12 Venus opposing Chiron Explains it All!

The energy around the recent Full Moon and Jupiter’s ingress into Scorpio has been somewhat challenging to say the least! Whilst Venus and Mars merged energy which should have created passion and sexual tension, they were in Virgo which doesn’t allow either to exhibit their true nature! In addition Venus was applying to a tense square with Saturn and Mars make his square to Saturn exact just after midnight tonight. When you add in a the Sun and Mercury coming together and squaring Pluto no wonder the path of true love hasn’t been smooth. Today’s transit of Venus opposite Chiron, which was exact at 8.03 am (AEDT), clarifies the purpose of all the challenges. This is a major healing opportunity, where we can learn to love the wounds we are working on in regard to love and relationships. It challenges us to look at our own input into the hurts we have experienced and its quite possible that new or old lovers will challenge us to make changes in order to heal.

October 11 Jupiter into Scorpio

Jupiter in Scorpio brings thirteen months where you will be called upon to penetrate more deeply into your psyche, to determine how you need to evolve in respect to your understanding of all that is dark, scary and mysterious, death, sex, transformation, the supernatural and all that is taboo and hidden.

Jupiter amplifies or expands everything he comes into contact with, hence his reputation as the Greater Benefic bringing abundance and good fortune.  But he also had dominion over beliefs, morals, religion and philosophy, Zeus was a judgemental God who doled out harsh punishment to those who transgressed his view of the Cosmos.

With any transit we can get it right or get it wrong but being prepared is pre-warned!  There can be too much of a good thing.  Too much Jupiter can bring us arrogance, domination, wastefulness or obesity.  But is far more common to underestimate our potential and aim too low with our aspirations.  Under Jupiter transits we need to “Dare to Dream!  Have a good hard look at what we would love to achieve, is it right for us and how it can be achieved.

Scorpio represents strong emotion and energies from deep in our unconscious, the psyche.  This includes our instincts, our appetites, rage, fear and the flight or fight syndrome.  It is a time where it is important to dig deep and understand what we really want, rather than what we tell ourselves we want.  We also need to consider what we really need which may be a different proposition.  It is time to do some shadow work, discover what holds us back through our doubts and fears, what dirty laundry are we worried of having exposed,  If we don’t get this right our unconscious can burst out quite spectacularly as it seeks to make us conscious.

We have spent the last thirteen months putting our approach to relationships under the microscope when Jupiter was in Libra from 9 September 2016 until 12.20 am on October 11 2017 (AEDT).  This is the time when Jupiter makes his annual ingress into the next sign.  Now is the time to move to the next level and make the necessary adjustments to the depths of intimacy we are going to allow ourselves to experience

So we really need to have asked ourselves the hard questions.  It will be critical to set the right intentions. as synchronicity will enable us to act and create magic in order to realise our dreams.

It is likely that Jupiter will move through two adjacent houses or areas of life in your chart, so you need to consider what you are setting up in the first in order to bear fruit in the second.  There are many productive sextile and easy flowing trine aspect patterns occurring between the planets from the time when Jupiter changes sign to Scorpio on October 11, so the world can be your oyster.

If you would like to find out more and immerse yourself in what Jupiter in Scorpio means for you, there are just a few spots left in our CIA retreat at Healesville from October 26 to 29, where you can experience insight from our wonderful local CIA agents as well as amazing starryteller Gemini Brett from the US.  Click to find out more!

Beautiful art by Gustav Moreau

October 8  Venus squares Saturn

The Moon in Taurus merges energy with the asteroid Orpheus tonight from 10.30 pm to 2 am tomorrow morning (AEDT), so expect to make beautiful music in your dreams. Between 3.30 am and 7.30 am she moves on the meet Iris and Pallas Athena both connected with communicating the truth. Finally she meets up with Pythia the priestess of the oracle at Delphi, from 9.30 to 1.00 am, who brought truth out of the Earth with her messages. During this time Venus will make exact her square to Saturn at 11.53 pm. The road to achieving what you value may meet some obstacles tomorrow. It will be a good opportunity to ponder deeply about how you approach love and what you really want from relationships.

October 6 Aries Full Moon

Aries Full Moon in the morning after Venus the ruler of Libra and Mars the ruler of Aries, archetypes of the lovers, and feminine and masculine energy, come together exactly in 19 degrees of Virgo, less than two hours before the Aries Full Moon, which happens on October 6 at 5.40 am (AEDT).

They are lending their support to the resolution and integration of the opposition between the Sun and Moon through the union of our own masculine and feminine, the sacred marriage. In Virgo there will be a lot of determination to make the relationship work and weed out whatever is preventing this. They are closing in on the asteroid Atlantis, archetype of the perfect, balanced and fair civilization which was brought down by greed. So this will bring even more emphasis to getting things right.

The Aries Moon will be at 12 degrees and 42 minutes, the 13th degree of Aries and the Sun opposite in Libra. The Sabian Symbol for the Moon, is ”An unexploded bomb reveals an unsuccessful social protest”. This is a symbol of immature refusal to conform, in the name of an over idealistic desire for harmony and peace, trying to resolve things through violence fails because ego-power is too strong, so we have adolescent frustration. Consciousness is not sufficiently enlightened to be free ad can only react wildly to being constrained.

The Sun at 13 degrees of Libra, has the symbol of “Children blowing soap bubbles”, the cultural fantasies through which young minds dream of perfect fulfilment, imaginative play. We need to dream together before we can create. The Sun will be conjunct Mercury and the asteroids Vesta and Apollo, which stress the importance of pure spirit at the core of every creative action we undertake.

The Moon will be applying by 5 degrees to the asteroid Asteria, mother of Hekate and Goddess of the Stars and the Supernatural . The Moon is strengthened in respect to the Sun, but her energy is discordant and wanting to break free and force the energy to gain her desires. In Aries the Moon is incredibly self-centered and willful, it’s “my way or the highway”. So this Full Moon will be a difficult time for relationships and keeping things nice as the Libran energy requires! There is strong energy for change but it is self driven rather than integrated.

October 5 Sun Quincunx Neptune

The Moon changes sign from Pisces to Aries at 7.39 am tomorrow morning October 5 (AEDT), beginning a new round of the Zodiac. The Sun will make exact an awkward quincunx aspect to Neptune at 2.08 pm, so your energy levels may be a tad low. It will be easy for you to be unrealistic about what you are physically capable of due to your high degree of idealism. Don’t try to take on everything yourself allow others to play their role. Take things a bit more slowly. Between 7 pm and 11 pm the Moon will merge energy with the first intuitive asteroid in her path, Osiris, the Egyptian God of the Land and the Afterlife, husband of magical Isis. Transformations are in the air if you can remain grounded to the Earth we live upon.

October 3 Healing with Venus and Pluto

Venus made exact a flowing trine aspect to Pluto at 6.09 am this morning (AEST). You will be feeling love for significant others very strongly and be able to express your feelings powerfully. This transit brings experiences which help you understand how you approach relationship, it is also wonderful for expressing your feelings creatively. The Pisces Moon moved on from a connection to Neptune in the early hours to merge energy with the asteroid Imhotep between 4 am and 8 am. This will be followed by a connection to Chiron between 11 pm and 2 am tomorrow morning. So prepare for some major healing opportunities. In many ways Imhotep was the Egyptian father of healing, using toning techniques at the healing centre he built at Saqarra just outside Cairo for the pharaoh Djoser. Chiron was the Wounded Healer who became an expert in mentoring the abandoned children of the Olympian Gods based on his own experiences.

October 2 The Moon makes magic with Horus

The Moon changed sign from Aquarius to sensitive and imaginative Pisces this morning at 1.25 am. From 8.30 am to Midday (AEDT), she will be merging energy with the Egyptian Savior God Horus, born out of the magic of Isis from her dead love Osiris. Horus is a fiery Sun God with the head of a falcon or hawk. His energy reminds us that anything can be possible through love and belief. Between 10 pm and 2 am tomorrow morning the Moon makes her monthly assignation with Neptune, the ruler of Pisces, so prepare yourself for some interesting dreams.

October 1 Merlin brings magic to dreamland tonight

Magical dreams tonight as the Moon in Aquarius merges energy with the asteroid Merlin between 11 pm and 3am (AEDT) tomorrow morning. Mars makes exact an easy flowing trine to Pluto tomorrow morning at 10.36 am offering you opportunity to reform the world around you and make genuine transformations to your life. This involves the traditional and modern rulers of Scorpio working together to promote change and with Jupiter changing sign to Scorpio on October 11, this is paving the way. The Moon connects to her own South Node in Aquarius between 11 am and 3 pm at the same time as the Nodes station to return to their usual retrograde motion. Watch out for what emotional patterns may bubble up from the past, its time to leave them behind and move forward.

September 27 Moon brightens up through Hebe

The Sagittarian Moon will catch up with the planet Saturn this morning between 8.30 am and 12 midday (AEST), so get ready for your good monthly dose of reality! It may seem a bit flat and depressing this morning but luckily the Moon moves on fairly quickly as we all need our ability to dream and fantasise. From 3 pm until 2 am tomorrow morning the Moon will be hanging out with an interesting trio, Black Moon Lilith and the asteroids Hebe and Achilles. Lilith of course represents the anger of the repressed feminine which sits inside us all, but Hebe is just what you need to brighten things up! The youngest daughter of Zeus and Hera she carries the archetype of youth, fun and laughter and had the role of cup bearer to the Gods on Olympus, doling out “nectar” to keep the Gods in a good mood. Achilles was the epitome of courage as a warrior, which partly came from knowing he was virtually immortal. After the depressing immersion with Saturn and Lilith perhaps we need courage to finish our time in Sagittarius believing in the lighter side of life once more?

September 26 Mercury square Saturn

In the early hours of the morning Mercury made exact a tense square to Saturn. Today will not be a good time for any kind of negotiation or communication as you will tend to see the negative side of things, or at least the stark, practical realities. Its a good day to focus on any tasks which require disciplined thinking and single-minded focus on a task. The Moon was merging energy with the asteroid Minerva, the Roman equivalent of Pallas Athena at the same time, so strategy and business thinking would be the emphasis. Between 4 pm and 8 pm (AEST) she will have moved onto Asclepius and your feelings will help to heal some of the elements which need to be cut out of your life in order to move on. Art by Cameron Gray

September 25 Mars Opposite Neptune

Today Mars has moved to oppose Neptune and the way forward has become somewhat cloudy. In Virgo Mars needs to ensure he makes the right moves and it trying to assess what those might be but Neptune in Pisces is rather obscure and dreamy, it may not be possible to do so. The outcome is indecision and inertia. Not a good day to try anything new or make a big impression, you possibly feel tired and in need of a rest to invigorate yourself. Exact at 5.49 am this morning(AEST), the transit will only last for a day or so and then the energy will be better for new projects. The Moon began the day merging energy with Artemis archetype of her present Crescent phase. Between 8 am and 12.30 pm she meets with Urania, the Muse of Astronomy and astrology, so it will be a good time to study the art of the skies. From 6.30 pm to 11 pm, she moves on to confer with the asteroids Arachne and Nyx, archetypes of the Weaver of Destiny and Night. The Moon changed sign to Sagittarius in between at 2.pm so is in the mood for expansion and an adventure, I wonder what will unfold? Art
IX The Hermit by HighIDrai Firestorm WoW Tarot

September 23 Spring is Here

The Sun changed sign to Libra this morning at 6.03 am (AEST) issuing in the season of Spring for us here in Melbourne or Autumn in the Northern Hemisphere. The weather seems to be playing ball too with a lovely sunny and warmer day to greet the true start of spring. In Melbourne the angles of the chart being at 26/27 degrees enabled the formation of a somewhat loose but rare Grand Sextile, or six pointed star pattern, between the Fire and Air signs, further increasing the potential for successful achievement particularly when working to help others. The Moon changed sign to Scorpio at 3.39 am and is merging energy with the asteroid Arachne between 9 am and 1 pm this afternoon. Then she moves on to connect with Aphrodite between 2 pm and 6 pm to finish off the day. Its not a good time to become too boastful about your abilities and talents but there is an opportunity for love and beauty to shine through later in the day.

September 22 Moon with Hathor

Today the Libran Moon is merging energy with the asteroids Prosperina and Hopi between 5 am and 10 am (AEST), so it will be no surprise if you are drawn towards the wisdom of the land. Later this evening she will meet Jupiter for the last time for a while in Libra in concert with the asteroids Astarte, Hathor and Ishtar between 7 pm and 2 am tomorrow morning. These are ancient Goddesses indeed, Astarte and Ishtar being Middle Eastern counterparts of Venus and Hathor, the Egyptian Goddess associated with the Moon and the Milky Way. An evening where you feel truly connected to the stars. Lets hope it will be clear enough to see Jupiter and the Moon shining together as she shows ud her first Crescent face.

September 21  Moon on Fire

After her merger with the Sun yesterday afternoon, the Moon changed sign to Libra at 8.05 pm and moved on to connect with the asteroid Vesta until midnight. Vesta is the archetype of pure spirited fire, the flame that burns eternally in the temples of our hearts. Today between 1 pm and 7 pm (AEST) she will merge energy with the asteroids Psyche and Anubis. Psyche was famous for having the help of nature in completing the impossible tasks set for her by her jealous “mother-in-law” Venus after she became the lover of Eros. Anubis was the shadow Undertaker God in the Egyptian Cosmology, son of Nephthys and Osiris, born out of deceit and trickery, he helped prepare the dead for their journey to the afterlife. So in the aftermath of the New Moon you need todraw on Nature and your inner fires to prepare for your daily journey into your unconscious.

September 20 Virgo New Moon

Virgo New Moon will be tomorrow September 20, at 3.29 pm Melbourne (AEST). The Sun and Moon will be at 27 degrees and 27 minutes of Virgo, so in the 28th degree of Virgo. The Sabian symbol is “A bald headed man who has seized power”, this speaks of the sheer power of personality in times that call for decision making. The theme is the power of the will sometimes ruthlessness can be needed to overcome obsolescent patterns of order.

The luminaries make a close opposition to Chiron in Pisces, forming a wide T-square to Saturn in Sagittarius. This is a major healing pattern as Saturn, now moving directly, will force you to bring reality into understanding and resolving your Chiron wounds, facing up to what you previously didn’t want to see, so that you can help others to heal down the track.

It is time to use the discernment that comes with Virgo to assess the areas of your life which are working positively and where change is needed.

All five of the personal points will now be in Virgo, after Venus changes sign early tomorrow morning, so the emphasis will be on making our bodies as powerful as they can be, so that we are in better shape to be of effective service to others.

Sol and Luna also form an almost exact quincunx or “stone in my shoe” connection to Uranus in Aries, so some of the changes that are needed will be unexpected and unavoidable, whether you are ready to move forward or not.

Eight of the planets/luminaries will be positioned between 21 and 28 degrees of a sign, which will lead to interesting aspect patterns in the sky with many productive sextile or two sign apart aspects forming. The Fire Grand Trine between the North Node, Saturn and Uranus will tighten and a Mystical Rectangle will be evident from the oppositions between the Nodes and with Jupiter moving to oppose Uranus more exactly again. It will be a time when positive change is encouraged and made possible in many directions by applying the right effort.

With the Sun and Moon in the sign of Virgo, the focus is on:

• Developing how we can be of service in the world, who and how we can mentor others
• Using our analytical abilities to emphasize the positives in ourselves rather than beat ourselves up for all the things we can be critical of
• Give with an open heart not because we feel we are expected too, learn when to say no
• Channel our nervous energy into making speedy responses rather than procrastinating
• Develop healthy habits and routines around exercise and eating, looking after our bodies
• Organise our environment and our minds, get rid of clutter that we don’t need
• Finding a passion that we would like to research and learn about
• Writing the book we have always meant to write

Agent 66 - Sara Gilbert

Agent 66 - Sara Gilbert

Sara’s focus is on teaching individuals tools to transform their lives.

A professional numerologist with both 11 and 6 in her core, it seems most fitting to take on the number associated with mastering compassionate love. Bringing more loving kindness to the world is her mission and focus within the C*I*A!

Agent 66 consults and shares her knowledge through “Life Spirit Connections”, the business and mini spiritual college she operates, close to Frankston. Services include consultations, courses and workshops, (in person, by Skype or correspondence), involving Astrology, Tarot, Palmistry, Numerology and the Kabbalah Tree of Life. Her astrology is psychologically based, she holds the FAA Diploma, in addition to Level One Apprenticeship in Evolutionary Astrology with Steven Forrest.

She belongs to the APA and VAA, as well as being a Professional Member of the Tarot Guild of Australia.

Agent 66 has been fascinated by mythology and the stars from childhood, her special interest is in the study of asteroids named after magical mythical archetypes. She is currently researching their impact on the astrology of individuals working in the oracular and healing fields.
Specialties: Tarot, Palmistry, Numerology Location: Melbourne – Carrum Downs Area
Email: sara@lifespriritconnections.com.au
Website: www.lifespiritconnections.com.au
Facebook: www.facebook.com/lifespiritconnection

Sara on C*I*A website – https://cosmicintelligenceagency.com/daily-astro-updates/

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