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Sara Gilbert

March 18 Pisces New Moon

The Pisces New Moon with Chiron falls in Melbourne on March 18,  at 0.11 am (AEDT) at 26 degrees and 53 minutes of Pisces, it’s 27th degree.

The Sabian Symbol is ”The Harvest Moon illumines a clear autumnal sky”. This speaks of consummation, the light of fulfilment that blesses work well done, time to reap whatever has been sown as well as what has been cultivated, the latent seed of the new karmic cycle. The Sun and Moon will be conjunct Chiron and will be squared by Mars in the at 29 degrees of Sagittarius, providing more impetus to make a move on healing deep wounds at a soul level.

Mars will move on to ingress into Capricorn just 3 hours or so later on at 3.40 am, so is really urging you to finish off whatever remains from his stint in Sagittarius, taking action on what you believe is right.

Jupiter ruler of both Sagittarius and Pisces will have moved back to help you uncover any remaining manipulative energies from the past.

Mercury entered his pre-retrograde shadow period, in preparation for his own backwards steps from almost 17 to 4 degrees of Aries which will begin in earnest on March 22/23. He begins to moves ever closer to Venus in Aries, from March 16 through to the time of the Equinox on March 21.

During the period which encompasses the New Moon pair will be forming a tight easy opposition (or trine and sextile triangular pattern) to the Nodes. This will provide you with a unique opportunity to move away from any remaining disassociated feelings from the South Node and to more fully enhance your true accomplishments and creativity at the North Node, through aligning what you value or desire with what your mind knows is good for you, around these issues.

With the Sun and Moon in the sign of Pisces, the energy focus that balances this is on:
• Being compassionate and sensitive to the feelings and needs of others
• Using your imagination to develop different ways to be creative
• Helping animals and people who have fallen on hard times
• Spending time on your own to refocus
• Going with the flow, letting other people take the lead
• Following spiritual pursuits and connecting to spirit

The area most aligned with the position of the New Moon can be best gleaned from your natal horoscope chart, however if you only know your Sun Sign, then affirmations around the areas indicated on the next page are likely to be the most powerful, but some adjustment may be required to the life areas below:

March 16 Easy Opposition to the Nodes

Mercury and Venus in Aries are firming up a special triangle in the sky with the Moon’s Nodes at the moment, forming a productive sextile to the South Node in Aquarius and an easy flowing trine to the North Node in Leo. Maggie Merlin Kerr named this configuration, important to evolutionary astrologers, an “easy opposition”! This means if you can focus with your heart and your mind on just how wonderful you really are, what is right for you and what you truly deserve, then is should be easier to move towards your purpose and what makes you shine in the world! This pattern will be strong in the stars for the next few days as Mercury and Venus move to get within one degree of each other from 8 am on March 19 to 5 pm on March 21 (AEDT). From 1 pm to 9 pm today the Pisces Moon will be merging energy with the asteroids Juno and Diana making us wonder what really is our path through life, marriage and a committed relationship or being free to live our lives exactly as we would like to be? From 11 pm to 2.30 pm the Moon moves on to connect with Neptune confusing the issue even more through our dreams.

March 15 Reconsider how far you can stretch

Jupiter in Scorpio moves back into his second semi-square with Saturn in Capricorn today, testing your resolve in facing your deepest fears around the area represented by 8 degrees of Capricorn in your natal chart. You need to push your boundaries whilst at the same time respect your natural limits, proceeding forwards in a slow and self-disciplined manner. How can you face up to taboos you carry relating to this part of your life? It occurred for the first time on 17 December last year and will repeat for the final time in this cycle on September 18. Meanwhile the Moon in Aquarius meets the asteroid Minerva between 4 pm and 8 pm this evening (AEDT) and you may receive wise counsel from your inner wisdom, your intuitive knowing. Minerva was the Roman name for Pallas Athena. The Moon changes sign to Pisces at 9.11 pm beginning to merge energy with starry Astraea, Artemis and Hygeia from 10 pm to 9 am tomorrow morning. A lovely dream time of feminine healing energy.
Elihu Vedder’s Minerva of Peace mosaic by Carol M. Highsmith at Library of Congress Washington DC

March 14 Rescued by Dionysus

The Sun in Pisces made exact an easy flowing trine to Jupiter in Scorpio this morning at 7.05 am (AEDT) so your mood should lighten and your day bring you happy feelings and good relations with the people who matter. You may feel lucky but you are just able to operate in tune with the energies at the moment, Make sure you use this to review your life and how it meets your soul needs. You will be able to make changes at the moment without seeing them as losing anything, and your mind will be eager for new experiences. Mars will perfect a tense square aspect to Chiron at 5.09 pm, triggering your natal Chiron wounds so that you have to take action towards healing them. You may find you are getting angry with yourself or others for getting in the way of what you are trying to achieve, it will become apparent where you are holding back from making changes. From 1 pm until 6.30 pm the Moon will have been keeping company with Urania Muse of Astronomy, her own Aquarian South Node and Arachne the Weaver of Destiny, so there will have been more emphasis around healing past emotional patterns written in your stars. Finally from 11 pm to 3 am the Moon will merge energy with Ariadne, Mistress of the Labyrinth in Crete so your dreams may cover many twists and turns, helping ungrateful heroes you thought you loved, being abandoned, but then rescued by a very sexy God!

March 13 Venus Square Saturn

The Moon will move into Aquarius at 9.44 am this morning (AEDT), making you feel more concerned about everyone getting a fair deal around you. Venus will be moving towards an exact square with Saturn at 11.39 pm this evening. This energy tends to make you reevaluate your role in relationships. What you are getting out of them and what you are putting into them? Saturn can make us very tough on ourselves and others so try not to be too critical. It may make you feel isolated and a little lonely not really wanting to engage with those you love and not wanting to tell them how you feel. Luckily this is only a short transit and Venus will be moving on in a day or so. From 10 pm to 4 am on Wednesday morning the Moon will be connecting with the point Dark Moon Lilith further emphasising feelings of isolation and difference from the rest of humanity through our dreams.

March 12 Moon finds depth and courage!

The Moon remains in Capricorn tomorrow all day! Between 12 pm and 7 pm she will be merging energy with Pandora, Pluto and Asteria. Pandora was the perfect woman who released secrets she had been told to keep uncovered, but what woman could resist that challenge? Pluto is Dark Lord of the Underworld takes you down deep into your soul and Asteria The “Starry One” shows you the beauty of the stars above and the message they carry for us down below. In Capricorn what can you expect what secrets will emerge from deep within your psyche about the future? Between 9 pm and 5 am on Tuesday morning the Moon journeys on with the courage asteroids Sekhmet and Achilles, time to face up to what emerges from the depths and move on!

March 11 Moon Saturn and Sun Pluto

The Moon in Capricorn will catch up with Saturn and Black Moon Lilith tomorrow so a serious mood where past issues may emerge. The masculine planets in Mercury, Mars and the Sun all connect with outer planets so a good day to keep your head down and focus on matters you have been trying to avoid!

March 10 The Moon connects with Mars

Mercury entered the pre-shadow phase of his retrograde cycle yesterday, at the same time as Jupiter stationed for his retrograde journey. This meant Mercury passed through the degree, (4 degrees and 48 minutes of Aries), he will retrograde back to, after he stations retrograde at 16 degrees and 51 minutes of Aries on March 23. So you have started to set the agenda, he will be reviewing later during the month. Sometimes his mischief with the areas he has dominion over, communication, business contracts, local travel and technology can be felt. It wouldn’t make much sense with a slower moving planet like Jupiter as his shadow periods would encompass most of his year in the sign. The asteroids have been avoiding the Moon whilst this shuffling was going on, but this morning in the sign of Sagittarius, she caught up with Asclepius and Vesta between 2 am and 8.30 am. A son of Apollo, Asclepius was a great healer who set up dream temples all over Greece where people were incubated whist their unconscious revealed the root of their ailments. Vesta is the bright spark of Fire who burns within us all and who guarded every temple and hearth through the burning of a ceremonial fire. So your dreams are likely to have a healing and affirming nature connecting you to your true spirit. From 10 am to 2 am the Moon will move on to merge energy with Mars the planet of action and reaction, you are likely to feel somewhat fired up in Sagittarius and keen to be moving forward on your journey whether it be an adventure in the outer world or of an inner nature towards finding your purpose.

March 9 Jupiter in Scorpio Stations Retrograde

Jupiter in Scorpio stations retrograde tomorrow March 9 at 3.45 pm (AEDT).  For the next four months you are being given the opportunity to reflect on and review your plans and values around expansion and growth.  Jupiter amplifies or expands everything he comes into contact with, hence his reputation as the Greater Benefic, bringing abundance and good fortune.

But there can also often be too much of a good thing! Scorpio represents strong emotion and energies from deep in your unconscious, the psyche. This includes your instincts, your appetites, rage, fear and the flight or fight syndrome. It is a time where it is important to dig deep and understand what you really want, rather than what you tell yourself you want.

You also need to consider what you really need which may be a different proposition. It is time to do some shadow work, discover what holds you back through your doubts and fears, what dirty laundry are you worried of having exposed, If you don’t get this right your unconscious can burst out quite spectacularly as it seeks to make you conscious. So you need to ask the hard questions. It will be critical to set the right intentions as synchronicity will enable you to act and create magic in order to realize your dreams.

Jupiter in Scorpio began on October 10 2018 and stations retrograde in its 24th degree at 23 degrees and 13 minutes of Scorpio.  The Sabian Symbol for this degree of the Zodiac is “After hearing an inspired individual deliver his sermon on the mount crowds are returning home” how appropriate!  This signifies a challenge to transformation through the need to incorporate inspiring experiences into everyday living.

Jupiter journeys back to the 14th degree or 13 degrees and 29 minutes of Scorpio where he will stations direct on July 11.  He remains in this 14th degree from June 19 to July 31, as planets slow down significantly when they change direction.  He moved through this position during his direct passage on December 13 2017.  The Sabian Symbol for the 14th degree is “Telephone linesmen at work installing new connections” again very relevant.  This symbolises our will to associate or comprehend through establishing new channels of communication.  The need to build complex means to understand and communicate with the other people in our community.

Jupiter in Scorpio will show up in your life or the houses contained from 13 to 24 degrees of Scorpio.  You can gain deeper understanding by reviewing how you have changed the way you operate, transform and how you value yourself within this part of your life since December 13 last year.  If you have any planets, angles or house cusps within this zone they will need to be considered as well as any that are positioned between the other fixed signs (of Aquarius, Taurus and Leo) within 13 degrees to 24 degrees, as Jupiter will be making square or opposition aspects to them during his retrograde passage.

In particular you need to probe more deeply into how have you not reached high enough in your plans to develop, expand or grow, especially around what you like to keep buried deep inside yourself, any areas that are “taboo” to you, or how you create magic through parts of yourself that are not easily explained.

On a collective basis we have seen at lot of exposures of unacceptable behaviour coming out since Jupiter moved into Scorpio.  Dubbed the “me too” movement by the media, it has involved women finding the courage to speak up.  This has been accentuated by the movement of Black Moon Lilith into Capricorn on November 11 2017,  Lilith represents the repressed voice of women or the feminine sensitive side of self not being allowed to be treated fairly, and in Capricorn it is coming out in the public arena through big organisations, government and very public situations where men have used power inappropriately.  Watch out when she is conjunct Scorpio’s modern ruler, Pluto around May 12 to 26, some n much bigger scandal is likely to emerge then possibly around the trial of Cardinal Pell?

Mars the traditional ruler of Scorpio goes into an “out of bounds” phase of his orbit around the Sun, from March 17 until early April, where he is out of the Sun’s influence by declination.  This happens as he moves into Capricorn adding his voice and actions to those of Saturn, Lilith and Pluto so is another time when we could expect shocking events to come out in the open during Jupiter’s retrograde journey!

March 6 Mercury into Aries

The Moon changed sign to Scorpio at 0.22 am (AEDT) later she connected with the asteroid Circe between 5 am and 9 am this morning. Circe was the shape shifting witch who turned Odysseus’ sailors into pigs delaying him on his voyage home from Troy to Greece after the war. Your dreams and thoughts in these waking hours were likely to have been a quite shocking almost taboo like quality, but would also have been iincredibly transformative, search for the hidden meanings behind the story line. This evening Mercury changes sign to Aries and your mind will become more alert and competitive, tell to move ahead with those new thought patterns and ideas, you will feel quite fired up ready to make decisions and move into action. You can’t wait to tell everyone about it all, but make sure you listen to what they have to say as well!

March 5 Pisces Party

Today its officially the “Pisces Party” as the Sun merged energy with the ruler Neptune in the sign of the Fishes around midnight before Mercury, Venus and Chiron make an exact stellium of energy between 5 am and 10 am this morning (AEDT)! Its a dreamy day where intuition and sensitivity rain as everyone has a more empathic and compassionate stance to life. Definitely not a good day to make any important decisions as you may give away what you later regret. Boundaries will also be less clear than usual. Wonderful creative time for the artists and designers amongst us. At 5.11 pm the Sun perfects a difficult quincunx aspect to the North node so some adjustments will be required on the journey towards your purpose.

to Pisces at 7.26 am (AEDT). Its been wonderful energy for our astrology conference and will take on a more spiritual flavor today. Mercury in Capricorn is making a productive sextile to Neptune in Pisces, so you will be able to think more intuitively and not dismiss more imaginative ideas and cut of hand. From 7.30 am to 1.30 pm the Moon will be merging energy with the asteroids Gaea and Nemesis, reminding us of the need to nurture not desecrate this beautiful planet we live on. Nemesis is the Goddess who makes sure good fortune is allocated as deserved, so beware of the consequences if you don’t do the right thing! The Sun will move into Aquarius at 2.08 pm maintaining the energy for the individual and humanitarian focus of our astrology community. As we always expect, the stars above are mirroring the activities of the mortals down here on Earth!

Agent 66 - Sara Gilbert

Agent 66 - Sara Gilbert

Sara’s focus is on teaching individuals tools to transform their lives.

A professional numerologist with both 11 and 6 in her core, it seems most fitting to take on the number associated with mastering compassionate love. Bringing more loving kindness to the world is her mission and focus within the C*I*A!

Agent 66 consults and shares her knowledge through “Life Spirit Connections”, the business and mini spiritual college she operates, close to Frankston. Services include consultations, courses and workshops, (in person, by Skype or correspondence), involving Astrology, Tarot, Palmistry, Numerology and the Kabbalah Tree of Life. Her astrology is psychologically based, she holds the FAA Diploma, in addition to Level One Apprenticeship in Evolutionary Astrology with Steven Forrest.

She belongs to the APA and VAA, as well as being a Professional Member of the Tarot Guild of Australia.

Agent 66 has been fascinated by mythology and the stars from childhood, her special interest is in the study of asteroids named after magical mythical archetypes. She is currently researching their impact on the astrology of individuals working in the oracular and healing fields.
Specialties: Tarot, Palmistry, Numerology Location: Melbourne – Carrum Downs Area
Email: sara@lifespriritconnections.com.au
Website: www.lifespiritconnections.com.au
Facebook: www.facebook.com/lifespiritconnection

Sara on C*I*A website – https://cosmicintelligenceagency.com/daily-astro-updates/

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