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June 28 Mercury connects with Jupiter and Neptune

As Mercury moves on, away from the Sun’s influence, he formed a tense square aspect to Jupiter around 4 am (AEST), influencing your waking dreams. Your thinking is likely to have taken a positive and optimistic turn, where you will be able to see the big picture and make long term plans more easily. Make sure you don’t overlook too many details however, or get too big for your boots and rub others up the wrong way! By 10 am his connection became stronger through a harmonious trine to Neptune, stimulating your creative imagination and making you more sensitive or ready to escape into day dreams and fantasies. This is great energy for creative projects or those that are esoteric in nature. However it may pay off to check through the details and realism in a few days time before launching off too quickly. The Moon in Leo was merging energy with her North Node in the early hours as well so you probably feel much more positive about moving forward and chasing after a few of your dreams. Between 10 pm tonight and 4 am tomorrow morning, she will be hanging out with the plutoid Orcus and the asteroid Ishtar, both of whom are used to overcoming difficult challenges. Dreams could be interesting tonight!

June 27 Creative Leo Moon

Creating new paradigms is the theme today as the Moon journeys through the sign of creativity Leo. From 7 am to 10 am she merges energy with the asteroid Atlantis, archetype of the perfect civilization long sunk beneath the oceans as greed and materialism took over and brought about its downfall. From 11 am to 2.45 pm she has a lengthy luncheon date with Apollo, the Sun God with dominion over creativity and healing himself so the vitality will be flowing. She finishes the evening from 5 pm to 9 pm with the Medea and Vesta the flame of purity and eternal security. So a perfect day for new projects to begin.

June 26 Mars trine Neptune

The Cancer Moon was merging energy with the asteroid Circe, from 1 am to 4 am this morning (AEST). So you may have had interesting themes in your dreams. The shape shifting witch from Homer’s Odyssey, she prevented Odysseus from leaving her island for many years, as he sailed home to his family after the Trojan Wars. Circe fell in love with him and turned his sailors into pigs so he couldn’t escape. She had several children by him before she eventually let him return to Greece. The Moon sailed to change sign to Leo at 8.02 am, connecting with the asteroid Persephone who spends half her time as Queen of the Underworld and the other half on Earth. Odysseus had to take a journey to the Underworld himself before he was released by Circe so there is a theme here. Mars the planet of action perfects a n easy flowing trine aspect to Neptune later today, exact at 4.18 pm. This energy makes you more conscious of other peoples wants and needs than your own, it dampens your ego drive and desire nature, so you are able to view life with more detachment than usual and feel happier when you are working to help others. Its a great time to look at your life and the world objectively and see the situation with less judgement than usual. You will also enjoy all kinds of spiritual searching to learn how you relate to others.

June 24 Cancer New Moon

The Cancer New Moon falls today June 24 at 12.32 pm in Melbourne (AEST), at 2 degrees and 47 minutes of Cancer, so in it’s 3rd degree. The Sabian symbol is “A man bundled in fur leads a shaggy deer”, the key here is a testing of the will, the need to overcome stagnation and cold during trials of endurance. The Cancer Full Moon is strongly powerful in initiating new beginnings that honor the deepest needs buried in our unconscious.
The luminaries are still within 2 degrees of Hekate, so her magical powers of connecting between the realms can be drawn upon to help us deal with the insecurities brought up by the apparent chaos going on the World around us. Sol and Luna can also draw on a wide out of sign square to Chiron in Pisces, to provide an additional impetus for healing.
With the Sun and Moon in the sign of Cancer, the energetic focus is on:
• Ensuring stability and safety for yourself and those you love
• Your family unit and your home environment
• Sentiment and nostalgia, remembering the past
• Avoiding conflict and change,
• Trying to move away from challenging situations
• Worrying about the well-being of those you love
• Responding emotionally and instinctively to situations
• Looking after your mother or mothering in general
• Being sensitive to the feelings of those around you
Art by Susan Seddon Boulet

June 23 Moon and Ceres

The Moon remains in Gemini today social and curious about what new things can be learned. Between 3.30 pm and 11.30 pm tonight (AEST) she will be hanging out with a stellium consisting of the asteroids Medusa, Mnemosyne and the dwarf planet Ceres. Medusa was the mother of the mystical flying horse Pegasus, who lost her head to the hero Perseus as part of his quest. She had fallen foul of Pallas Athens and was turned into a monster who turned all who gazed upon her face into statues, just for being beautiful and getting raped! Mnemosyne was the Goddess of Remembering, whose mission was to ensure that the wisdom contained in the myths surrounding the Gods was not forgotten. She also mothered the 9 Muses to inspire writers and artists to create poems, theatre, statues and paintings enshrining their memory through the ages. I spoke of Ceres Greek counterpart Demeter yesterday, she is the archetype for Mother Earth, the harvest and mothering in general. The first asteroid to be discovered, due to her size, she has the feel of being the stronger side of the archetype who demanded her daughter back to ensure the future of mankind through the seasons.

June 22 Focus Moved to Cancer

The Sun and Mercury merged their energy exactly at 14 minutes past Midnight, following on from the Cancer Solstice. They join Mars who has been in the sign since June 5 and your emphasis is firmly focused on protecting your home and those people you are closest too and love in the depths of your heart, your family. Like the crab whose hard carapace surrounds a soft and gooey centre. Cancer is where we give and receive love at the deepest level, so you need to review who you love and who brings the most love into your life at this time. Between 1 am and 4.30 am the Moon merged energy with Sedna, so your dreams could have featured an element of any betrayals you received from your father or alternatively your love of the sea mammals, the seals, dolphins and whales. At 8.44 am the Moon changes sign from Taurus into Gemini and merges energy with Selena, the White Moon, and the asteroids Kassandra and Demeter until 2.30 pm. So quite a somber mood this morning, Kassandra could see clearly what lay ahead but was unable to get anyone to believe her and Demeter spent a sad time searching for her beloved daughter creating our first Winter before she was returned to her initiating Spring. Perhaps an overall message today, that whilst loving deeply can result in pain, there is a silver lining at the end and love conquers all.

June 21 Sun Hekate Conjunction for Solstice

Hekate joins the Sun for a transformational Cancer Solstice tomorrow June 21 at 2.24 pm (AEST).  This is the true start of Winter here in the Southern Hemisphere with the shortest amount of daylight and the reverse Summer Solstice happening in the North. This year the scene is set by some other interesting ingress movements into Cancer with the asteroid Hekate moving into the sign some thirteen hours before the Sun at 1.24 am and Mercury around five hours later.  At the time the Sun reaches Cancer he is moving towards an applying partile conjunction with Hekate just 10 minutes off being exact.  Mercury has another 31 minutes of arc to catch up with the Sun from the previous sign of Gemini, their exact conjunction occurs just after midnight on June 22.

So what does a Sun Hekate conjunction portray for the changing of the seasons and the setting of energy for the three months to follow until the Libra Eqinox in September.  Hekate is an extremely powerful Titan Goddess who has dominion over the crossroads, periods of transformation where there are decisions to be made around which path to take.  She was a psychopomp like Mercury able to travel between Earth and the Underworld as well as the Heavens.  As such she acted as a midwife between the worlds and across the veils which is probably why she was later adopted as Goddess to the witches, but she was much more than that.  The world is certainly at a time of crossroads at the moment, where we seem to be moving towards more discrimination of difference between each other on a global basis.

Cancer is the archetype of love, mothering, nurturing supportive and feeling energy, which encourages us to provide safe havens for ourselves and those we love.  We need to be careful this energy doesn’t become to restrictive though and that we extend it outwards towards our neighbours.

The day begins with the Moon merging energy with the asteroid Lilith from 12.30 am to 4 am.  The energy of all that has been repressed around the feminine and m women’s status in the world.  From 7 am to 10 am she moves on to connect with Venus, followed by Venus’ unfortunate husband in Olympus, the asteroid for the crippled Smith God Hephaestus from 2 pm until 5 pm (which includes the exact time of the Solstice).  After Mercury enters Cancer, the Moon moves on to lighten the mood with Hebe, Cup Bearer to the Gods and Goddess of Youth and Playfulness.

There has been a healing square aspect between the Sun and now Mercury with Chiron the Wounded Healer which makes us more aware of taking action on our individual wounds.  Now that Hekate and Mercury are both in position to help us journey into the depths of our personal underworlds, that healing can become further strengthened by the change of sign to Cancer and our movement out of our minds in Gemini into the more loving, intuitive and feeling energy of our hearts.

June 20 Chiron’s Healing Journey Continues On!

The Sun squared Chiron exactly at 8.25 am this morning encouraging us to reassess and think deeply about the wounds and issues our natal Chiron indicates, especially as they relate to creativity, expressing ourself, our willpower and our ability to sparkle. The Moon was merging energy with the asteroids Pallas Athena, Sekhmet and the planet Uranus, earlier whilst we were sleeping, giving us the unconscious energy and drive to take on our demons and shine clearly into the future. It is important not to let our pride and ego get in the way of this healing process and admit our own input to past hurts. Chiron has been in the spotlight for much of this year through an ongoing square with Saturn which waxes and wanes as they move back and forward, due to their retrograde cycles. This becomes more exact again in the last few months of the year. Saturn encourages us to take responsibility for healing our past wounds instead of blaming others we see as having caused them. So this optimises the potential of any healing aspects to Chiron from other planets that are taking place. Positive connections between Mercury/Uranus and Venus/Neptune enable us to think outside the box and use our imagination wisely to assist in the process.

June 19 Busy Day in the Sky!

Lots of action from the Sun, Venus and Mercury today. Your curiosity and imagination will be stimulated today and you will find it easier to remain true to the authentic you with the Sun making a productive sextile to Uranus. Its a good time to change the environment around you. and break free of restriction. Mercury perfected his opposition to Saturn early this morning as he moves closer towards the Sun. Its a time when your thoughts zero in on the big picture in life expanding your mind and your horizons, how do you fit into the big picture. This could make you a little blue but the way to go is to see the positives and change what is within your control, your mind! Venus forms an awkward quincunx aspect to Jupiter late this evening so you may be tempted to let others talk you into helping with their responsibilities, dont let this weigh you down, focus on your own goals and don’t let them tempt you to take on too much. With Mercury sextiling the North Node just before midnight its time to have your goals and purpose on your mind not other people’s. The Aries Moon will merge energy with the beautiful asteroids Iris and Asteria from 10.30 pm to 3.30 am so pay attention to your dreams those two archetypes can only tell you the truth and point you towards your own true purpose.

June 18 Chiron, Orpheus and Osiris continue the journey on

The Pisces Moon began the dream time merging energy with Chiron from midnight through to 3 am this morning, so the healing vibe continued on into your unconscious state. Chiron will be receiving a lot of wake up calls this week with first the Sun and then Mercury making a conflicting square just before the Solstice on Wednesday. This is likely bring up situations which challenge you to dig deeper with potential for resolving past traumas. The Moon changed sign to Aries at 3.54 am starting another 4 week cycle through the Zodiac. From 8 am through to 4.30 pm she will make close connection with the asteroids Orpheus and Osiris so the emphasis today remains firmly in the unconscious. Orpheus used his musical genius to gain entrance to the Underworld, charming his way past Cerberus and even convincing Persephone and Hades to let him lead his dead wife Eurydice out to the land of the living. Unfortunately his lost his self-belief at the last moment. Osiris was the beloved Egyptian God of Agriculture and the Land, before his untimely death and resurrection through the great love of Isis made him God of Transformation and the Afterlife. So it is a day to let your creativity flow and work its magic on the continuation of your healing journey. I’m taking a rare Sunday Sabbatical from the Expos to recover from the busy time at MBS last weekend. Blessings

June 17 Healing energy from Imhotep

Today is a good time for moving forward plans towards your life purpose and how you shine! The North Node in Leo points the way forward and the Gemini Sun perfects a productive sextile aspect to this beacon at 10.47 am (AEST). You won’t just get lucky, but any significant effort you put into promoting yourself and moving the projects you are passionate about forward, will be rewarded. The Pisces Moon merges energy with the asteroid Imhotep this afternoon between 3 pm and 6.30 pm adding a strong healing component to what you are building. Imhotep as a master healer builder in Egypt in the period of the Pharoah Djoser. He was the architect of the oldest pyramid and sacred geometry healing complex at Saqqara just outside Cairo. The practise there used toning to diagnose and heal those who presented to be helped. Imhotep was deified at the end of his life and given the parentage of Ptah and Sekhmet due to her associations with healing through their son Nefertem. So the energy is especially positive for those pursuing a purpose in all manner of healing disciplines.

June 16 Neptune Stations Retrograde

It is Neptune’s turn to begin his annual inner journey tomorrow at 9.09 pm when he Stations Retrograde and we start to strip away our fantasies and illusions and focus on the reality which sits beneath. Mercury forms an inconjunct or quincunx to Pluto a few hours earlier which will bring out the judgemental side of your nature impeding your ability to make consistent progress, Its a time where being more trusting will pay dividends. From 9.30 pm to 5 am on Saturday morning the Moon in Pisces will meet up with a stellium of Neptune with the asteroids Kepler and Horus. Your dreams may explore the spiritual truths that sit at the basis of astrology’s history as well as that of Egypt in the period following on from the rule of Isis and Osiris.

June 15 Sun Opposite Saturn – Got the Blues?

Has it been feeling like what you want to achieve is just out of reach or people and circumstances are standing in your way of achieving it? The Sun has been moving closer to an opposition with Saturn which becomes exact around 8.17 pm tonight (AEST). This makes you more aware of the limitations you are facing, but helps you to get real about working out how they can be overcome. You could also find feelings of loneliness or being unable to communicate with others becoming rather overwhelming. There is a need to find a balance point between what you feel responsible and obliged to do and what is closer to your heart and how you long to express yourself without a sense of responsibility. Your energy is probably low and you may not feel like making an effort today, try to find something you can do on your own that requires deep concentration and you will be able to use the energy more positively.Between 11 am and 2.30 pm the Aquarian Moon connects with her South Node bringing up repressed feelings from the past around feeling isolated within a group or tribe. However once she changes sign to Pisces, again around 8.17 pm, she will be merging energy with the asteroid Merlin until around 11 pm and magic will become possible through your imagination and spiritual nature coming to the fore.

June 14 Mercury Under the Spotlight

The focus is on Mercury today, the planet which has dominion over our mind, the way we think, learn, receive information, speak and write. He also oversees short journeys and business transactions. What kind of messages are you putting out or receiving? Mercury made exact an easy flowing trine aspect to Jupiter the planet of big picture activity, spirituality and justice early this morning. So its a great time to make plans for overseas trips or ongoing courses and activities which expand your knowledge. This afternoon a more challenging square to Neptune will come into focus as well. This will make it hard to get your messages through to others without any misunderstandings taking place. There could be a fair amount of confusion involved all round. You may not feel like dealing with anything unpleasant that comes up, but avoiding the issue is likely to have even worse implications down the track. Better to face it head on but be careful to be extremely careful and direct in your choice of words. Mercury transits are pretty short lived we only feel the effects for a day or so. However its worth keeping in mind that he moves out of bounds from the Sun by declination from this Friday for about a month and will be a bit freer than usual to follow his true nature. He can be a bit of a tricky little fellow. Remember he stole his brother Apollo’s cattle in his first day of life whilst still in the cradle!

June 13 Moon with Pele, Gaea, Nemesis and Diana

Bit tried after a big three days at MBS and over 40 readings 🙂 Early tomorrow morning the Moon will merge energy with the asteroid Pele, Hawaiian Goddess of the Volcano. So your dreams could have a fiery component to them between 5 am and 9 am tomorrow. At 9.44 am the Moon changes changes sign to Aquarius and then from 10.30 am to 2.30 pm she catches up with the asteroid Gaea, Mother Earth and the focus moves to the effect humanity is having on our beautiful planet. From 5 pm to 11 pm in the evening the Moon has a final conference with Nemesis and Diana, so the emphasis remains with the environment around us and the justice in how well we are dealing with it.

June 12 Moon with Astraea, Juno and Pluto

Another day reading for 16 beautiful people, I feel truly blessed for the lovely downloads I was given through my cards. The Moon in Capricorn was so huge in the sky when we were driving home from the city this evening, so beautiful! From 2 am to 6.30 am (AEST) tomorrow morning, she will be merging energy with the asteroids Astraea and Juno while we are dreaming. Astraea was too pure and beautiful to work with mankind and pleaded to be allowed to move to the heavens as the constellation of Virgo. Juno or Hera was the third asteroid to be discovered, the archetype of the peacock and Jupiter’s Queen of Olympus. She is the Goddess of Marriage and proudly demands to be given the respect she feels she deserves. So your dreams should have an interesting quality tonight. Between 9 am and 1.30 pm the Moon moves on for her monthly conference with Pluto Dark Lord of the Underworld, so you will be diving deep to the depths of your psyche and considering the transformation you are ready to undertake this time.

June 11 Moon with Achilles and Hygeia

Great day at MBS today reading for 16 lovely people. Tomorrow in Capricorn the Moon meets up with the asteroid Achilles between 4 am and 7.30 am (AEST), whist we will be dreaming. Achilles was the quintessential warrior who brings us exceptional courage in any kind of battle we face. Then in the evening from 7 pm to 11 pm she meets up with the asteroid Hygeia Goddess of Healing through healthy habits. She oftentended the snakes in her father Asclepius’ dream temples.

June 10 Hallowed Moon

The hallowed Moon was so beautiful in the sky this evening, formed by clouds and moisture in the air. The Sun formed an awkward quincunx aspect to Pluto tonight challenging us to make adjustments to repetitive patterns in our lives that we just don’t want to look at. Life will only become more uncomfortable and slow us down from achieving our goals if we don’t fave up to the music! Jupiter stations Direct at just 2 minutes past midnight and finally we can take action on some of those recognitions we have made since early February about the restrictions our relationships place on our authentic integrity to our true self. The Moon sails forward and merges energy with Saturn from 9 am to 1 pm tomorrow morning. It may bring a slow start and make you feel a bit blue but things will perk up from 3 pm to 7 pm as the Moon moves on to the youthful energy of Hebe, Goddess of Youth and cup bearer to the Gods before changing sign to Capricorn at 9.36 pm.

June 9 Sagittarius Full Moon

The Sagittarius Full Moon will fall tonight 9 June, at 11.11 pm (AEST).   Luna will be at 18 degrees and 53 minutes, the 19th degree of Sagittarius with the Sun opposite in Gemini.

The Sabian Symbol for the Moon, at 19 degrees of Sagittarius, was described as ”Pelicans menaced by the behavior and refuse of men seek safer areas for bringing up their young”.  This brings to our attention the damage current technology is doing to the minds and feeling nature of new generations in addition to the global environment.  It speaks of the need to discover a new way of living and more wholesome surroundings in order to survive.

The Sun at 19 degrees of Gemini, has the symbol of “A large archaic volume reveals a traditional wisdom”, which speaks of the seed-knowledge from which the human mind grows, producing cultures of various types on a cyclic basis.  This knowledge consists of the structure of all cyclic and cosmic manifestations of life that exists on this planet, the foundations of nature itself.  So we are being tasked to shine light on the environment and how our actions now have an ongoing impact out into the future.

The Sagittarius Full Moon is close by Saturn which will make us more aware of natural law and the way our belief systems have been slowly eroded by fear and material greed.  Saturn reminds us to follow the changes required through his Fire Grand Trine with Uranus and the North Node, pointing towards future purpose.

The Sun is conjunct the asteroid Mnemosyne reminding us to remember the moral codes written down in the myths passed on from generation to generation.  He forms a wider conjunction to the dwarf planet Ceres re-emphasizing the need to care for the land we inhabit.

Uranus has moved away from Eris and is merging energy with the asteroids Isis and Pythia, so change is likely to be more magical and prophetic rather than disruptive.

The next day Jupiter in Libra stations Direct at 13 degrees and 12 minutes, squared by the asteroids Eos the Dawn, and Nephthys, Isis’ shadow sister, also a magical energy for moving between life and death.  It’s time to take action on what we believe in and how we relate to the world, principles we have been reviewing since Jupiter stationed Retrograde on February 6.

Agent 66 - Sara Gilbert

Agent 66 - Sara Gilbert

Sara’s focus is on teaching individuals tools to transform their lives.

A professional numerologist with both 11 and 6 in her core, it seems most fitting to take on the number associated with mastering compassionate love. Bringing more loving kindness to the world is her mission and focus within the C*I*A!

Agent 66 consults and shares her knowledge through “Life Spirit Connections”, the business and mini spiritual college she operates, close to Frankston. Services include consultations, courses and workshops, (in person, by Skype or correspondence), involving Astrology, Tarot, Palmistry, Numerology and the Kabbalah Tree of Life. Her astrology is psychologically based, she holds the FAA Diploma, in addition to Level One Apprenticeship in Evolutionary Astrology with Steven Forrest.

She belongs to the APA and VAA, as well as being a Professional Member of the Tarot Guild of Australia.

Agent 66 has been fascinated by mythology and the stars from childhood, her special interest is in the study of asteroids named after magical mythical archetypes. She is currently researching their impact on the astrology of individuals working in the oracular and healing fields.
Specialties: Tarot, Palmistry, Numerology Location: Melbourne – Carrum Downs Area
Email: sara@lifespriritconnections.com.au
Website: www.lifespiritconnections.com.au
Facebook: www.facebook.com/lifespiritconnection

Sara on C*I*A website – https://cosmicintelligenceagency.com/daily-astro-updates/

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