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Black Moon Lilith in Scorpio- Fall and Redemption- Part 2

George Lucas, the writer and director of Star Wars, commented that he chose an actor who had that much needed presence of the Dark side to play Anakin Sky Walker and that Hayden Christensen was very good in sustaining an undercurrent of this Dark side. and that's why he was chosen for the role.Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 3.06.36 pm Anakin throughout the saga, becomes seduced by the ...

Mercury Retrograde of April/ May 2016

Mercury is about to retrograde yet again, this time for the second of three loops in 2016 and I am sure that you eagerly anticipating more warnings concerning signing documents; losing keys; data disappearing into the cloud; electricity outages; communications mishaps and delays? But is the purpose of this thrice annual cycle to frustrate and annoy you? Is it solely about negative things happening?

The Presence of the Fundamental Force - Astrology

Celestia Mathematica: The Presence of the Fundamental Force -2015 Kepler College Community Astrological Lecture Series. How simple mathematics and number theory is beginning to back up the foundations of astrological systems, and who those systems connect to more than just individual psychology but all organic and inorganic forms as well.

Holy War – Mars Retrogrades in Sagittarius April 2016

“Spring ahead, fall back” is a mnemonic that helps some folks (in the Northern Hemisphere) remember that clocks are pushed ahead for daylight savings time in the spring, and back for standard time in the autumn. Yet it also sums up nicely the flow of the astrological year: we begin to spring ahead with the Aries ingress, when the sun enters the first sign of the zodiac. Above the equator or below, it’s a time of beginnings.

The March 9th 2016, Solar Eclipse

The first solar eclipse in a series can strike the planet either at the south or north pole. If the eclipse occurs at the descending lunar Node, then it hits Earth at the south pole. The reverse is true of an eclipse at the ascending Node. The series beginning at that south pole will then slowly work its way north every 18.03 years. The series will expire with the last eclipse striking the north pole. The eclipses at the extremes are the peripheral eclipses which tend to be weak

Want to reach a higher level of Consciousness?

I like to think of the raising of consciousness like a pursuit in life that one will never totally reach, a bit like happiness, you can find fulfilment in your life through your general attitude, but you will never fully arrive at that place where all the problems disappear. This is also true for consciousness, you can become more conscious, present and aware. But you will never fully arrive at the place where your mind is totally in the moment all the time

Full Moon in Virgo 22nd Feb UT 2016

Although Virgo is an Earth Sign, it is ruled by Mercury/Hermes who is the god of communication. Hence this Full Moon draws our attention to both mental analysis and practical action. Virgo’s main objective at all times is to be of efficient, effective and useful service. In order to do so, Virgo requires extensive analysis of the different options and possibilities that are available. Its strength is its ability to effectively dissect and synthesise large amounts of information

Mars Attacks

The Sun and Mars are currently waxing into a square that will be exact the 6th of February at 17 degrees Scorpio-Aquarius. Both signs strive for change and inspire you to take action for a better future. However, you will not show any mercy for those who are attempting to stand in your way, hinder your expression or show you disrespect. The challenge now is to not loose your head over small details or let

Saturn in Sagittarius - Shooting for the Stars

Sagittarius is one of the brightest areas of the night sky. The numerous nebulae and star clusters of the Milky Way are at their densest and the Galactic Center is at 27 degrees of Sagittarius. On the day before Christmas 2015 (UT) the beautiful multi-ringed Saturn, entered the tropical sign of the Archer.


by C*I*A Agent Chuckle No. 937 (Chuck Hungerford)If ‘War and Peace’ were the Aries/Libra theme, what would be the Virgo/Pisces slogan? ‘ Work and play’? Serve and pray? Heal Away?

Astrological Ceres

Correlating to the mother archetype, Ceres in the natal chart represents a matrix from which we will create a personal identity and relationship prototypes. Our ability to bond, to trust, to be self-expressive, to feel safe enough to openly share our heart, to feel nourished and to nurture is seen within the Ceres chart signature.

Equinox Intention Mission Activation

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Top 10 Cosmic Star Songs

Our Top 10 Star songs! Yes there are others we could add but we had to decide on only 10! What would you add?

NEPTUNE: The Nemesis OR The Knight?

Like the PI in Pisces or Phi in the golden mean, Neptunian energy…

Uranus and Pluto Take 7

Pluto and Uranus Take 7 - * 17th March 2015 – 15 deg Cap –…
Uranus Astrology

Uranus square Pluto Take 6 - Breakthrough!

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