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Each month Agent 12 Julija is joined by one of our Agents from around the globe, for great discussions, insights and teachings.
Times and dates vary depending on Agent availability and aligning time zones.

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 Black Moon Lilith in Sagittarius 
Monday February 19/20th,  –
 10:00 am AEDT ,
Sunday evening  –  6:00pm EST, 3:00pm -PST, CST , 5:00pm


Black Moon Lilith in Sagittarius – 

In this C*I*A webinar, we will be looking deeper into what Black Moon Lilith is really about – the lunar apogee, gravity, concentration of matter, forming the body, our visceral register – and what incredible life enhancing potential she brings!
We will also approach her next 9-month transit through Sagittarius (13/Feb to 9/Nov/2017)  at both collective and personal dimensions.
Adventurous and rebellious BML in Sagittarius is a calling to own one’s ethics, and affirm the truth which comes from the core. She will ignite the mutable fire in our collective undercurrent, to further open our horizons, and inspire us to stand for what is truthful and meaningful to us, transforming culture and defying the status quo!

Guess who has BML in Sagittarius in their natal astro chart?
To name just a few, Martin Luther King, Deepak Chopra, Dante Aligiere, Audrey Hepburn, Susan Sarandon, Oliver Stone and Noam Chompsky and Agent 12.
Henry Thoureau’s classic, though very up to date, book Civil Disobedience published in 1849, says it all!
BML in Sagittarius is about owning and abiding to our ethical principals from within, thinking for ourselves and acting accordingly. It’s about taking our stand  as individuals in the collective space, daring to, when needed, break the laws of physics and the urban space, just like Le Pakour.
Parkour is a form of body art that re-calibrates an individual in the collective urban environment. Not surprisingly Founder of Parkour David Belle, has  BML in Sagittarius too!

An exciting time of visceral fire is upon us now and for the next 9 Months starting, calling us to be creative in our actions.
Learn how to better channel such potent energy into creative ways, with our BML specialist Agent 55, in this very up to date and informative C*I*A Webinar

Mean Node BML was in Sagittarius in Years
Jan  64- Oct 64
Dec 72- Sep 73
Oct 81 – June 82
Aug 90 – April 91
June 99 – March 2000
April 08 – Jan 09
Feb 17 – Nov 17

Check where your BML is in your chart with this ephemeris showing the Mean Node of Lilith

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Maggie Merlin Kerr  – Leading Australian Astrologer, check out Maggie’s profile and articles
Julija Simas Agent 12 – C*I*A Founder, consultant astrologer, writer, webmaster

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This video, is an introduction and welcome to our C*I*A collective members, yet we have opened it up for everyone to have a look and listen too, in order for you all to get a better idea of what we offer in our Monthly webinar each month.
Watch this intro video by Agent 12 Julija, explaining what to expect in our members monthly webinar series and a few things to consider as you begin or continue your astrological journey with the C*I*A.

CHECK OUT THE LAST WEBINAR WE DID for December 2016 with Agent Ei – Andrew Smith

Agent12 - Julija

Agent12 - Julija

More about Julija here:
The founder, motivator, designer and instigator of the C*I*A, the wheel behind the cogs. Agent 12 started the C*I*A with the grand idea that the world needs unity, a grand vision and a plan. In it’s own small way Julija hopes the Agency can contribute to raising consciousness, global awareness, unified thought and a better world through the fascinating world of Astrology. Completing a Diploma in applied astrology from “Astrosynthesis”- Melbourne, Julija wrote her finishing thesis- on the ANIMA MUNDI- in 2005 inspiring her to put her ideas into motion, regardless of how idealistic and kooky they may have seemed at the time. She found a few interested Agents and started the ball rolling. Agent 12 – contributes to many articles and ideas on the site, organizes C*I*A events and promotes Anima Mundi awareness.
Julija currently teaches 20 C*I*A students at 2 levels, has a monthly Astro Group in Melbourne and spends all the rest of her professional time devoted to the C*I*A website, workshop and events.

Contact Julija –

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