Cosmic Consciousness and Astrology – MONTHLY C*I*A WEBINAR

with Agent 12 Julija Simas

Each Month different C*I*A Agents get together to take you through what to watch for in the month ahead,  how to adapt the transiting planets to your astrology chart. Join live to ask questions or have your chart looked at!

This March we look at the Aries Equinox the begining of our astrological year and the month of Aries, the current Venus retrograde as she begins a new cycle as the morning star. We will also get you prepared for the next Mercury retrograde loop that begins April 10th, peaks April 20th and finishes May 4th joined to Uranus and Eris!
Should keep things most interesting for us all!

This Month Julija is joined by Agent 128 Christina Caudill from Florida.
Times and dates vary depending on Agent availability and aligning time zones.

Previous MONTH AHEAD WEBINAR’s Available to watch, for all C*I*A MEMBERS, or make individual purchases here:

Cosmic Consciousness and Astrology Monthly Webinar- NEXT March 21st/22nd
21st Tuesday Afternoon – 3pm – PDT
22nd WEDNESDAY morning  9am –  AEDT

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Coming UP April 22nd – exact date time TBA, Julija is joined by Agent 127 Kelly Surtees as we look at the nodal shift coming up early May to Leo-Aquarius!

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This video, is an introduction and welcome to our C*I*A collective members, yet we have opened it up for everyone to have a look and listen too, in order for you all to get a better idea of what we offer in our Monthly webinar each month.
Watch this intro video by Agent 12 Julija, explaining what to expect in our members monthly webinar series and a few things to consider as you begin or continue your astrological journey with the C*I*A.

CHECK OUT  A WEBINAR WE DID for December 2016 with Agent Ei – Andrew Smith

Agent12 - Julija

Agent12 - Julija

More about Julija here:
The founder, motivator, designer and instigator of the C*I*A, the wheel behind the cogs. Agent 12 started the C*I*A with the grand idea that the world needs unity, a grand vision and a plan. In it’s own small way Julija hopes the Agency can contribute to raising consciousness, global awareness, unified thought and a better world through the fascinating world of Astrology. Completing a Diploma in applied astrology from “Astrosynthesis”- Melbourne, Julija wrote her finishing thesis- on the ANIMA MUNDI- in 2005 inspiring her to put her ideas into motion, regardless of how idealistic and kooky they may have seemed at the time. She found a few interested Agents and started the ball rolling. Agent 12 – contributes to many articles and ideas on the site, organizes C*I*A events and promotes Anima Mundi awareness.
Julija currently teaches 20 C*I*A students at 2 levels, has a monthly Astro Group in Melbourne and spends all the rest of her professional time devoted to the C*I*A website, workshop and events.

Contact Julija –

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