Invite the C*I*A Agents to your next event.
We’ll inform You!

Astrology, Tarot, Dreams, Palm readings for corporate or private events, christmas functions, special events, girls nights, boys nights, mixed nights, birthdays.

Treat your clients or friends to Astrological readings, dream analysis, Tarot or Palm readings or any combinations of above. All combinations are available depending on your event, theme and specifications.

Invite an Astrologer to speak at your next Xmas event or annual lunch or invite them to prepare an individual reading one by one for all your guests in a separate space nearby. Or have some fun, have a Palm reader or Tarot reader teach your group some basic tarot or palm reading techniques.

Many options are available and we can fine tune your needs depending on budgets, time and amount of people attending your function.   Our C*I*A  agents are gifted, talented and friendly and are more than happy to share their insights with you, all our Agents are professionals with years of experience.

Do something different invite the C*I*A to your next event we’ll inform You!

Please note booking early will guarantee you get what you require for your event, especially during Xmas periods.

For More Info and booking inquiries please call Julija – 0417 988 512 or email   [email protected]

Day events $120 per hour  per agent
Night and Weekend events $150 per hour per agent

Writers: For articles ranging from Sun Sign columns to more serious articles about current and upcoming astrological trends. We have many experienced writers within our agency, from experts in psychological, traditional, mundane(politics and nations) and pop culture(celebrities). Please call or email regarding your specific needs. Charges vary depending on length of articles, turnaround time or research needed.

Speakers: Need someone to talk to your group, clients or audience. Whether it be for Radio, TV conferences, study or private groups .We have many confident, experienced and very well informed speakers within our agency for :
Astrological insights and current trends :
Dreamwork :Myth:
Palm Reading
Astrology and the Night Sky, events

Prices vary depending on specific needs and time involved.
We have many experienced agents available please contact us for any advice, ideas and any event planning that you may need help with.

Julija – 0417 988 512 or email   [email protected]

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