Reflections on a Uranus Return – David Hamblin

Agent 144 Alex Trenoweth


Harmonics in Astrology: The Grace of Numbers with Alex Trenoweth – Webinar Jan 28th 2021


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Replay Black Moon Lilith in Taurus –

Agent 55 Vanessa Guazzelli Paim, Agent 12 Julija Simas

Black Moon Lilith in Taurus – Agent 55 Vanessa Guazzelli and Agent 12 Julija Simas look into Black Moon Lilith her movements being the apogee of the Moon’s orbit and the coming transit of Black Moon Lilith through Taurus from Oct 21, 2020 – 18/Jul/2021. In this recap the Agent 55 also pinpoints what was the most important aspect of the current BML through Aries transit, look into and what BML in Taurus will bring about for the coming 9 months, with some key examples, as well as observe BML”s relation to the Big Picture of the Great Mutation. More with Agent 55 Vanessa on this topic at our coming webinar!

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