PART 1  – Julija and Olga
PART 2 – 6 hours – Alex, Liz Laura and guests
PART 3 – 4 hours – Demetrius, Louise, Tara, Gaisheda

PART 1 – Solstice Festival DEC 21st 2020

Agent 12 Julija Simas, Agent 33 Olga Morales


Laura Boomer, Alex Trenoweth, Liz Hathway


Demetrius Bagley, Louise Edington, Gaisheda Kheawork, Tara Greene

The MAGIC Box Prophecy- DEC 21st, 2020 Solstice Ceremony

Agent 12 Julija Simas, Agent 33 Olga Morales

Find out all about the Magic Box Prophecy and the Sacred Solstice Ceremony taking place at Uluru 21st December 2020, as Agent 12 Julija Simas and Agent 33 Olga Morales of the C*I*A Interview Steve and Evan Strong from Forgotten Origins, explaining to us what this Prophecy is all about and how we can all be involved at this very special time on the planet. SCROLL down for VIDEO.

“There is a new vibrational resonance for Earth as we enter the “Dawn” of an Age of Aquarius, ushered in by the Great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn at zero degrees of Aquarius. A gift from the Pleiades, the Magic Box is an intergalactic crystal device waiting to be activated by humans. A ceremony at Uluru on at the Solstice 21st Dec at 9.02pm AEDT, 7.32pm ULURU, is planned by the Original Elders with the intention to gather a global network of people to meditate in unison with the collective focus on Uluru and the box. Get prepared t join in for this with this special invitation and explanation! The prophecy reveals that the box will absorb this pure human intention and activate the crystal, which in turn will distribute energy to all the sacred sites, ley lines and Dreaming tracks all over the world. The expectation is that the activation of the global grid will increase the frequency of the Earth plane therefore raising its vibration to a higher dimension.!”

Learn more about the Original prophecy and how you can join the global meditation.

MORE here with – Steve and Evan Strong from Forgotten Origin who were the first to share this information.

Make sure to join the C*I*A on the Solstice as we invite you to join us for a round the world, round the clock special event celebrating this Sacred Solstice and the Jupiter and Saturn great mutation to AIR signs on the same day!