By Agent 12 Julija Simas

Venus and Mars meet at Leo 20°:
This Symbol shows the need for people in society to regularly indulge in ceremonies, rituals or initiations that bond people together. You may feel the need to get back to natural elements, responding more to your intuitive feelings than rational structure. People enjoy coming together to revere and respect both the natural environment and others in their society. The ways of cultures, ancient and new, can provide a wonderful platform for performing rituals, whether they be spiritual or social. This degree can show a desire to return to nature and reveling in the larger picture. There is, also, a need to show respect if you go into traditional acts of other cultures; to be careful not to insult other people’s ways and beliefs.
A sense of spirit. Ritual and worship. Sweat lodges. Native traditions = spiritual refreshment. Ceremonial dances. Vision quests. Fasting. Drums. Baptisms of fire.
The Caution: Egoistic responses leading to narrowed perspectives. Losing sight of why rituals are performed. Cult worship. Sunstroke. Losing identity in one’s own culture.
Venus and Mars get closer in Leo – igniting a most creative spark in all of us.
Venus and Mars meet mostly every 2 years, and sometimes 3 times, or sometimes every year, or twice – it’s an unplanned, ongoing cosmic romance.
Their last few meetings have been in Virgo 2019, 2017, and 2015. Their last meeting was in Aug 2019 @ Virgo 4° and was behind the Sun, invisible to us.
Their last meeting in Leo was at 14° in Sep 2015 as they met in morning skies with Venus retrograde. They will never meet with Mars retrograde as Venus’s orbit is tied to the Sun.
This week July 13th they will meet at 19°48′ Leo in visible evening skies, then again next year at 17° Capricorn, after Venus’ rx and again on 6th March at 00° Aquarius.
It’s worth considering what this means to you, as Venus and Mars come closer, it’s not just about love and romance, but about a very real and positive look at your own story, your own love of life, your devotion to making it joyful and happy, your unique spark in how you go about creating it!
This meeting also occurs on one of Venus’ magical Star Points 20° Leo – have fun being a Creator to spark off something you love!
Venus moves into Leo, for a quick 3 week visit as she is still moving faster than the Sun reaching new heights in evening skies.

Watch Venus evening star rise and rise over coming months:

– peaking for
max elongation – Oct 29th – 23° Sag,

greatest brilliancy – Dec 4th – 22° Cap

June 29th – Her first aspect moving thru Leo, is to Jupiter by 150 Quincunx – pointing out the need to believe and trust in our daring new approach, for success.
July 4th – A direct connection by sextile and trine to the nodal axis a few days later, adds a long wanted boost to our way forward.
July 6th – An opposition to Saturn, and yet trine to Chiron tests our patience, yet confirms our approach.
July 9th – Followed by a square to Uranus, is that extra push to get over the line to free ourselves and be enlightened from previous obstructions and doubts.
July 11th – Watch for Venus and Mars as they are high-lit by the fresh New Moon in western evening skies. A sight to behold.
July 13th – The highlight of Venus’ transit thru Leo, is her meeting with Mars at 20° Leo – heat, desire, passion ignite, out in the open in evening skies, for their first meeting since August 2019(which was a secret meet behind the Sun)
July 17th – Venus creates a YOD with Neptune and Pluto – connecting ourselves, to the greater shifts and transforming world around us, how do our wants fit with bigger picture!

July 22nd – Venus Moves to Virgo opposing Jupiter

– there is a reason for everything, believe in what you are doing!

As Venus is the harmonising and connecting principle in our planetary pantheon, connecting the dots thru her quick moves, like a cosmic Bee, out there collecting honey from what she is most attracted to.

What we attract to ourselves with Venus in Leo – amps the frequency of the Law of Attraction – to find, joy, love and satisfaction, for in Virgo, Venus takes the honey back to the hive, for some good reason.

For now go get that honey!