C*I*A Webinars

C*I*A Webinar - Chiron in Aries Part 2 - Chiron gets a New Look!

After 8 years in the sign of Pisces are we ready to take on the journey of the wounded healer in Aries? Without going over last weeks content from Chiron in Aries webinar Part 1 with Agent 95, Sheri – In part 2, Julija will be presenting some extra material on this vast subject as Chiron moves through Aries over the next 8 years. What to look out for, what to look back at as Chiron the wounded healer, wise teacher, guru – gets a New Look! Plenty of great content and research has been put into this webinar to help get you inspired with Chiron at the begining of a brand new cycle! What does it mean for you, what does it mean for the planet? The webinar will consist of Q and A from our attendees, and chart examples from our members , so please come with your questions about the transit of Chiron through Aries!

Venus Star Point Capricorn -Webinar 5th January 2018

Following on from our previous Venus Star webinar - Aries in March 2017, we continue the series to honour the next Venus Star point which will be exact on January 9th 2018 UT (Jan 8th 2018). We have gathered again C*I*A Agents Arielle Guttman, Gemini Brett and Julija Simas for the 3 hour instalment.

C*I*A WEBINAR: Pluto in 2017 with Michael Lutin- NOW AVAILBALE

C*I*A Webinar : January 11th/12th 2017 To start off the year join us as we host the fabulous and inspiring Agent 111, Michael Lutin to kick start the Year! Pluto in 2017, with Michael Lutin - Agent 111 Pluto in 2017:Your deepest and most pressing preoccupation. We all know what Pluto is doing to the world, but there are personal implications to your most intimate issues. Join us in this webinar for some guided imagery to uncover hidden drives and wishes that lead you to a freer and more creative life. And I'm not kidding. ML

C*I*A Webinar - Saturn square Neptune - Ed Tamplin

Ed Tamplin is one of the most prolific and well-respected mundane analysts in the astrological world. His predictive work on Australian politics and leaders since the 1990’s has been uncanny, even extending to picking the global economic crisis to the exact week many months in advance. Now we get to look at Ed’s take on Things To Come from the perspective of the Saturn Neptune square and mutable Grand Cross of 2016.