ED Tamplin -“Things To Come”


from the perspective of the Saturn Neptune square and mutable Grand Cross of 2016.

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Ed Tamplin is one of the most prolific and well-respected mundane analysts in the astrological world. His predictive work on Australian politics and leaders since the 1990’s has been uncanny, even extending to picking the global economic crisis to the exact week many months in advance. Now we get to look at Ed’s take on Things To Come from the perspective of the Saturn Neptune square and mutable Grand Cross of 2016.

The Saturn Neptune cycle inevitably produces a new social order and as Jupiter joins the celestial chorus 2016 is a critical year. Ed will  show us how to analyze this cycle and to learn mundane techniques that help us better understand the principles of mundane astrology and take your cycle analysis to a new level.

For overseas subscribers this may be their first chance to finally see Ed presenting live.

It’s the C*I*A webinar to catch this December. Ed Tamplin is a world-renowned astrological consultant, writer and teacher with over twenty-five years professional experience. He presented the longest running commercial radio segment in Australia. It featured two hours of live readings, commentary and political predictions, topping its timeslot for over a decade with an amazing 25% of the available Sydney audience. Ed has served on the executive committees of both the Astrology Association of NSW and Sydney Astrological Research Society. His ‘Eye In The Sky’ mundane column has been a feature of the Federation of Australian Astrologers quarterly journal for the last nine years, and he is a regular speaker at their biennial conferences. Ed also holds the record attendance figures for both the AANSW, VAA and SARS organisations. Today his works can be accessed from the website www.edtamplin.com

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