C*I*A Star Camp 2017 – Exploring galaxies within and without



Journey to the heart of Australia, the red centre, for a four night star camp, April 2017. The night skies of Mbarntwe* are awe-inspiring, you will see the magnificence of the Milky Way as you have never seen it before.

We have chosen the date to allow for moonless nights. Jupiter will be rising and Mars setting at sunset, with Venus an early morning star, and Saturn at the galactic centre(the densest part of our milky way) rising about 10pm. At this time of the year we expect clear skies, temperate mornings and warm days. There is nothing in the world quite like sleeping in a swag, with the night sky as your heavenly blanket.

The Star Camp is an opportunity to gather with people who gaze in wonder at the heavens, share stories around the campfire as we sleep together under the desert skies in swags. If you prefer a 5 star experience talk to us we can guide you in your choice of alternative accommodation and you can join us each day/evening for our activities.  The food at Star Camp is always 5 star and plentiful and we can cater for your special dietary needs. During the days we will engage in workshops and short trips in the West MacDonnell Ranges in our star bus.

This 4th Star Camp, our theme is  ‘exploring the galaxies within and without, astronomy, astrology and cosmology’. We will have our local ABC astronomer, Starman Andrew Fitzgerald visit with his telescope and wealth of knowledge about the galaxies without. There will be workshops during the days with respected Arrernte custodians, Margaret Kemarre Turner OAM and her daughter Amelia Kngwarraye Turner and short films in the evening on Aboriginal astronomy and cosmology. We will be taken on a sacred sites journey, from Alice Springs to Mbarntwe, with some of our outback agents and the generous Arrernte custodian Doris Kngwarraye Stuart. There will also be astrology workshops on the galaxies within, these will be both informative and experiential, deepening our personal cosmologies.

Our workshop space is a beautiful octagonal light filled room, set close to the ranges in the stunning Honeymoon Gap ( Mwalte Unteye). We will explore the local landscape as well as the skies above and the imaginal galaxies within.

Everything is written twice; on the land and in the skies.

*Mbarntwe is the Arrernte word for Alice Springs. Mbarntwe lies beneath and beyond the built environment. The Arrernte peoples are the traditional custodians of Mbarntwe.

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Covers all land costs from arrival on April 20th to departure on 24th April .
This includes all delicious meals, swags and accommodation, camp costs.
Includes all workshops and sessions with local traditional custodians, astrologers, astronomer and others.

Deposit of $250, required to secure your place up to Nov 30th. (Non refundable after February 28th 2017)
Full Payment required by February 28th 2017-(Non-refundable after March 20th 2017)

10% Discount for all C*I*A GOLD and SILVER Members and C*I*A Agents and Return Star Campers from 2011, 2014, 201

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