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  • 12 month access to all member videos, articles and extras

  • Monthly 90 minute astrology lessons

  • Astrology Report and C*I*A T-Shirt

  • Discounts to C*I*A Shop, C*I*A retreats, Workshops


Best Value!
See below for all offerings

  • 12 month access to all member videos, articles and extras

  • Astrology Report

  • Discounts to C*I*A Shop, C*I*A retreats, Workshops



See below for all offerings

  • Month Ahead webinar, special articles and archives for Month ahead webinars

  • Occasional Bonuses

Membership Details

All membership levels include varied access to extras on the C*I*A* website.
Fantastic value for more astrological insights.

Members Monthly Webinar – a detailed account of the month ahead presented by founder of the C*I*A Agent 12 Julija Simas and other special guests during the year. Here we look at the month ahead as we develop cosmic consciousness and learn how to add the workings of astrology most effectively to our lives. Tune in live the first Monday of each month for 1 plus hours. C*I*A Members can also send in their chart details to use as examples. Webinar is recorded and posted in members area for access at anytime.

Next member Webinar is on April 25th – login link and time available in Member Area
– Looking at the Month Ahead,  this month we concentrate on the Nodal shift to Leo/Aquarius with Andrew Smith
– 7:30am BST,  4:30pm AEST – all webinars are recorded to access anytime.
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Ready to View –
– Venus Retrograde with Agent 128 Christina Caudill
– Black Moon Lilith IN Sagittarius  with agent 55 Vanessa Guazzelli Paim

– The  Year of the COCK Looking at the the main signatures of 2017 with Agent 22 Maggie Kerr and Julija Simas Agent 12
Saturn at GalacticCentre, Saturn, Jupiter, Uranus-cardinal T-square, Venus retrograde, Eclipses 2017 and more !
– Join single webinar session –  $15:00 HEREAccess all archives of Monthly Webinars , great resource open to all members!

BONUS CONTENT For GOLD AND SILVER MEMBERS and more throughout 2017 from our world class Agent, astrologers.

    • Next Month – bonus – “Aquarius – Diving into the the Waters of self “- 2 hr webinar – Agent 999 Patricia Walsh
      “At the heart of the process of Individuation lives the simultaneous divergent pull, of the urge to preserve ones personal ‘history and tradition’ and the need to liberate from it in order to grow. The archetype of Aquarius holds very deep clues to navigating this personal tension by virtue of its rulers, Uranus and Saturn. It might seem paradoxical that the archetype of Aquarius often associated with Brotherhood, Community and Humanitarianism also encompasses what is unique about each and development of the individuated Self. As we all know Aquarius is quirky… and often misunderstood, a common error is to confuse Ego and Self, and through that we miss the salient message, that the ultimate gift to give to humanity is your fully aware, unique and integrated Self. In this lecture we will look at the archetype of Aquarius and the interplay of Uranus and Saturn; explore a variety of related Jungian and transpersonal concepts and look at the stages of individuation using Aboriginal myth and tribal society values illuminating the challenges and rewards of the individuation process”
    • Living in a Connected Universe with Astrology – Neptune on the South Node in Pisces
    • AND
    • CHIRON- MP4 Video lecture b y Agent 88 Stephanie Johnson on the archetype and transits of Chiron In the archives, also ready for access anytime :Part 1 and 2 Astrology and Vocation for Gold and Silver members,
      access new upload –Watch our Intro video HERE Cosmic Consciousness and Astrology– with Julija Simas – a 40 minute video on understanding Astrology as part of the connected universe.
  • Astrology and Relationships  Monthly  – Join relationship astrologers Agent Amor -Margaret Gray and Agent 17 Armand Diaz for a extra special monthly 45 minute recorded exploration of Relationship and Astrology as both deliver a monthly video to answer relationship questions.  Learn more each month on how to use astrology to look into the relationships in your life. Join and get your relationship looked at with this expert couple. Starting March 2017 Armand and Margaret start a series on specifics planets in synastry!

    Monthly Goddess Asteroid Update  – Agent 66 Sara Gilbert provides a video each month that helps you connect to one of her ”Intuitive Archetypes” in a practical way. It involves both the astrology of your Natal Chart (“Minor Planet” or point) and the mythology that sits behind its archetype. She includes the stories and associations that are known for it. This Month IRIS!

    5D Astrology with Agent 98 Lorna Bevan –  bring your Birth Chart into the 21st century – Agent 98 (Lorna Bevan) – November Month QUAOAR
    How to take your astrology from Copernican to quantum : about Pluto’s Tribe of 8 Dwarf Planets: Eris Sedna Makemake Haumea Quaor Orcus Ixion Varuna :how to discover new layers of meaning in your past and guidance for your future :how to integrate the Plutinos and Centaurs into your Birth Chart to make your birth mandala come alive as a personal evolutionary tool : how the Centaurs and Black Holes reveal your deepest emotional and spiritual gifts and the Dwarf Planets your transpersonal mission: about the maverick Centaurs: Chiron Pholus Nessus Hylonome Chariklo Asbolus.

    Access to Archives as well! Which means more than just this month is available to you!
    And More – Extra Agent contributions and videos will be made available throughout the year, free access to other webinars and discussions and trainings throughout the year.



• An Astrology Report – valued at $19:95 you can choose from a 12 month transit report, a birth report or a solar return report

• Receive discounts on C*I*A events, retreats , our C*I*A shop, Consultations with our Agents and bonuses throughout the year and more – Extra Agent contributions, videos and teachings will be also become available free to membership subscribers throughout the year.


• Free Astrology Classes – access one 90 minute Astrology lesson per month – learn astrology from scratch for a fraction of the cost and be an Agent in training!  Perfect for all who want to learn astrology, but don’t have the time or the funds.

• C*I*A T Shirt – choose from 2 colours and 3 styles  – view in Gold Member Check Out. All styles are American Apparel or Bella brand T-shirts, great quality and styles, you’ll love wearing it! Be a proud  Cosmic Agent of Change!

• Receive discounts on C*I*A events, retreats , our C*I*A shop, Consultations with our Agents and bonuses throughout the year and more – Extra Agent contributions, videos and teachings will be also become available free to membership subscribers throughout the year.
Receive discounts to  C*I*A Masterclass webinars – Coming up
– July – Bill Meridian on Eclipses,
– August – Wendy Stacey on 2020,
10% discount to all members
Also receive $100 USD discount to Astrology Rising Conference isn Costa Rica with the New Paradigm Community

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