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  • 12 x 90 minute astrology lessons for Complete Beginners! ONLY TILL DEC 21st 2020

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See below for all offerings


  • 2 webinars per month.

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Up next for all Members and Agents

OCT 2nd – Progressed Moon declination cycles –  Olga Morales –

OCT 19th – Black Moon Lilith in Taurus – Vanessa Guazzelli Paim

BONUS – SOLAR RETURNs with Julija Simas

Access growing archives for much more Astro learning !


• Receive discounts on C*I*A events, retreats , our C*I*A shop, Coupon discounts to AstroGold software, and discounts for consultations with our Agents, 20% discount on consultations and mentoring with agent 12 -Julija Simas and bonuses throughout the year and more.

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• Free Astrology Classes – access one 90 minute Astrology lesson per month – learn astrology from scratch for a fraction of the cost and be an Agent in training!  Perfect for all who want to learn astrology, but don’t have the time or the funds.
For those wanting more astrology lessons per year you can receive a %20 discount on CLASSES – Per  8 session slot!
Usually $200 USD(per 8 week Term)- please contact Julija for this option, [email protected] com

• PLEASE NOTE THE C*I*A T-SHIRT offer is no longer available with this offer!

Access Webinar archives 2019: FOR GOLD and MONTHLY MEMBERS ( access previous 12 webinars)

So far in 2020
Astrology of Black Holes – Rod Chang
Mars rx Cycle – Adam Gainsburg
Draconic Bowl – Sara Gilbert
Eclipse Magic  Saros cycles – Julija Simas
Moon and her Goddesses – Ursula Stockder
Progressed planets change signs – Rachel Lang
South Node at Galactic Centre- Julija Simas
Venus rx Gemini – Julija Simas
Venus in the Heart – Andrew Smith
Earth Energies Equinox  – Gaisheda Kheawok
Forensic Astrology – Britannie Le Clair
Astro Psychology and Disorders – Christos Archos
Saturn and Pluto get Personal – Armand Diaz
Agents of Aquarius – Julija Simas

    • FROM 2019
    • Chart Rulers – Donna Young
    • Sacred Astronomy – Zodiac Glyphs – Gemini Brett – 2hrs
    • Mercury Cycles – with Adam SommerSaturn Diaries working with Saturn Transits – Liz Hathway
    • Mercury Cycles with Adam Sommer
    • ATMAKARAKA : THE KING OF YOUR CHART  – Agent 113 Sonal Sachdeva
    • Quintiles and Septiles and mystical moments – Agent 144 Alex Trenoweth
    • Venus Star Point Leo – Arielle Guttman – part of Masterclass details here
    • Epigenetics and Astrology – AT Mann
    • July – Divine Feminine – Mary Magdalene Part 1 – Laura Boomer-Trent
    • Eclipse Portal- Cancer Capricorn eclipses July  2019 – Shannon Gill 
    • Introduction to Evolutionary Astrology,  What are my lessons, why am I here? With Rose Marcus
    •  Eris – Taking down the Facade- Louise Edington
    • Astrology and Fixed Stars – Agent 63 -Ehsan Khazeni – Iran
    • Transits and using and Ephemeris – Agent 12 – Julija Simas
    • Astrology and Intuition – Agent 56 – Cassandra Butler
    • AstroLocality  – Agent IE – Andrew Smith
    • Cosmic Mermaids – Agent 116 – Kelley Hunter
    • Pre Natal Eclipse – Hakan Kirkoglu – Agent  40
    • Year of Transformation 2019  – Agent 566 Cassandra Butler
    • FROM 2018
    • Dec – Nadiya Shah – The Lunar Nodes 2019
    • Nov – Mj Patterson – – JUPTER IN SAGITTARIUS
    • Sept – Kelly Hunter – Void of Course Moon
    • August –  Kira Sutherland – HOUSES OF HEALTH
    • August – Patricia Walsh – Kairos Astrology
    • July – Maurice Fernandez –  The 12th House 
    • June –  Kelly Surtees – FIRDARIA 
    • June – URANUS in TAURUS– with Cassandra Butler, Armand Diaz, Julija Simas and Patrica L Bell
    • May – Sol Jonassen –  Uranus in Taurus 
    • May – Chiron in Aries Part 2 with Julija Simas
    • April – Chiron in Aries – Part 1 – Sheri Horn-Hasan
    • March – Kaypacha – What the %^&( is going in 2018
    • January – Michael Lutin talks with Julija at Headquarters.Archives from 2017
    • Pluto on its South Node – Christina Caudill and Julija Simas
    • Saturn in Capricorn, – Andrew Smith and Julija Simas 2hrs
    • Jupiter in Scorpio 2.5hrs – Cassandra Butler
    • Astrology of Bitcoin  –  Cassandra Butler and Vanessa Guazzelli
    • The Sacred Dance of Venus and Mars – Michele Finey
    • Beyond – 2020 – Wendy Stacey
    • Bill Meridian’s  webinar “Eclipses and their paths”  
    • Aquarius – Diving into the the Waters of self – 2 hr webinar – Agent 999 Patricia Walsh
    • Part 1 and 2 Astrology and Vocation – Julija Simas
      AND MORE not listed

“I would like to acknowledge & thank you for creating an Agency that introduces its membership to so many diverse & interesting Astrologers & their interpretations in the wonderful world of Astrology .

I have learnt sooo much in my first year of membership with Cosmic Intelligence Agency and eagerly look forward to continuing my membership and journey with you!”

Thank you Shirley!

Shirley M - W Australia

So excited to be a C*I*A* member finally. I’m enjoying all the wonderful and very informative webinars by such warm and professional astrologers. I look forward to more exciting things lined for us Members.

Thanks Mo !


I have been a member for almost 3 years and I have never regretted it once.
I look forward to learning more with you: all!

Thanks Kathleen!


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