Celebrate the spring equinox in outback splendour at beautiful Honeymoon Gap just out of Alice Springs(Mparntwe). In this majestic landscape of pink and red, tussock covered ranges we enjoy the most spectacular night skies.

Honey Moon Gap – 20kms from Alice Springs

Latitude -23.74016700
572m / 1876ft
Bullen Rd
Alice Springs
Northern Territory

We will collect you from the airport and ferry you to our camping spot. Yes camping, a true outback experience! There will be swags provided for all and if you feel like you need to be undercover we can provide tents or you can drag your swag into our large octagonal workshop space. But truly, there’s nothing like a night or two (or 4 in this case) under the unpolluted night skies, stargazing and wondering.

We have an inside kitchen as well as an outdoor campfire which will be kept burning throughout so there’s always a billy on the boil for a cuppa. All meals will be provided and of course truly delicious. Let  us know if you have medical dietary requirements. There are toilets and showers onsite as well as an indoor lounge area.

On the Friday we will become acquainted with each other and the site. Then we will spend sometime in the workshop space exploring the EQUINOX chart, sharing our ideas and setting our intentions for the coming 3 months. That evening we will be entertained by well-loved local band,”The Not Real Cowboys” and enjoy a barbeque. Stargazing will be at our leisure and we will have telescopes on site.

Each morning we will have the option of a yoga class or a dream group or just sitting by the campfire with a warming cuppa. Each afternoon we will hold a workshop on some aspect of astrology and each evening and maybe all night there will be night sky viewing.

On Saturday night MK (margaret kemarre) Turner OAM, a senior Arrernte woman will share her knowledge of the night skies from the indigenous perspective. MK won the territory literature prize for non-fiction this year with her book Iwenhe Tyerrtye: what it means to be an Aboriginal person. CIA highly recommends this book. Sunday evening some members of the local astronomy club will share their telescopes and knowledge of central Australian skies from a non-indigenous perspective. During the day on Monday, Doris Stewart, senior Arrernte woman, custodian and Apmereke-atweye for Mparntwe will take us on a guided tour of sacred sites and share her knowledge and stories with us. This will be an amazing journey and not what you might expect at all. In the afternoon we will walk up Tharrarltneme ( Annie Meyers hill) as Doris has given her permission for this. From the top we will have a 360* view of the country of Mparntwe and the stories will come to life. On Monday evening we will entertain ourselves back at the campsite, eating, drinking and stargazing.

During the 4 days there will be plenty of opportunities to walk and explore, possibly with an indigenous guide, visit local galleries and cultural centres even have a camel ride if that takes your fancy.

We are extremely fortunate to have MK and Doris share their knowledge with us. They do not do this as a commercial enterprise but are doing it for C*I*A thanks to agent Pi’s(Marg’s Bro) friendship with these 2 remarkable women. Don’t underestimate the privilege of these 2 events.

During September we can expect beautiful clear skies and warm days. It will not be freezing temperatures at night but sometimes it can cool down.  Swags are cosy and come with sleeping bag and blanket inside. If you prefer your own bag or pillow bring it with you! Bring a warm jacket and think layers when you pack your clothes…you could be down to a singlet during the day. Bring your own towel and toiletries and maybe a torch. If you have a musical instrument bring that too.  Come prepared for a once in a lifetime experience: camping under the stars with the people who love them….share your knowledge and learn with the C*I*A.

As you can see in the Chart above it seems that Honey Moon Gap is the place to be for the Ingress, with Aries Rising as the Sun sets, and Venus becomes visible out of the Sun’s beams. We can have a look a Saturn and Venus quickly before they set and then the dark skies are ours. It is interesting to note also that Comet Elenin will be in the skies, but will be in front and in-between Earth and the Sun therefore not seen at night we may try and look for it with a Sun filter on the telescope during the day if possible. Just google Elenin to find out more, too much to say here about it, some consider to be Nibiru the 10th planet , or the Blue Star associated with the Hopi Prophecies.

Below is a Chart for the Ingress and the C*I*A’s Chart. The connections are wonderful and we hope that this can be the start of many more adventures like this. Great seeing the Sun and Mercury in the house of higher learning and wisdom as we look up above and contemplate the vastness of it all. Note Saturn and Venus too at the MC, near our own Natal Venus in Libra and Jupiter. So as Venus emerges from the Sun’s beams the C*I*A gather to have a great adventure, the first of it’s kind, the inaugural Agents quest. So glad you will be joining us and will make our first Star Camp an experience to remember, something that we’ll never forget.

What to bring:

NOTE : Average Temps for September – 10- 30 Degrees

Sleeping Bag – Pillow if not wanting to use what is provided
Night clothes – Warm jacket, long pants , warm beanie
Sleep Clothes- sexy lingerie might not be the go, but whatever!
Day clothes – T’Shirts, Singlets, Shorts, light shirts.
Town clothes –  Not sure if that differs much from Day clothes, for market and Lunch in town
Swimmers – never know,  might find a hole
Sunscreen – Sun not as strong as Melbourne
Bug repellant – Marg says there’s no bugs – Good!
Water Bottle –  A Must
Day pack – For any longer Walks
Walking shoes – A must
Hat –
Binoculars –
Torch –
Alcohol – Optional
Musical instrument if ya like or make your own rhythm sticks!

Good attitude and spirit – A Must!

Places are limited to 20 (we have 14)

For organizational purposes we require a $100 non-refundable deposit to secure your place. All inclusive  Food, Transport, Tours, Guides, Telescopes as mentioned above: $600

Bookings close mid-August.

For information and booking and payments details , contact
agent[email protected] or phone Marg on 0418 120 460 or
Julija [email protected]

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