Chiron conjunct Venus

Chiron teaches Mercury, Venus, and Mars an Archery Lesson


Chiron said, “Pick up your bows.  As you carefully secure the string, know it as your spine, and the bow your body. Now pick up an arrow.  As you align, see only the target. The more you concentrate on one point, the more accurate your dreams will be.  Once the arrow is released through your exhale, there is nothing more to be done.  You accept. You let go. You make adjustments that are needed.  As is the case with all of life.”

And so, all three listened and began to practice. Mercury shooting from his mind, missing to the left and right because of distracting thought forms; Venus shooting from her heart, missing yet closer to the mark; Mars shooting from his hara, missing but with a dangerous will to get it right.

All three of the Inner Planets are scheduled to meet with Chiron soon enough.  Mercury and Venus will visit his cave on Sunday (March 4th; 27 Pisces) and Mars will square off with him in a couple weeks (March 14th from Sagittarius and the Galactic Center). Subtle transits, yet profoundly impactful if you know what to focus on.

In the great epic The Bhagavad Gita we meet Arjuna.  An archer with a divinely ordained bow gifted to him from Brahma himself– its name: Gandiva.  If you are not familiar with the story, all you need to know is like most spiritual texts, it’s allegory.  Much of it takes place in a chariot where he is torn about the battle which is about to rage, processing it all with Krishna, his charioteer. Archery metaphors are used often throughout the tale.  They all point to the power of concentration.

We are not taught to concentrate, even though we are told all throughout our lives to do exactly that.  Without it, we lose focus on what really matters: Truth! And I’m not aiming at the subjective truth here, but THE TRUTH! It’s in us all, we just need to concentrate on the spark in the middle of hearts, the one which rises to illuminate the Sun and Moon between our brow (the bow is often used as metaphor for brow, where the arrow shoots through the 3rd eye)

With all this said and depending on where these lessons take place in your own Chart, I will generalize for the three aspects, but know it is no surrogate for proper interpretation and a good reading.

With Mercury conjunct Chiron, we are taught how to ignore the swarm of lies which distract us from our focus. We can bring it back in by reminding ourselves: I am That.

With Venus conjunct Chiron, we are taught how to untangle our heartstrings, focusing more on the one in our back, which allows our heart to radiate as bright as ten thousand suns.

And with Mars square Chiron, we are taught an important lesson about the power of the mentor; that we need them, and that it’s impossible to figure it all out on our own.

You don’t need to practice archery to understand these teachings, but it does help.  Nor do we need to wait for particular Transits to pass on by, but they sure make it obvious.  Best not to make it too obvious.  Get to work today.  FOCUS! On Eternal Light and what is Right.

Long days and pleasant nights my friends,




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