Chiron in Aries Sprouts & Spirits

By Agent 108 Adam Sommer

“The greatest blessings of mankind are within us and within our reach.”

– Seneca

Art by William Russell Flint

Inside all of us, there is a seed.  Composed of equal parts organic matter, stardust, and light. It rests patiently in the dark soil of our Soul until the right conditions appear.  Different than an acorn, it requires little light from the outside.  It reaches for an inner one instead.  And the only way to find such nourishment is by being cracked wide open, then tending to the garden within.

There are many forces in this Universe that could crack us open, yet none as skilled as Chiron.  Master of All Trades and Servant of countless students throughout time, he is the one who brings the right medicine every time.  A potion which allows the light to come through the cracks and gets those two green arms to start their twisting journey towards the summit of our spines. His symbol is a key.  But a key to what? What exactly does it open?

Somewhere between Saturn’s hard lines and Uranus’s limitless skyline, Chiron orbits.  A “rainbow bridge” between worlds as Clow calls it.  It is along this bridge where we find this key turning and the light pouring out of the seed within.  It’s a key which opens doors we never knew where there. There is one that opens to a world where we are four-legged, furry and fanged. There is another where we float like an angel and pass in and out of worlds. Another which shoots high voltage through our meridians, sending a current so strong into our heads the energy can be seen from space. There are many doors he can open for us, all of which should be approached carefully and with great reverence. Such etiquette comes naturally though when you are in the presence of a Master.

…Chiron is about to cross the Aries point. The first degree of the Zodiac.  His first visit since he’s materialized in our consciousness. It is my sense in this novel terrain we must turn to Myth for inspiration and clues to our questions.

.: The Image :.

Jason watches Destiny rise over the Aegean

He wears his new name well

It means Healer

Chiron, like a mighty oak, stands by his side

Chiron is nearly always found teaching.  It was and is a popular practice to bring your child to Chiron if you want greatness for them-or safety. as well  Which was the case with Jason.

No fleece would ever have been procured if it weren’t for Chiron nourishing that seed within him. It only takes one look from Chiron’s ancient eyes to crack open that seed.  And so it was for Jason at some point in his developing years. Likely plagued by questions regarding his parents. Something his teacher knew a thing or two about.  I imagine countless transmissions by firelight…

How will it be for you? Is your seed already cracked or are you trembling at the edge of the cave still? What’s holding you back?

.: The Feeling :.

Faces look different by firelight

More beautiful

and wise

Chiron’s is no exception

We are all told we have potential.  To not waste our potential. To tap into it.  Yet many of us do nothing with it.  We sabotage ourselves with poisonous love, toxic substances, and pure Ketu laziness. The dragon breeds pestilence in many.  But for those inspired by Heroes, dragons create the greatest stories ever told. This is what beams from Chiron’s eyes: He knows our Potential!!!

Chiron has been in Pisces since 2011, envisioning a better world-not just out there, but in here as well.  The closer something gets to Aries, the more the visions coalesce and come into focus around it. When it crosses the threshold of the Aries point, you have a birth! The seed is cracked! Whether it grows or not is totally up to us.

It is our goal then to identify what this potential is in us. What does the seed need to grow? Who is Chiron in human form? In non-human form? And to keep asking questions, staying active in view of our own sloth.

.: The Facts :.

We are days away from Chiron securing his spot in Aries for the next 8 years (he sampled the territory from April to September of 2018 as well while Rx; He will re-enter on Feb 18th).  This is a first.  Chiron hasn’t been in Aries since before his discovery on Nov 1. 1977.  In other words: Nobody has ever consciously experienced Chiron in Aries.  Sure, we can look back to the late ’60s and early ’70s to the last time he was there, attempting to connect the Moon landing or Cultural Revolution to him, but we didn’t know he existed then. Now we do. It changes the entire dynamic.

The symbol for Aries has always reminded me of a dicotyledon.  Hence, my referencing of the seed potential. Perhaps Chiron can be seen as the Master Gardener (like in Condor and the Hummingbird) tending to the soil of our Psyche, making sure the conditions are just right for growth.  Chiron does bring healing, but not without great suffering and diligent spiritual practice.  Wherever Chiron is transiting, you are being schooled by the best amongst us.

And so, from now until the Spring of 2027 we are in Chiron’s Aries School.  Courage is a prerequisite.  Also, a willingness to get cracked open, so new life can begin to grow inside of us. To turn that seed into the mightiest tree the world has ever seen. This is where our arrow should fly. To the heart of what is being resisted along our healing path. To stand like Jason with Chiron by our sides, ready to prove ourselves to ourselves, knowing we will secure our own Golden Fleece.

Here’s what it may look like for you, based on your Ascendant….

.: 12 Signs :.

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The moment is near when you will see yourself in a way that will change everything. A moment of self-confrontation that will inspire you to become more embodied. Stronger. More able. Proud to be in your skin suit. But you may need to sit “on the hill” for three days without food or water to coax Chiron out of his cave to show you how to successfully grow that sprout. You may need to have an uncomfortable experience in the mirror first. However it manifests, it will turn into clean-burning fuel; like existential ketosis, moving you excitedly forward.


There are parts of Psyche so deep, that Jung could only poetically imagine such spaces.  An abyss which has buried the eons of your incarnations. A darkness so black all you can do is pray when you brush up against it.  It is a place Chiron is deeply familiar with and he holds your hand just long enough before he pushes you and your raft out into it.  What will crack you open is unknown. This is why a part of you is adrift.  With Chiron’s prayers working the trade winds of Spirit, you can align your own prayers to them, washing up on the perfect shore, soon enough.


All the stories you carry about your role in community or around the importance of your friend circle are about to change.  Chiron has invited you to a party which will force you to see all the ways you aren’t showing up for your tribe.  Maybe he invites you to Burning Man. A medicine circle? Sunday dance church? Wherever he brings you, lean into it. Something is pushing under the concrete of that part of your Soul. Help it along.


However it is you have been sabotaging yourself around the Work you know you are meant to be doing in the world, it is coming to an uncomfortable end.  Similar to how Morpheus walks Neo through the city streets of the Matrix, Chiron shows you all the lies you have been subscribing to around your potential.  So you want that dream job? Get to work! Work on the weekends. Moonlight, moonlight, moonlight. So you’ve had a vision of where you are going? Start walking! Find inspiration in books like Tim Ferriss’s Tribe of Mentors. Find a Podcast that plucks the strings of your Soul. Meet your destiny halfway.


There is a dark part of the forest where nobody has ever entered. There is no path. Yet, it calls to you.  Speaking in dream-spell riddles and vivid imagery, this part of the forest reels you in.  The only way Chiron can help is by sharing his own story and how Apollo and Artemis helped him just enough in his dark night, by sprinkling seeds and carrion throughout the forest of that early chapter.  Pay attention to other peoples stories.  They are telling you something crucial about your own.


He has been at it forever.  Brewing this medicine that is now being handed to you across the fire.  A combination of excitement and frightened butterflies in your gut animate your being. You throw it back.  Everything changes. You can now see clearly into your shadow.  There are memories long forgotten now dancing across Chiron’s face. He looks like your father. No, more like your 7th-grade teacher. Wait, maybe it’s your mother?  In the evening’s turnings, which lasted longer than you may think, you have transformed.  Never forget this night. Never forget the power that is felt after going through the fire.


Wherever you find yourself in the endless journey with Eros, there is a surprising medicine on the way.  An arrow dipped in a wyrd substance made by Eros himself has been given to Chiron.  He plans to prick you with it, right along your heart meridian.  What comes next is between you and the medicine. It circulates like excited fire in your chest.  An intuitive free-fall in your gut tells you they are coming. This Mirror…They may be the one crack you wide open.


Everyone has something they do which they know is slowly killing them.  Yet we do it anyways.  That habit in you is about to change.  Whether the body speaks or Chiron waves a Jedi hand across your eyes to show you the future of this relationship you have to the poison, something is coming.  Best to be proactive with the change, instead of having it forced upon you. Chiron has many teachings on how to expedite the healing process. Don’t be afraid, that just speeds it up. Just change.


Inside each and every one of us is a little boy or girl.  Starving for attention and another voyage on the Seas of Imagination, they wait.  Until one day, Chiron arrives with a game. It will be different for everyone and perfect for each person.  It’s a reminder. It’s an awakener. It’s a game which makes time go away and reveals all your teeth behind that skin curtain. Aeon is a child at play. And my goodness, that laugh of his.  It shakes the world. Maybe you can laugh like that too?


There is a chapter in your Biography missing. It’s black.  Maybe you’ve never thought about where it went because you haven’t known it to be there for such a long while. Chiron is the keeper of such books. He has the key to the Akashic Records.  He plans to take you there.  Where is there? A week with your family perhaps? A cathartic stroll down memory plane? A regression?  Cracked. Wide. Open. The missing pages now filled up with words.


The time has come to sharpen the blade of your intellect and loosen that tongue of yours.  There are stories in you needing to be told. Ideas desperate for a breath of life.  And so, wherever you are at on the spectrum of communication skills, listen closely to Chiron in the form of all those with the power to capture your attention.  Allow it to be captured and then released back into the wild. It’s your turn. See if you can capture ours…


Money may not grow on trees, but it certainly comes from them.  It is true, the economic system is corrupt and it’s tough for sensitive folk like yourself to navigate this world. Your values are different. They may not fit with the consensus norm. But what happens when Chiron shows you another way to live. What happens in you when you are rewilded? When you heal your relationship to money, seeing it as energy which you can control?  Learn to survive and you will thrive. Wildcraft your Soul.

May his teachings live on inside of you

….and Fortuna’s Wheel rolls you to where you need to be