by Agent 77 and 12

Since 2014’s Star Camp in March 2014, it was t0 be the C*I*A’s next big event this time with the inspiring and popular Kaypacha, our Agent Five-O. It was not surprisingly booked out, with 12 Agents and 45 attendees. The timing of the event was picked to coincide with Kaypacha’s Tour in Australasia, during a significant Chiron  opposite Jupiter transit and we managed to find the perfect place, the Maitripa Buddhist Centre in the hills of HEALesville, Victoria.

We began welcoming our tribe from 4pm that afternoon, yet first everyone had to get their KEY to their room in exchange for a deposit, their home for the next 3 days. A Key being one of the symbols of  Chiron and it’s glyph, symbolising how Chiron unlocks both the inner and outer wounds and gifts that help us heal. The key also represents a K, the initial of its discoverer’s surname, Charles Kowal. In the chart below, Chiron is the dark blue glyph in the 11th house near Neptune’s trident.


Our retreat officially began at 6:37 pm on November 12th. The multifaceted Julija Agent 12, who we also call Control, chose this time so that the ascendant degree was 3° Taurus(and 33° degrees of the longitudinal zodiac)  the degree where Chiron was  during the time of its’ discovery in 1977 and very much suited out natural, green and hilly surrounds. As Chiron was our theme, we honoured and invoked the Chironic energy by opening ourselves to the healing journey ahead over the next 3 days.

For our opening ceremony we gathered in the meditation room of the MAITRIPA Buddhist Centre(with a the resonant 528 address) participants were smoked with local gum leaves and offered a ceremonial drink of water and offered their place in our circle. The smoking and ceremonial drink of water was the custom of the original peoples when greeting people from other places. We had gathered from Costa Rica, Perth, Adelaide, NSW, Queensland and of course Melbourne and Victoria. The Wurrundjeri named a friendly meeting of many peoples from various places a tanderrum. And so, with respect, we gathered….

Marg, Agent 77 our Star Camp facilitator in the outback for 3 previous Star Camps, acknowledged the ancestors of the land we stood on, the Wurrundjeri peoples. She told a brief story about the history of Healesville , the Corranderk protectorate and the fate of the people who lived there. Marg then introduced the group to the story of BUNJIL and WAANG , the creator beings of the Wurrundjeri and most of the Victorian clans. The creator being, Bunjil took the form of a wedge tailed eagle. As the great creator spirit he created the land the flora and fauna. Bunjil had 6 shamanic assistants known as wirmums; the kestrel, the quail, the parakeet, the parrot , the brush tail possum and the glider possum. Bunjil had 2 wives who took the form of black swans. All these being helpers in the creation story too. The men were formed from the earth, the local clay. Bunjil’s brother intrigued by this process thought he could be a creator too and formed women from cutting and carving the saplings along the river. And so to this day we have Eagle men and Crow women, as the locals say, “the right skin to marry”….there are also Eagle women and Crow men. Waang was a co-creator with Bunjil. Waang was a crow/raven and a winged trickster, who ruled the winds. When Bunjil had done all he could, he asked Waang to send a strong wind to take him and his wives up into the heavens. After several attempts at making the wind strong enough, Waang succeeded and Bunjil and his wives were blown up into the sky and became stars. Bunjil is the brightest star, Altair, in the constellation Aquila the eagle. His wives are either side of him one of them is known as Lyra ( the swan).

Following from this, Kaypacha also honoured the ancestors and asked everyone to name the people they wanted present in the circle, family members past and present , friends and mentors. We chanted, then listened to Kaypacha’s soothing words as he began to tell the story of Chiron, born of Cronos and Phyllira, raised by Apollo, wounded by a poisoned arrow of Hercules, became an outcast, yet a wise mentor to the Greek heroes. Chiron in our astrology charts, tells a story of the wounds we carry and the wisdom that can come from the deep exploration and acceptance of those wounds, which was our mission this weekend.

Next, we met for dinner for superb meal prepared by Peta Santos – Agent 57 and her the trusty team of Agents making sure our meals were on time and delicious. Big thanks to all the Agents involved with preparation, packing and helping with the whole organization of events for the weekend, pick up and delivery from airport, supplies, and facilitating workshops. Rose – Agent 528, Helena Jedjud , Agent 11, Stephanie Jonson – Agent 88, Olga Morales -Agent 33, Michele Finey -Agent 36, Deborah Wallish James Agent 29 , Cristina Murat- Agent Triple 3 and Sara Agent 66 who worked hard to prepare all birth charts.

It seemed appropriate that the Maitripa centre also had a bar up the hill that they opened for us a few hours everynight, helping the inner centaur in us come out , make new friends, reacquaint ourselves with others, with much laughter and as we know often the best medicine. On the first night a bright star rising over the hill in the east was indeed Altair our eagle, such a pleasure seeing Bunjil (Altair) in the night sky.

The next morning our retreat was launched by Julija Agent 12 presenting an introduction talk on Chiron, some details about it’s discovery, it’s rise in use as an astrological symbol, as the maverick Centaur that bridges the gap between Saturn, reality and Uranus, our bridge to the transpersonal realm of experience, alternative healing and perspectives. As our opening chart held a rising degree of 3° Taurus, we also had a new moon in Scorpio insuring that our journey would be deep and transformative, with Jupiter in Virgo opposite and Chiron in Pisces, the microscopic and the macroscopic was integrated seamlessly over the weekend. Venus in Libra was in the 5th house, being the strongest planet in rulership and in her house of joy, certainly played out the intention of our opening chart.

This was followed by Kaypacha’s “yoga of the zodiac” workshop, an energetic and beautiful physical movement inspired by both traditions. A truly wonderful and heartfelt experience of the archetypal journey through the zodiac, leaving everyone feeling somewhat healed by the group energy as we began and finished in Pisces. By the end of the morning even the newbies to astrology had an understanding of the 12 zodiac archetypes and Chiron and everyone’s energy was rising .

The next segment, Kaypacha led a workshop on Chiron throughout the signs. He sensitively introduced the wound of the archetype for Aries or the first house or for a Chiron that contacts Mars. He spoke about opening our awareness to the wound and then gave ideas for healing actions we could all take to integrate our Chiron. We also played out a symbolic action of healing with a whole group drama exercise. He then took us through the imagery and energies of Chiron in Taurus, 2nd house or in contact with Venus. The rest of the Chiron sessions followed this format as lightbulbs were seen to go off around the room.

Later in the afternoon Marg 77, ran a session on Dadirri, an aboriginal concept best translated as deep listening. Dadirri means listening with all of our senses , so apt to follow on from the Taurus session. We heard about opening the heart and developing intimacy with nature . Chiron, as half man/ half animal reminds us of our connections with the wild. Healing can come through this deep recognition and practice. Participants were encouraged to go on a slow and meditative walk on the bucolic grounds of Maitripa , to tune in to what the land and its creatures were wanting to share , to pass through a portal and bring back a key to use on their Chironic quest. And then to tell a story, because this is how we make meaning …acknowledging our chironic wound can help us recraft our story , a healing journey.

As it was Friday 13th, the talented Agents prepared a “Magic Night” where we all dressed up appropriately for dinner  and were then introduced to the nights events by magical Agent 33, Olga Morales and her magic cauldron . Participants were divided into groups to experience a round robin of working with either: OH card readings with Deb Agent 29 , pyramid healing with Olga (33) and Rose(528), and Tarot readings with Sara 66 and Michele Finey 36, all having had years of experience not only in astrology, but with these ancient crafts.

The following morning Kaypacha led a kundalini yoga session before breakfast to awaken the kundalini and ready people for a deep process in later sessions after which we continued with the workshops throughout the day as we journeyed through Chiron and the rest of the zodiac. It was amazing to see that our group ranging in ages from their early 20’s and into the 70’s actually had all the signs of Chiron through the zodiac represented, with Chiron in Pisces the most dominant, Pisces also the sign that that Chiron spends the most time in due to its elliptical orbit. Kaypacha’s light and laughter meant that people engaged in all he offered without feeling confronted. Wounds were realized, shared and acknowledged and ideas given for the personal journey of healing that will ensue. People were open and honest in their stories and sharing and loads of laughter again helped the healing prcocesses. There was a real sense of unity and love present between us all. Thankyou so much Kaypacha!

Before another amazing dinner there was time for small group sessions on Chiron in your own charts. Groups of 6 or 7 met with various agents to explore their own Chiron and tell their Chiron story, share ideas for owning and accepting the wound so to heal and become the wise mentor.

It was then already Saturday night, our last night together, and we had the joy to share a special birthday appropriately a 50th (a Chiron cycle) with Olga, Agent 33. Delicious food and birthday cakes, and Champagne set off another great night to remember of music, laughter and late night dancing.

Sunday morning after a great breakfast, we then gathered in small groups for a round robin of healing arts : The Luscher Colour test with Michele Finey (agent 36) , the fingerprints of our soul, with Sara Gilbert ( agent 66), and creating a tarot mandala with Olga, agent 33 based on the decans of the astrological signs and the corresponding degrees of tarot cards. A truly interesting way to complete our journey into unexplored realms of understanding.

As the sun shone on Sunday, it was time to complete our journey with a closing ceremony on the lawn outside at Maitripa. We walked up to the open space, again through the smoke of burning gum leaves, to sit in a large circle. Julija thanked everyone for attending and giving so much of themselves to the experience. A very special thanks were given to Peta our wonderful chef, her helpers and to the Maitripa centre for hosting us and of course Kaypacha,  Agent Five-0, for making Melbourne his first stop on a 6 week Australasian Tour. Julija reminded us of the process of using symbol to ignite our intentions, the guiding light of using astrology and magical living.

Gifts were given to Julija and Kaypacha to thank them deeply for their insight in gathering us all together for such a wonderful weekend. Prayers were offered for those around the world in need and to the latest victims in recent events in Paris.

Most magical of all ….a sign that we were truly in a state of grace…Bunjil , a huge wedgetailed eagle, flew in from the valley flying low over our circle as we chanted the closing mantra led by Kaypacha. Bunjil then circled above us 3 times before flying off to bring back his mate back. The 2 eagles circled for some time, with everyone watching in awe. Waang , the crow also appeared with his partner, sitting on a low hanging branch beside us as we chanted.

It was pure Magic and together we knew we all created it!

So we closed the weekend, with Chiron appropriately rising in Pisces at that time, we said our goodbyes and knew we had all crossed the healing Rainbow Bridge….

Thankyou you all for coming and making this such a special weekend, huge thanks to Kaypacha and all the Agents for your work, help and expertise with making it happen.

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Hope to see some of you at our next events. Stay Tuned!