The glyph for Chiron is made up of the circle of spirit and a key. The key symbolises how Chiron unlocks both the hidden wounds and gifts that help us heal. The key also represents a K, the initial of its discoverer’s surname, Charles Kowal.

Chiron was discovered in 1977 on October 31st, Halloween. Since that time it has continually been re-classified as either an asteroid or a comet, yet recently became officially labelled as a Centaur (there are a group of minor planets in the solar system that astronomers have dubbed Centaurs). Chiron usually orbits in-between Saturn and Uranus but sometimes inside Saturn and sometimes out from Uranus. It has a tail of 300,000 km in length that appears to switch on and off.

Diameter: 180 km
Orbital period around Sun: 50 years


      • Chiron energy is paradoxical in that it’s healing or wounding, hidden or enlightening.
      • Chiron represents mortality, the wounds we carry, the wounds that never heal, the pain of living.
      • Chiron describes the small things that may seem insignificant, but in actuality are very powerful when understood.
      • Chiron is ‘hidden’ by virtue of being so obvious we don’t actually see it.
      • Chiron indicates changes of consciousness, beliefs, behaviour and life-style.
      • Chiron is the bridge between the realms of Uranus and Saturn, indicating a bridge between social realities and collective spirits, and a bridge between the two different worlds of mortality and immortality, between form and structure and life beyond the physical and the known.
      • Chiron, the mythical teacher, guru, shaman and healer represents an experience of feeling outcast and outside the tribe.
      • Chiron is a commitment to the healing of self, others and our environment.
      • Chiron is associated with disability, medicine, learning and teaching.

Astrological Cycle
Chiron takes 50 years to move around an astrological chart, but spends different amounts of time in different signs because of its elliptical orbit. Therefore a Chiron opposition or square will happen at different times for different generations depending on what sign Chiron was in at birth.

Healer, teacher, maverick, unbranded, promethean,spiritual, separate.

In the body
Chiron can relate to all wounds – psychological, psychosomatic, physical, emotional or spiritual.

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