Aries a small faint constellation with its brightest stars, Hamal and Sharatan, making up the Ram’s head. Discovered in Aries in 2003 is the star Teergarden, one of our own Sun’s closest neighbours at only 12 light years away. In both the northern and southern hemispheres, Aries is best seen at midnight in the midheaven when the Sun is in Libra during September and October.

The Taurus glyph represents the horns of a bull symbolising the ability to gather, receive and stabilise energy. The bull, an ancient symbol of fertility and abundance, was a central figure in fertility rites and initiations, and also symbolised the victory of humanity over its animal nature.

The Gemini glyph’s two identical sides or poles represent duality and polarity, as shown through the myth of The Twins, Castor and Pollux. Yet these poles are fused together, creating oneness.

The glyph of Cancer is made up of two crescents and two circles facing inward, 
representing The Crab. This symbolises a tough hardened shell protecting 
a vulnerable centre

The glyph for Leo is a symbol of the Lion’s mane, representing pride and honour. This glyph also symbolises the valves of a heart, representing love, creativity, fun and ‘what makes us tick’.

Virgo is represented by an M-shape crossed at the end, symbolising the Virgin holding an ear of wheat, but also containment.

Libra’s glyph conveys the concept of balance – a set of scales = justice and harmony. It depicts the sun on the horizon again showing the theme of balance – sun is either rising or setting = equal balance between day and night, light and dark.

The scorpion’s body is represented in the Scorpio glyph by an M-shape with an arrow extending outward depicting the scorpion’s sensitive tail and readiness to act.

Sagittarius is represented by the glyph of the Arrow of the Archer, symbolising aiming for a goal, direction and adventure and the projection of the self into the outer world.

Capricorn’s glyph represents the sea goat, with the V-shape symbolising its horns and the S-shape its fish tail. The sea goat illustrates human cultural achievement rising from the depths of the cosmic ocean.