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Exploring Astrology & Qi Gong with Paul Fraser

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In this show I have a conversation with my Medical Qi Gong teacher, Paul Fraser.  You may not think this has anything to do with Astrology, but you may be surprised.  If Astrology is the study of Time, Light, and Energy, then Qi Gong is the practice to keep us radiant in all three.  It’s fundamental. It’s healing.  It’s more than words can capture.  I do hope you enjoy listening. And if you find yourself wanting to learn, Paul and I both teach it.

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Exploring Astrology podcastAstrology Podcast


Exploring Spagyrics with Sajah Popham

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In this show, I have a chat with Sajah Popham of the School of Evolutionary Herbalism about Spagyrics.  If you aren’t familiar with the idea, you probably already are to an extent.  If you’ve listened to any of my Plants & Planets shows, that’s essentially what Spagyrics is. It’s old, it’s magical, it’s essential to the work we are all doing.  I’m excited for you to listen to this.


SpagyricsSajah site:

Exploring Astrology podcastAstrology Podcast




Exploring Mugwort & the Solstice with Sheri Hupfer

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In this show, Sheri returns to talk about the Winter Solstice and Mugwort.  As the Sun stands still up here in the North, the nights are long and perfect for dreaming.  No better herb according to many for augmenting the dreamworld experience than Artemesia Vulgaris (Mugwort).  May this show summon your inner witch and alchemist to the table.


artemisSheri’s site:


 Podcast art by Mugwort!


Exploring Astrology podcastAstrology Podcast

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Exploring Astrology with Chris Brennan pt. 2

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In this show, Chris and I pick up from where we left off on his show where we set off to answer our listener questions and only got to the Nodes in our first attempt.  This time, we cover a few more, like Time Lord Techniques, Mutual Reception, and a couple other interesting Q and A dynamics.  Lots to learn in this one my friends. Enjoy!

Chris’s Podcast:

Exploring Astrology podcastAstrology Podcast

Introduction to the Venus Star

From Bridging Realities An Accessible Astrology Podcast  – Eugenia Krok talks with Julija Simas , on working with Venus and the Venus Star and cycle in astrology charts!

Alec Brogan

Exploring Chiron with Alec Brogan

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In this show, one of my closest friends Alec Brogan joins us to talk about Chiron.  We get into some charged territory with shamans and some unbounded terrain as well as we search for the core truth of this relatively new archetype.  We use the discovery chart as our pivot to understanding the essence of Chiron.  We hope you enjoy it.  Take what is useful, discard the rest….oOo

art by Daniel Holeman


Astrology Podcast

Exploring Astrology podcast




Jupiter in Scorpio

The Jupiter Podcast “Cartography of Truth”

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*This show was originally recorded June 9th, when Jupiter stationed Direct.

In it, you will learn about the Jupiter Cycle and his ingress into Scorpio Oct. 10th 2017.  I also tackle some ontological issues, trying to see the difference between Faith vs. Belief.  I hope you learn something and are entertained by your listening.  Enjoy.

Exploring Astrology podcastAstrology Podcast

Sacred Journey of Sols – Elemental Shift – Lead into Gold

Inspiring StarryTellers Gary Caton and Gemini Brett weave wondrous works of wisdom and wit.  We are dawning into an Enlightened Age, but will we free Freedom without facing the cage?  What do the Planets and Prophecies have to say and how can we align to lead the way?  How can we unravel the bonds of outer authority to reveal our greatest inner gift?  This is Sovereignty.  This is Awakening.  This is Ascension.  This is The Shift.  And this Cosmic Creative Life Event is arriving to give you a Lift!