The astrology of Faecbook

Facebook is about to have their 15th Solar Return. The Birth of the Network, was Feb 4 2004,  time unknown.
Is it just me, but are we losing interest in social media as a whole? It’s not what it used to be, and Facebook is so focused on advertising that it is turning many of us off. I know I don’t use it as much as I used to and if I see another selfie I may crack. Uranus in Aries the era of the Selfie, – Uranus in Taurus is already looking for a more rewarding outlet.
It is interesting to see some of the transits for the return of 2019.

There is a term used in Astrology for when a planet dissappears into the brilliance of the Sun’s rays, it is combust! There is also “under the beams,” “in the rays,” “burnt,” and “cazimi” for when the planet is exactly in the heart of the Sun.  This idea has a long history, one shining all the way back to the origins of our tradition.  And for the most part, when a planet is “burnt” it is said to create great weakness to the planet in question.

C*I*A Equinox Libra Ingress

Happy Equinox from the C*I*A
Agents – Kaypacha, Sol Jonassen and Julija Simas talk about the astro climate of the next 3 months, Including.

adam sommer

Jupiter in Sagittarius: “Truth in the Flame”

Black Moon Lilith in Aquarius Aug 2018 – May 2019

The Cosmic Thrill, what is the Black Moon Lilith, what is the difference of the Mean Node and the True Node and the meaning of both, Black Moon Lilith in Aquarius and more.