Exploring the Astrology of Cryptocurrency with Noah Lampert

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In this show, I have a titillating conversation with my friend Noah Lampert about Cryptocurrency.  No matter what you have heard or what you currently think about this game-changing technology, I ask you to keep an open mind when listening.  It could change everything for you. It could be it: The freedom you have always been searching for…




Mars & The Threshold

We are approaching a threshold. Collectively speaking, it’s apparent, but personally, it may not be so clear.  From my perspective–and seemingly Mr. Blake’s–we are about to encounter some “doors.”  Seen through the panther eyes of Mars, he is ready.  It’s the same eyes the Knights of the Round had when setting off for the Grail: All of them chose to enter the forest where it was darkest to them! We are confronted with a similar situation at the moment and it all relates to Mars.

Charles Eisenstein

Exploring Astrology with Charles Eisenstein

In this show, I am joined by revolutionary thinker Charles Eisenstein.  We contemplate Neptune in Pisces under the Virgo Full Moon, take a look at long stretches of time through the quaking dynamic between Pluto and Uranus, and much more.  Charles is not an Astrologer but was kind enough to come on the show with an open mind to see what happened.  Well, I think what happened was kind of interesting…oOo Enjoy

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Evening star

Venus Evening Star Podcast “Connected”

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In this show, I explore Venus as an Evening Star.  She has just returned to the western skies, exalted, and heading towards Neptune.  There is much to be excited about.  And I share all my ideas in this show for you.  Enjoy!




Exploring Dragons pt. 2 with Austin Coppock

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In this show, Austin Coppock returns for pt. 2 of our Dragon talk series.  The first was just before the “Great American Eclipse,” and now, six months later, here we are again with Eclipse season upon us.  The connection between dragons and eclipses is a fascinating phenomenon, one which Austin and I have a great time exploring together.  Hope you enjoy.


Exploring Astrology podcast

Astrology Podcast

exploring astrology podcast

Exploring Astrology & Qi Gong with Paul Fraser

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In this show I have a conversation with my Medical Qi Gong teacher, Paul Fraser.  You may not think this has anything to do with Astrology, but you may be surprised.  If Astrology is the study of Time, Light, and Energy, then Qi Gong is the practice to keep us radiant in all three.  It’s fundamental. It’s healing.  It’s more than words can capture.  I do hope you enjoy listening. And if you find yourself wanting to learn, Paul and I both teach it.

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Exploring Astrology podcastAstrology Podcast