Mars enters Libra for a six week stay beginning on 12 November. In the sign of the Goddess of Love, Mars is often considered to be in debility, or weak. Yet it’s not love that trips up the Cosmic Warrior in Libra, but the rules. Rules of propriety, rules of engagement, rules of conduct. Manners. For Pete’s sake, manners. Mars is independent and impulsive, not given to following rules or minding his manners.

by C*I*A Agent Chuckle No. 937
(Chuck Hungerford)

If ‘War and Peace’ were the Aries/Libra theme, what would be the Virgo/Pisces slogan? ‘
Work and play’? Serve and pray? Heal Away?

For the next 9 months Black Moon Lilith moves through Libra. During these 9 months the opportunity arises for us to detangle and elaborate on certain aspects in our relationships adding a personal BML touch of how we relate.

On Oct 10 at 1:53 am UT, the mean nodes shift focus from the Libra/Aries polarity to, Virgo and Pisces, this shift comes 11 hours after Mercury turns direct after a recent retrograde, conjunct the North Node at zero Libra,

Saturn will enter into Sagittarius, December 23 2014. In the summer of 2015 it will retrograde back into Scorpio and re-enter Sagittarius in September of 2015 until Dec 2017. Recap of Saturn in Scorpio – Pluto in Capricorn (Mutual Reception) In preparation for lectures back in 2012

Correlating to the mother archetype, Ceres in the natal chart represents a matrix from which we will create a personal identity and relationship prototypes. Our ability to bond, to trust, to be self-expressive, to feel safe enough to openly share our heart, to feel nourished and to nurture is seen within the Ceres chart signature.

Jupiter planet of expansion, growth, truth and knowing enters the industrious, service oriented and highly mentally sensitive and aware sign of Virgo. Put them together and what do we get? A period ahead that indicates a great opening and focus on how to make things work best,

Like the PI in Pisces or Phi in the golden mean, Neptunian energy represents the creativity and improvisation that improve our lives like the infinite spiral of the Fibonacci Sequence or an elegant labyrinth representing our shared cosmic trek across the “omniverse.

NEPTUNE: The Nemesis OR The Knight?
Agent 64 JD “Khepri” Cogmon

Who/What is Neptune?

Neptune is  known as Poseidon In Greek Mythology. Neptune is one of the 12 Gods of Mount Olympus known as the Dodekatheon. Each “god” or “goddess” archetype is like a personality type that you get from a Meyers-Briggs or  Enneagram character test or from general numerology. Neptune is “god” of the seas, earthquakes, and tidal waves. His symbols include:  horses, bull, dolphin, and the three pronged trident. This article is just an Op-ed like commentary on our “lord” Neptune and his Poseidon adventures.

Forgive me as I interchange the use of the words “he,” “she” or “it” in an effort to embrace Neptune as both a masculine and feminine force of nature to be reckoned with. I see the mermaid archetype as being just as powerful and substantial as the male version with rippling muscles and a trident. Anyone that knows anything about the myth of Mermaid or “sirens” know about the hypnotic power and allure of their singing. Being present in the twelfth house makes Neptune/Pisces energy a mutable watery force of yin energy that is analogous to the initiating cardinal force found in Mars/Aries in the first house.

So don’t let terms like masculine or feminine mislead you, they are both culturally contrived expressions of male and female energy that dance in equality through the macrocosm and the microcosm. I share this aspect of Neptune in hopes that you will add it to the small pebbles of light that you are dropping on the scale of patriarchy in the hopes that our awareness optimizes equilibrium across the plane of collective consciousness.

Venus will be retrograde staring July 25, 2015 and Neptune and Venus are a dynamic duo. Most astrologers know Neptune as being the "higher octave" of Venus, in the same context that Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury. So when we experience ♆Neptune and Venus in a retrograde cycle at the same time, we can experience a crisis of faith or virtue. We begin to act out of integrity and disconnect from abundance altogether because we are in no space to attract the abundance that we crave.

Venus will be retrograde staring July 25, 2015 and Neptune and Venus are a dynamic duo. Most astrologers know Neptune as being the “higher octave” of Venus, in the same context that Uranus is the higher octave of Mercury.
So when we experience ♆Neptune and Venus in a retrograde cycle at the same time, we can experience a crisis of faith or virtue. We begin to act out of integrity and disconnect from abundance altogether because we are in no space to attract the abundance that we crave.

Why does Neptune matter?

In the lowest vibration of Neptune, we find self-deception, self-undoing, denial and addiction as forms of escape. In stark contrast we find an abundance of love, compassion and empathy for ourselves and the world in Neptune’s higher vibration. An awareness of the power of love that is so profound that it expands or perception enough to unify us in thought while inspiring us to act by connecting with others locally and globally. Neptune matters because his trident or cosmic tuning fork is gradually breaking that spell of greed, selfishness and materialism and sublimating it with the higher octave of humanitarian conscientiousness, transpersonal intention, and trans-continental altruism. Uranus and Aquarius may break up the toxic parts of our global system that doesn’t work, but the Neptune/Pisces energy provides us with the creative imagination and free will to build a world that looks more like our dreams and less like a chapter from George Orwell’s “1984.”


Transpersonal Impact

Neptune’s global influence can expose our hidden vulnerabilities prompting us to flee and escape or rise and soar above all expectation. Neptune has a heavy influence on our dreams, our past or any feelings of guilt, especially when we are not compassionate or empathetic in our discernments or judgments of ourselves and others.

The negative potential of Neptune’s energy includes the possibility of those who struggle with despair, those who isolate themselves from society, and those who must be institutionalized. Communication with family patriarchs and matriarchs are occasionally challenged due to lack of awareness, fear, or plain old misunderstandings. This is why compassion and empathy are such important tools in your tool kits for making the most of Neptune while it cruises through Pisces for about 13 years (April 4, 2011 to March 30, 2025). Again, Neptune’s sense of interconnectedness or our symbiotic connection with the earth and other sentient beings is always contrasted with that hazy, dreamy and often euphoric sense of blissful retreat. The key is to balance your sense of civil serenity with your need for your reserved and private utopia.

Since Neptune is cruising through Pisces be careful of all forms of escapism and/or dogma, religion, excessive food consumption, or drugs. Positive influences of Neptune include remarkable intuition, increased artistic talent, sensitivity, vivid imagination, and personal and interpersonal spirituality. The ability to float in and out of “reality” makes us prone to switch hats, shoes, personas or masks with the false sense of security that these facades will make life easier. Neptune is about loving the “Wizard within,” along with the rest of the residents of OZ!

Like the PI in Pisces or Phi in the golden mean, Neptunian energy represents the creativity and improvisation that improve our lives like the infinite spiral of the Fibonacci Sequence or an elegant labyrinth representing our shared cosmic trek across the “omniverse.” Like a labyrinth, Neptune’s ways can confuse you like an ever-changing dynamic maze, or it can guide you like a yogic meditation through each of your chakras.

 Love, values, assets and relationships can be between families, communities, nation states or how humanity interacts with all the other species on ♁earth.

Love, values, assets and relationships can be between families, communities, nation states or how humanity interacts with all the other species on ♁earth.

In your natal chart

Neptune can appear in a sign in your chart or in a particular house.  The other place of influence would be any planet in the 12th house because Neptune rules the 12th house. However, many classical astrologers will also suggest that Jupiter “co-rules” the 12th house the same way it “co-rules” Pisces. So when looking at planets in the 12th house you may want to consider some of Jupiter’s traits to be thorough.

As far as aspects go, be careful when Neptune makes a square or opposition to any of the planets in your chart. While there are some benefits to squares and oppositions under certain circumstances, when Neptune squares with a planet, it tends to create a hazy and nebulous energy that often exaggerates misunderstandings. The opposition of forces can sometime create “hang-ups” of tension that lead to nowhere or the squares can create the type of tension that leads to tsunami like changes, even if they seem uncomfortable at first. While conjunctions with other planets in the sign of Pisces may cause a lot of beneficial starts in your life, keep in mind that conjunctions and friendly sextiles can also lead to complacency. These aspects are not just pure joy and harmony. Last but not least is the artistic influence that Neptune has on everything. If you recognize “dark ages,” like behavior among our nation states, then expect Neptune to be leading the charge to create the renaissance and subsequent reformation that will usher in a utopian society on the foundation of unity.

All of the retrograding planets this next few months can be magical provided that you keep your eye on the big picture and do not allow yourself to get too caught up in the tiny, shiny little details.

All of the retrograding planets this next few months can be magical provided that you keep your eye on the big picture and do not allow yourself to get too caught up in the tiny, shiny little details.


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It’s back!

Saturn in Scorpio that is! It maybe just what we need to help ourselves sort out anything we are holding onto unnecessarily due to fear, conditioning or guilt. Just imagine how light we could be if we let some of that go completely. Now is the time, that second chance, that chance in a lifetime really, as Saturn moves through Scorpio only once every 30 years.

So as Saturn dips back into Scorpio till September 18th, now retrograde it will travel back to  28°17 Scorpio by August 3rd before turning direct again,   making a square to Jupiter in Leo and a newly retrograde Venus. Taking control of every aspect of our lives, as Saturn represents, is given a great command for honesty and living the truth during this time. With Jupiter aligned by square, it maybe hard and quite a test, but rest assured you’ll get the message somehow or another. Honesty is the best policy at this time especially when Saturn represents the structure of your life, it’s about You and how you do exactly that. Venus’ retrograde connection at this time grounds the whole experience into real life, not imagined or hopeful, possible or maybe, but real, very real, no self-deception tolerated during this test.

An image comes to mind with Saturn in Scorpio that represents an alchemical formula we can use to help lighten ourselves up, to help ourselves live a life that better suits our purpose and our needs(and no you don’t have to turn yourself int0 an $%83&^! to do so), this is where guilt and fear that others may not like what you do, rear their ugly head and prevent us from true liberation. In order to free ourselves we must shed some skin, transform our attitude, lighten up, get rid of the dross that’s making life heavy , get rid of anything that is darkening our pathway, jobs, relationships, attitudes, habits, anything that no longer suits our new perspectives and grand ideas. As a good reminder and as astronomers would attest,  physical Saturn would float in water!!! Quite the opposite to the ancient connection of the hardships and heaviness of Saturn and associations with lead.

Saturn works on us so we get it right! Getting it right, is what works for you. The easy message here is to lighten up, to transform ourselves how and where we can, for life can often be as hard or as heavy as we make it, where we can see no way out, where we feel like we have no options. The short, quick yet potent dip back into Scorpio, is not just that, but a return to the deep dark forrest in which we need to dig to get ourselves out, to sit in the alchemical furnace and rid ourselves of any remaining dross for then we can be truly free to fly into Sagittarius again come September.

See article below.


An image from Michael Maier’s alchemical text, Atalanta fugiens (1618), showing Saturn (the prima materia or raw substance) being transformed through the calcinatio, the process of burning away dross and black bile.- source

“Doing Time in Scorpio” Saturn in Scorpio

UT 20:34 Oct 5th  2012 –   Dec 24th 2014

June 16 2015 –  Sept 19 2015

Saturn enters  Scorpio, from the airy heights of Libra, floating in ideas,  plans for a better way and a more balanced life, Saturn now gets more serious and grounded. Saturn was last in Scorpio 29.5 years ago  at the end of 1982 for a few months, returning in Sep 1983 till end 1985. Saturn now returns to the black pools of the Scorpions lair to get us all to face the truth,  confront our demons, attend to that which we’ve preferred to cover up. In the end we  end up better off for it, renewed, transformed after we’ve al done time in Scorpio. Wherever Saturn does time, rewards are manifest from hard work, facing reality and being true to ourselves.

28 years ago is a long time and 28 years ago we were all 28 years younger, perhaps stupider, more naive, less confidant, all those things that only time and maturity will bring.  Wherever Scorpio is in your chart think back 28 years ago and notice what you were entrenched in then. Maybe you were too young to notice or remember, but we do have a chance to transform yet again. However so, Saturn tells us where and how we will now grow up further, take on more responsible roles, act more responsibly and be more daring about being us. In Scorpio, through Saturn we learn to give and take, lash out appropriately (of course) and mature further. Close and intimate relationships,  our sexuality,  our attitude to money, death and our controlling ways all come up for review. Saturn likes only his rules and in Scorpio is dared to be challenged on some, the Devil Card in the Tarot comes to mind.  We all get serious with Saturn in Scorpio about what we really want and what we really need and together it means we really, really  mean it .

In Libra, Saturn has been on his best behaviour, tolerant and diplomatic and our many ideas now turn into action.  Saturn joins the North Node, and a Scorpionic flavour heats the world around us as Saturn also enters Pluto’s realm. In modern rulership Saturn and Pluto will be in mutual reception, inhabiting each others signs. Whilst in traditional rulership Saturn is in Mars’ sign as is Uranus, in Aries.  Saturn and Uranus both is Mars’ signs, and the mutual reception between Pluto and Saturn, add so much intensity to the next two years, yet activate much of the change hoped for, because Scorpio is fixed and fights to change something. Uranus in modern terms is also  acknowledged as being exalted in Scorpio, as Uranus favours the ultimate change that doing time in Scorpio brings.

Real and effective change and transformation is what we can hope for during this phase, as it is accentuated by the Pluto and Uranus square which will be in effect throughout Saturn’s time in Scorpio. We can expect things to really take shape, the promises of Saturn after some hard work has been done. Saturn however is resistant to change and prefers stability. In Scorpio we are challenged to make Saturn work for us by taking control and attending to the revolution at hand. Saturn in Scorpio doesn’t take it how it is, but strives to uncover anything that seems amiss, doesn’t miss a trick and doesn’t tolerate any bullshit. Anything that appears to be safely guarded will now be uncovered, or buried for good.

Since Saturn’s last stint in Scorpio, we live in a much different world, collectively we are much more, aware, awake and connected. Opportunities for real growth come with this transit, personally and globally. Saturn will be in Scorpio until the end of 2014, when it enters Sagittarius. In Scorpio, Saturn accesses what lies and burns at the core, good or bad, it is like living a real life Truth or Dare. By the time Saturn enters Sagittarius we will have learnt to live our Truth and Dare to own up to it. Saturn will retrograde back to Scorpio for another brief stint from June 16 to Sept 19 2015 for one last deliberate hit,  just to make sure we have really got the truth we stand by.

At this ingress into Scorpio 2012, Saturn trines Neptune. Both have traveled in and out of a trine aspect during 2012 and now consolidate that bond in water. Real Saturn and unreal Neptune, father time and king of timelessness work together confirming that our Dream is Real, or making sure that we have one. Saturn’s entrance is joined by Mercury also at zero Scorpio and both create a grand trine with Neptune and Ceres .   “Note to self” our minds are set,  they are made up, we know what this means. as Mercury conjunct Saturn helps us prepare mentally for the coming phase.  Ceres’ persistent and productive energy creates  a lock of fluid energy, where we are driven by the power of water, intuition and love. It is important to not give up during this quest,  for we are challenged to go as deep, as far and as wide as we dare. The water will help us find what we are looking for, as water always seeps, seeks and makes it’s way to the lowest point, we are being asked to go deep down within to find the treasure. We can look forward to Jupiter moving into Cancer during mid 2013 and into 2014 to really consolidate a grand water trine, when things may begin to flow more to our liking.

Venus in Virgo, helps us all be more rational and heralds a time of needing to be well organized and of service. Yet she is opposite Neptune and too encourages us to build on the Dream. Venus represents what we attract into our lives and Neptune is a great agent of attraction too. Opposite Neptune in Virgo, Venus tells of a need for accepting others, the use of perception and a good dose of discernment in how we go about getting what we want.  Venus will help us find our way in the dark, put together the clues and follow our hunches. Think Hermione in Harry Potter.

Mars at the end of Scorpio sends  a signal to Saturn  “that there’s no room for both of us here in the house of Scorpio” as he leaves quickly for Sagittarius. Mars encourages  us to continue to be emotionally guided,   to hold onto what we’ve learnt, what works and what doesn’t work by being emotionally driven or is it ridden?. Mars trines Pallas Athena  who has just moved back to Pisces and the Goddess of Cool, adviser of Heroes gives Mars some counsel on keeping cool, calm and collected and planning his course of action more strategically.

The Moon is exactly conjunct Jupiter, Jupiter has just turned on us to move retrograde.It is time to harness what we now believe in, internalize what we’ve learnt. Jupiter’s stay in Gemini has opened our hearts and minds to so many ways of seeing that now we will get a chance to make better sense of it all.We have all the information we need, we are challenged to consolidate our big ideas and new ways of thinking. With Mercury and Saturn (an 8th harmonic square degree aspect away at 135degrees) also in aspect to Moon and Jupiter,  it is confirmed to make the most of what you already know and do. The Moon wanes and trines the Sun in Libra a sure sign to keep balanced, consider others points of view and opinions and be guided by finding more peace and equilibrium in your world. Moon Jupiter also makes a quintile again to Uranus, our big plans have had to do with change and moving on, so let the magic in this combination help you invent and design what you’re already planning.

So through this Time, as Father Time represents Time and Scorpio represents doing Time, make your Time during this Time ultimately rewarding. Don’t be scared, but open your third eye, delve and uncover further the mystery of what you’re made of, what drives you, who drives you, what stops you and  what turns you on or off. Get to know the devil that resides within as  it’s better the Devil you know, than the one you don’t know.


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The Black Moon is a virtual astrological point, which represents the lunar apogee. I will refer to it as Black Moon Lilith (BML) in this article, to differentiate it from other astrological points (such as the asteroid Lilith or the Dark Moon). The apogee is the point in the Moon’s elliptical orbit around the Earth at which it is furthest away from the Earth. It is at this position that it almost escapes, but doesn’t! For it is right there that the pull of gravity shows its force, bringing the Moon back towards the Earth to continue its orbit. So here we recognize the first basic concept related to Black Moon Lilith: gravity. Isaac Newton would refer to this as a question of mass and distance.