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Jupiter in Sagittarius: “Truth in the Flame”


Exploring Mugwort & the Solstice with Sheri Hupfer

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In this show, Sheri returns to talk about the Winter Solstice and Mugwort.  As the Sun stands still up here in the North, the nights are long and perfect for dreaming.  No better herb according to many for augmenting the dreamworld experience than Artemesia Vulgaris (Mugwort).  May this show summon your inner witch and alchemist to the table.


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 Podcast art by Mugwort!


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Adam gainsburg

Exploring Jupiter cycles with Adam Gainsburg

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In this show, Adam Gainsburg returns to talk about Jupiter’s synodic cycle. It’s likely this is the only show on Earth covering the topic.  It offers an alternative understanding–yet a primary one–to Jupiter’s ingress into Scorpio.  If you have been jiving with this Jupiter in Scorpio situation, you will love this.  If you haven’t been jiving, well, here is more context to your resistance. Enjoy.

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Jupiter cycles


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Introduction to the Venus Star

From Bridging Realities An Accessible Astrology Podcast  – Eugenia Krok talks with Julija Simas , on working with Venus and the Venus Star and cycle in astrology charts!

Jupiter in Scorpio

The Jupiter Podcast “Cartography of Truth”

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*This show was originally recorded June 9th, when Jupiter stationed Direct.

In it, you will learn about the Jupiter Cycle and his ingress into Scorpio Oct. 10th 2017.  I also tackle some ontological issues, trying to see the difference between Faith vs. Belief.  I hope you learn something and are entertained by your listening.  Enjoy.

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