Opening the month of July, Mars in Leo surpasses Saturn’s holdup (opposition July 1) and strikes it hot with Uranus (square July 3). Venus repeats the sequence July 6 to 8. It’s over the hump and full thrust onto a next page or new reality.
Mercury squares Neptune on July 6. It is the third and final pass of a cycle that began mid May. For the past two months, this transit has kept potential on brew, but with great uncertainty attached and much that has remained hidden from plain view. Coinciding with this last Mercury/Neptune meeting on July 6, Venus surpasses an opposition with Saturn.

The first few days of June should be a smooth sail thanks to Venus trine Jupiter and sun trine Saturn on June 3. Feel your way along, take advantage of good timing as best you can. June 5, Mars in Cancer surpasses an opposition with Pluto. Something has got to give – and it will. Mars/Pluto can be a push come to shove, breaking point transit. At an extreme, it can be a harsh reckoning transit, even destructive or violent. Having said that, Mercury retrograde in square aspect to Neptune can diffuse tensions. In fact, the day could bring a welcome relief in terms of a release of pressure or of getting over the hump. Covid restrictions are lifting in many places.

May opens with Sun/Uranus moving on to something fresh. By May 3, Sun/Saturn makes it over the hump and around that elusive, moving target corner. Mercury/Pluto (trine May 2) and Venus/Pluto (trine May 6) also set a productive backdrop for moving onto a next page. Despite ongoing challenges, there’s can be a general sense of gaining better ground.

Supporting what is already showing a strong life force, six planets in Aries (Sun, Venus, Mercury, Chiron, Ceres, and Eris) keeps the fire well stoked for the first half of April.

Ceres, a seeding archetype, entered Aries on February 20 (the same day Mercury finished retrograde). Continuing in this sign until May 8, it is an appropriate transit for the start of the spring season. There’s plenty of fresh potential on the horizon, especially in the last 10 days of the month. Mars enters Gemini on March 3. Extending to April 23, one way or another watch for this energizing and mobilizing Mars transit to get you/get it moving. 

As of the month start, Mercury is just two days into its three-week retrograde cycle. As is typical for the cycle, expect revisits, backtracks, sidetracks, surprise repairs or expenses, and the out of the blue. Mercury in Aquarius keeps social and political matters on shake, not stir. A trend/the action could show good vitality, but it could be short-lived. Ride the wave while it’s looking good but don’t bank the long term. That’s not to say there’s no chance for future prosperity but simply that there are no real guarantees. The transit is good for a rethink or regroup and for finding unique solutions.

2021 opens with Jupiter and Saturn at the start of their tours in Aquarius. Jupiter visits the sign every 12 years, Saturn every 30. On the winter solstice (Dec 21, 2020) Jupiter formed a conjunction with Saturn. This meeting launched the start of a new twenty-year cycle of social/cultural, and economic growth. Jupiter/Saturn are also at the start of a new 200-year cycle, which is part of an even larger (800-year) cycle. Additionally, Jupiter/Saturn are synchronizing to the much bigger clock, that of a coming new world age. Sounds like a big deal, you say? It is.

Yes, it is time to look ahead. Mercury in Sagittarius, December 1 to 20, sets the holidays and more into a fuller swing. This Mercury transit increases the search for better answers, opportunities, profits, results, and gratification. On the final stretch of a six-month tour of Aries, Mars the action planet, is also on a punched-up initiative.

Mercury in Libra ends retrograde on the morning of the USA election day (Nov 3). Nov 1 to Nov 6, Mercury is engaged with Saturn by square aspect. This transit underscores the weightiness of decisions and the consequences they will carry. Judging by the record pre-voting, the public seems to have already read the memo. Mercury in Libra suggests the results could go either way, but the fact that Mercury ends retrograde on election and is in a restructuring phase with Saturn bodes well for a change of leadership.

October opens and ends on a full moon. Mars continues in retrograde while Mercury begins retrograde -and there’s more. Here is the run down: