The lunation now culminating in a midnight Full Capricorn Moon on the 19th/20th July (22:57 19th UT) began earlier this July, with the still cardinal Cancer Sun and its’ ruler, the Moon, opposite Pluto in Capricorn; Pluto is the tiny outer-planet that packs powerful impact. As a ‘generational’ planet, Pluto’s influence can be extremely far-reaching, working on subtle and atomic, psychic levels, affecting the soul evolution of the masses, especially when accented by the waxing Full Moon, as it is this July, 2016.

The Solstice, one of the four major Gateways is the day of the longest LIGHT in the entire year in the Northern Hemisphere and the shortest in the Southern Hemisphere where the energy shifts into the ascent of the …

Tripping the Light fantastic in the heavenly dance of Sun and Moon, there hasn’t been a June Solstice Full Moon quite so lively and potent since 1997; and the next one to also be so impressively strong will be 2035…

The Red planet, conjuncts the White, Full Sagittarius Blue Moon. This seems very patriotic, a subject that Sagittarius rules. From APOLLO the Sun’s perspective, the earth is swallowing /eclipsing Mars the warrior planet. This is a very powerful image of the FEMININE EARTH MOTHER assimilating the warrior God. The old boy’s macho warrior energy is dying and a new softer Masculine is being born. SATURN Retrograde is aligned with ANTARES the Rival of Mars in an isosceles triangle formation in the skies

Stirring up courage, passion, and ardour, May’s Full Sagittarian truth-seeking Moon is most dynamic and active. And because the Moon is conjunct Mars, 21st-22nd (depending upon time zone), emotions can also be quick to rise – even though Mars is retrograde and slow. Therein lies the key; if/when dealing with destructive emotions such as anger or frustration, or when moving too fast, slow down, breathe deep;

Although Virgo is an Earth Sign, it is ruled by Mercury/Hermes who is the god of communication. Hence this Full Moon draws our attention to both mental analysis and practical action. Virgo’s main objective at all times is to be of efficient, effective and useful service. In order to do so, Virgo requires extensive analysis of the different options and possibilities that are available. Its strength is its ability to effectively dissect and synthesise large amounts of information

Unlike many recent Full Moons, this First Full Moon of 2016 which is in Leo, does not awaken many other configurations in the sky. However, it does take place within the context of some major planetary aspects. It also comes at the end of a short 10 day time frame when 6 well known and loved celebrities left this planet.