Life with the Moon: Astrology, Physics, History, and Anomalies

The Moon, familiar because we see it almost every night, is nevertheless mysterious–especially when we ponder its origin and nature. Astrologically, we understand the Moon’s association with femininity, motherhood, the nurturing instinct, food, self-care, the body’s immune system, emotions, caring for others, our household and home, and much more.
The Moon is responsible for our basic survival instincts.

Exploring Astrology Podcast with Agent 108

Introducing Adam Sommer Agent 108 as our new Agent podcaster! Adam has been hosting a very popular and insightful Podcast for many years now on his Holes to Heaven website and we are thrilled to welcome him to the C*I*A.
TO introduce his great sound and conversations with astrologers from around the globe, we begin with one of our favourites from 2009 where Adam talks with UK Evolutionary Astrologer Mark Jones.

The Presence of the Fundamental Force – Astrology

Celestia Mathematica: The Presence of the Fundamental Force -2015 Kepler College Community Astrological Lecture Series.
How simple mathematics and number theory is beginning to back up the foundations of astrological systems, and who those systems connect to more than just individual psychology but all organic and inorganic forms as well.