2:37UT July 24 2021 Full Moon 1°Aquarius
‘Real change in the world comes from a change of heart’ ~ HHDL
On route to a gloriously crystalline and bright Full Moon, Luna first encounters controlling Pluto, Lord of the shadowy underworld and corporate empire

C*I*A Cosmic Transmission – Latest episode – Black Moon Lilith enters Gemini, with Agent 55 Vanessa Guazzeli Paim
Black Moon Lilith (mean node), enters Gemini, the sign of thinking, information and communication.
18/Jul/2021 to 14/Apr/2022 (MEAN and Main Node)
05/Dec/2020 to 02/Dec/2022 (True or OSCILLATING Node)

Opening the month of July, Mars in Leo surpasses Saturn’s holdup (opposition July 1) and strikes it hot with Uranus (square July 3). Venus repeats the sequence July 6 to 8. It’s over the hump and full thrust onto a next page or new reality.
Mercury squares Neptune on July 6. It is the third and final pass of a cycle that began mid May. For the past two months, this transit has kept potential on brew, but with great uncertainty attached and much that has remained hidden from plain view. Coinciding with this last Mercury/Neptune meeting on July 6, Venus surpasses an opposition with Saturn.

This fantastically named “Flower Blood Super Moon Total Lunar Eclipse” begins totality at 11:11UT and ends at 11:25UT. And while that might seem a fast culmination, the whole eclipse begins at 8:45UT and lasts a leisurely five hours. Check your time zones to tune into a magic number that opens a magic portal…

Fire signs get the most of Mars in Leo, so Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius should get ready to make the most of it. Air signs also benefit, although Aquarius has about equal odds of finding a fiery partner or an ardent opponent. Water signs have a tougher time of it. Cancer can focus on finances – but crabs may just be happy to have the warrior out of their house. Scorpio might feel pressure in career,

The Jupiter ingress into Pisces happens once every twelve years and lasts for approximately a year. This transit of Jupiter in Pisces isn’t a direct route. During the next eighteen months the Jupiter transit zigzags into Pisces, back to Aquarius, to Pisces into Aries, and back into Pisces
Important dates include:

What have you been materializing in the past 9 months??
21/Oct/2020 to 18/Jul/2021 (MEAN and Main Node)
27/Apr/2020 to 16/Nov/2021 (True or OSCILLATING Node) – Black Moon Lilith in Taurus is about materializing and shaping the mode in which energy flows in us, by a visceral resistance to libido, to the sexual impulse and the very life force pulsating in our bodies.

Magical moonbeams from a Full Scorpio Supermoon glow with a certain super power that can illuminate an open secret, one which allows love to flourish and for our most valued relationships to deepen with commitment and devotion – even friendships or recalcitrant obstacles

Give Mars a task, and he’s happy. The god of war likes to have something to do, and he’s content to play offense or defense… generally. In the Moon’s home sign of Cancer, the vibe is a little too protective and security-oriented for Mars’ taste, yet not as overtly reactive as his second home, Scorpio. In Scorpio, Mars can shoot arrows from the castle turrets or operate the catapults. In Cancer,

Stars, planets, molecules, atoms and particles all unite to create your unique finite biomathematical alchemical soul equation within the infiniteness of the expressions of conscious creation.Through the astrological lens we are able to focus in on what it is to be you.

If astrology helps to lead a more harmonious existence in many ways, its main function in the coming years might be to connect us – or reconnect us – to the deepest meanings of life, through the cosmogony, the philosophy, the spiritual vision and the quest for truth its very existence implies. Not based on belief or faith, but on an observable and meaningful link that binds us to the cosmos,