C*I*A Special Topic Webinar – The 12th House – Maurice Fernandez

Neptune , The 12th house, Pisces
– with Agent 727 Maurice Fernandez

The 12th house is often misunderstood by astrologers to represent
undoing,behind the scene dynamics, or other negative attributes,
while in fact most public figures and successful people often have
a strong 12th house emphasis.On the tails of his recently published
bookMaurice shares his extensive researchon the topic of the
12th House.


C*I*A Retreat – Celestial Secrets – 11-15th October – UKI, NSW

Celestial Secrets ~ Empowering Evolution
In the beautiful healing setting of a relaxing spa, this October’s Cosmic Intelligence Agency retreat explores celestial secrets that astrologically align heart-mind and body, spirit & soul, with Astro-Bio-Energy Systems that empower and awaken the subtle intuitive senses. Set in the beautiful and refreshing grounds of the Gymea Eco Retreat Centre, in amongst the tropical forrest  of NSW’s Northern Beaches lush hinterlands, in of one of the most sacred and fertile areas of Australia. This is not just an Astro Event, but a totally rejuvenating experience. Gymea boasts a mineral Pool, a spa, with a divine workshop space, eating area, rooms and grounds. We are thrilled that our fabulous Chef Agent Peta Santos will be our chef extraodinaire again this year. Peta has now looked after us at 4 previous C*I*A Retreats and Star Camps to the delight of our attendees..

C*I*A Events/ Retreats/Workshops- 2020 Vision Tour and and Beyond!

Check out our line up of events around the Globe, – USA, – Buffalo and Boulder, Toronto -Canada, Uki – Australia, Cyprus -Greece,

Watch our Equinox Webinar

C*I*A’s Free Equinox Webinar
JoIn Agents – 12, Dakini, and fabulous new Agents 83 and 84 as we celebrate the begining of the Astrological Year, present on the main aspects of the Equinox, the focus of the next 3 months and the power of global intention!.

Astrology Conferences and Retreats around the globe

Whether you are a student of astrology, hobbyist or any kind of professional, I strongly recommend meeting up with fellow tribe members. That might be at a meetup, class, group setting, or one of my favorites, a conference. Conferences happen every so many months in various spots around the world. At each, a number of name and other astrologers present work that is old or new, basic or complex, and so on. It is definitely a way to fill yourself up at a metaphorical buffet of astrology knowledge, and to see what you really know.

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BLACK MOON LILITH Workshop – Melbourne

For the first time in Australia:
BLACK MOON LILITH – From Visceral to Sublime
With Astrologer Vanessa Guazzelli*
This workshop not to be missed fro all interested in BML for personal development and for client , information has been well researched and developed, and not the usual one train of through often ciRculated about BML as a dark revengeful feminine archetype, first wife ADAM but much, much more