C*I*A Retreat – Celestial Secrets – 11-15th October – UKI, NSW

Celestial Secrets ~ Empowering Evolution – CELESTIAL SECRETS IS NOW SOLD OUT

C*I*A Equinox Libra Ingress

Happy Equinox from the C*I*A
Agents – Kaypacha, Sol Jonassen and Julija Simas talk about the astro climate of the next 3 months, Including.

Special Topic Webinar : Planetary Narrative: What’s Your Story?

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C*I*A Events/ Retreats/Workshops- 2020 Vision Tour and and Beyond!

Check out our line up of events around the Globe, – USA, – Buffalo and Boulder, Toronto -Canada, Uki – Australia, Cyprus -Greece,

Watch our Equinox Webinar

C*I*A’s Free Equinox Webinar
JoIn Agents – 12, Dakini, and fabulous new Agents 83 and 84 as we celebrate the begining of the Astrological Year, present on the main aspects of the Equinox, the focus of the next 3 months and the power of global intention!.

Astrology Conferences and Retreats around the globe

Whether you are a student of astrology, hobbyist or any kind of professional, I strongly recommend meeting up with fellow tribe members. That might be at a meetup, class, group setting, or one of my favorites, a conference. Conferences happen every so many months in various spots around the world. At each, a number of name and other astrologers present work that is old or new, basic or complex, and so on. It is definitely a way to fill yourself up at a metaphorical buffet of astrology knowledge, and to see what you really know.

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BLACK MOON LILITH Workshop – Melbourne

For the first time in Australia:
BLACK MOON LILITH – From Visceral to Sublime
With Astrologer Vanessa Guazzelli*
This workshop not to be missed fro all interested in BML for personal development and for client , information has been well researched and developed, and not the usual one train of through often ciRculated about BML as a dark revengeful feminine archetype, first wife ADAM but much, much more