Astrology Conferences and Retreats around the globe

Whether you are a student of astrology, hobbyist or any kind of professional, I strongly recommend meeting up with fellow tribe members. That might be at a meetup, class, group setting, or one of my favorites, a conference. Conferences happen every so many months in various spots around the world. At each, a number of name and other astrologers present work that is old or new, basic or complex, and so on. It is definitely a way to fill yourself up at a metaphorical buffet of astrology knowledge, and to see what you really know.

Journey Into Astro Magic – October 26-29th 2017, Healesville, Victoria

Thursday 26th, 27th, 28th, Sunday 29th October 2017. Come take the Journey Into Astro Magic, with us for C*I*A’s annual 3 day/night retreat to immerse yourself into astrology, divination and inspiration facilitated by the wonderful Agents, inspiring program, wonderful food in the soothing surrounds of the Maitripa Centre.
Our special guest this year is the wonderful and gifted Starry Teller Gemini Brett Agent 1123, from Seattle USA.

JOIN – Get Smarter C*I*A’s Astro study groups – Melbourne

Want to learn more about Astrology but not ready to commit to regular study?
These regular events on the first Friday evening and Saturday afternoon of every month will provide you with valuable information on what is happening in the sky and how it impacts you!

The C*I*A Collective – Membership

Next Member webinar – November 19th – Saturn in Capricorn. November Bonus Webinar now uploaded- The Venus Star and Cycle
Join the C*I*A collective, by becoming a member 3 options, Gold Star, Silver Star and Monthly options available, Get your login to access all member content, with many extras and discounts for premium

Sourcing the Past – Dreaming the Future – Nov 24-27th, Healesville Victoria.

Last time we “crossed the rainbow bridge” with Kaypacha, this time we take the opportunity to journey with Neptune.
Through self exploration of the nodal axis, sourcing images, dreams, resources from past lives, processes of letting go and meditations we will gather our symbols of inspiration and propel them into the future, through images, art and exploration and of course astrology and some planetary magic.

Astrology Rising – May 6-13 2017 Costa Rica

Visit beautiful Costa Rica and indulge in the cornucopia of Astrological delights: Whether you are brand new to the study of astrology or a seasoned practitioner, you will find rich treasure in the carefully sculpted program of events – both whole group events and individual beginner/advanced tracks as well as Yoga, experiential workshops, drama, beach activities, ceremony, music, and more!

C*I*A Star Camp – April 20 – 24th 2017 _ SOLD OUT

Journey to the heart of Australia, the red centre, for a four night star camp, April 2017. The night skies of Mbarntwe* are awe-inspiring, you will see the magnificence of the Milky Way as you have never seen it before.
We have chosen the date to allow for moonless nights. There is nothing in the world quite like sleeping in a swag, with the night sky as your heavenly blanket.


Since 2014’s Star Camp in March 2014, it was t0 be the C*I*A’s next big event this time with the inspiring and popular Kaypacha, our Agent Five-O. It was not surprisingly booked out, with 12 Agents and 45 attendees. The timing of the event was picked to coincide with Kaypacha’s Tour in Australasia, during a significant Chiron opposite Jupiter transit and we managed to find the perfect place, the Maitripa Buddhist Centre in the hills of HEALesville, Victoria.

Crossing the Rainbow Bridge with Kaypacha NOV 12th -15th

The C*I*A Invites you join them on a special 3 day healing retreat

Crossing the Rainbow Bridge with


NOV 12th -15th, 2015

Maitripa Centre, Healesville, Victoria|
90 minutes from airport and CBD

Please email us to be added to waiting list incase of cancellations.


Screen Shot 2015-05-30 at 9.13.40 pm Join us for a unique  3 day retreat with the wonderful and inspiring Kaypacha, C*I*A’s Agent Five-0 and the C*I*A, as we go on an astrological journey exploring the archetype of the astrological Chiron, the wounded healer. The weekend begins with a new Moon at 19° Scorpio, trine Chiron in Pisces opposite Jupiter, all potent symbols of what the weekend holds for us.

Chiron, the Wounded Healer/Rainbow Bridge –

Astrology is far more than a predictive tool to tell the future.  It is a source of deep understanding, truth, and healing.  This weekend  will focus on astrology as a means for identifying, feeling, and mastering our challenges as human beings with an indepth experience of Chiron, his archetype, symbols and images as well as experiences that help us illuminate our chironic life journey.   Chiron, by sign, house, and aspect symbolizes for us where we have been wounded in our past, how to heal that wound, and how that wound plays a major role in our process of self-mastery and the healing of others.  It will be made clear through our experience together how our wound can become our healing medicine for the world.

Thursday 12th,  – Arrive from 4pm and get your Room KEY! Settle in and get orientated in the lovely grounds of the Maitripa Centre.
6:30pm – Intro and opening by the C*I*A –  A New Moon in Scorpio and the dark night skies invite us to a deep and meaningful weekend.
Followed by KAYPACHA   The Astrology of 2015 and Beyond: This introductory talk will set the foundation for the weekend by describing the current astrological patterns. We are all currently experiencing the intense shift of consciousness in many ways that astrology can help us to understand and navigate more smoothly.
8:00pm – A special welcome Dinner – created by our wonderful Agent chef, vegetarian options available.

Friday 13th
Morning :
The morning  will include an exploration into the 12 archetypes of the zodiac.
Kaypacha = “Yoga of the zodiac”  – this extra special experience introduces us to the archetypes of all the zodiac signs
Afternoon: Kaypacha = Chiron, his mythology and his interpretation in the horoscope. Chiron through the signs and houses. We will look at the building blocks of the horoscope including not only the signs but the planets and houses, as well. We will explore Chiron, his mythology and his interpretation in the horoscope.
A symbolic Journey : After grasping the meaning of Chiron, after a brief meditation and in silence we take off on our own symbolic journey, to find our own personal Keys and Symbols that  help guide us on our own healing journey.
After a magical dinner : Being Friday the 13th, we will divide into small groups and utilise the symbols of the Tarot cards to reaffirm our healing journey as we rotate on a night sky tour with Agent 12 – Julija, dark night skies and a telescope.

Saturday 14th
Kundalini yoga for an hour before breakfast
After breakfastKaypacha – we will be looking at Chiron in aspect to other planets both natal and by transit.
After lunchKaypacha -we will spend time looking at our own personal charts and interpreting some sample charts of each other to see how to best work with the energy of Chiron which can turn our suffering into our gift.
Healing with sounds, symbols an images : In smaller groups
After Dinner :  TBA

Sunday – 15th
Early morning walk – to see Jupiter, Venus, and Mars in the early morning skies.
After breakfast – We will split into groups, with various C*I*A Agents, also expert Astrologers to explore Chiron in our charts on a more personal note.
After lunch – Kaypacha : After a clearer idea of how our wounds can become our healing medicine for ourselves and the world, we gather for a closing session, zodiac dance and share our intentions for ourselves and the world.
Pack up and leave by 4pm

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 11.08.53 amY0ur C*I*A hosts will be Julija Simas, Agent 12 and Marg Murphy, Agent 77, known as star control and ground control, the dynamic duo who have organised 3 C*I*A Star Camps in the outback, 2011, 2013, 2014 all a great success and loved by all!

Most of us need no introduction to Kaypacha, but for those of you who may not be familiar with him yet, see his weekly astro reports here : and more details about Kaypacha can be found on his website

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The Maitripa Centre is a vey special place in the lush hills near HEALsville, Victoria, 90 minutes from Melbourne CBD. The Centre was founded by a renegade Tibetan monk Traleg Kyabgon Rinpoche, and is used for many spiritual, buddhist, yoga retreats and conferences. Perfect, for what will be a great healing journey for all us. Details on how to get there will be sent upon registering.

Limited places! Register and pay your deposit NOW

All inclusive :
All meals, starting with dinner Thursday night and finishing with lunch and afternoon tea on Sunday.
Accommodation in king single beds(no bunks), single rooms, double rooms and triples available, shared bathrooms.
Room preferences given to those first in!

ALL workshops and program, 3 full days
$750 AUD

Early bird discount fully paid by 1st September
10% discount applies also to C*I*A agents and C*I*A students

$675 AUD

Secure your place with $200 deposit ASAP, fully refundable by 1st September

We will do our best to help with transfers from Tullamarine, Airport  at about 2pm Thursday afternoon to Healesville,
and returning Sunday evening about 6pm. For anyone coming interstate please book your flights to arrive before this time and
leave plenty of time to catch your flight back.

AS of JUNE 11th – WE have only 5 Places left

If you would prefer direct Deposit details, sent on request! Thanks

For any questions and queries please contact Agent 12 or phone 0417 988 512

No Star Camp this year in the Outback, but this is our come to event of the year.
Don’t miss it!

A review of our last C*I*A Star Camp 2014 can be read here

Star Camp 2014

The 2014 C*I*A Agents*In*The*Outback*Star*Camp was star-studded, adventurous, soulful and a truly life-changing experience. Planned to maximize star gazing possibilities (incorporating the dark of the moon and New Moon and good weather), reflections on the opening chart for this event accurately forecast big adventures. Jupiter was on the Midheaven,