The Sacred Dance of: Venus and Mars

The heavenly dance of Venus and Mars mirrors the nature of personal relationships. Mars must venture out into the world on his hero’s quest alone, and Venus cannot go where Mars goes, she must stay within 48 degrees of the Sun; just as traditionally men went out hunting or to work, and women stayed at home cooking, looking after the children, keeping the home fires burning.

C*I*A WEBINAR: Pluto in 2017 with Michael Lutin- NOW AVAILBALE

C*I*A Webinar : January 11th/12th 2017
To start off the year join us as we host the fabulous and inspiring Agent 111, Michael Lutin to kick start the Year!
Pluto in 2017, with Michael Lutin – Agent 111
Pluto in 2017:Your deepest and most pressing preoccupation. We all know what Pluto is doing to the world, but there are personal implications to your most intimate issues. Join us in this webinar for some guided imagery to uncover hidden drives and wishes that lead you to a freer and more creative life. And I’m not kidding. ML

Venus in Pisces: Addicted to Love 3 January – 3 February, 2017

Venus, the planet we most associate with relationship and love, spends four weeks in Pisces this year. As we expect with the sign of the fish, things can go to extremes – and move in several directions at once.

Pisces is considered the exaltation of Venus, the sign in which her energies are best expressed. Venus in Pisces is more about agape, or compassionate, universal love, than it is about eros, or personal, erotic love. Venus in Pisces may be more inclined to wear a nun’s wimple than a beauty crown, more likely to offer alms to the poor than her arms in an embrace.

With Mars in Pisces, we’ll be tempted to go to extremes in all areas of life, from politics to sexuality. It’s an intense energy that can push us forward at top speed, only to realize that we’re lost.

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Yearly Sun Sign Horoscpes 2017

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Agent Ei’s Planetary Diary

Andrew Smith, C*I*A’s Agent Ei, updates you with his planetary diary!

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Nadia Smirnova-Mierau, Agent 777 on behalf of NCGR interviews Julija Simas, the active agent behind the C*I*A often called Control by the other Agents.
Nadia Smirnova-Mierau is a professional astrologer as well as lecturer and writer and now Agent 777 in New York. As a former nuclear physicist, Nadia has treated astrology as a science and has found herself in the position of defending astrology’s validity in the eyes of sceptics. Her specialty in nuclear physics was elementary particles. Most of her friends and colleagues at the time in Russia were physicist with sceptical minds.
Listen as Julija and Nadia talk about the C*I*A it’s mission and connecting astrology with the sciences, perhaps not so occult anymore!

5D Astrology Report: December 2016
 Reconnected to the Grid

December is the culmination of the Zero Point Zone, our 3 month trip across the 3 most powerful complex energy vortices in quantum astronomy and astrology; from the Super Galactic Centre in September to the Great Attractor and the Galactic Centre at the December Capricorn Equinox culminating at Dec 26th’s reconnection to Source just ahead of 1:1:1 – the ultimate new beginning.

Neptune Direct: Nov 20th 2016 till June 16th 2017

Neptune, the god of the sea, stations direct on Saturday November 19, 2016, 9 degrees of Pisces at 11:39 pm EST. Time to reconnect with our inner intuitive self, our dreams, our divinity and the `namaste’ presence. It’s time to bring forward the dreams of June which went `underground’ when Neptune retrograde. It’s time to affirm how we fit into the `bigger picture.’